Facts About Relationship Between Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang, Are They Dating?


Kissing Scene Between Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang in ‘Clean with Passion For Now’

Lately, dramas adapted from webtoon have been quite the hit with both domestic and international audiences. From the very first hit, Cheese in The Trap, to the latest one, My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Fans of the webtoon serve as the initial hype to the drama, amping up anticipation for how the pages will come to life. The same could be said with JTBC’s follow up to My ID is Gangnam Beauty, titled Clean with Passion For Now. Clean with Passion For Now is a drama that aired from late November 2018 until early February 2019, starring Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang.

The drama tells the story of Gil Oh-sol, played by Kim Yoo-jung, an employee at a cleaning company, who meets Jang Seon-gyul, played by Yoon Kyun-sang, the boss of the company. The two are the diametric opposite when it comes to cleanliness, especially with Jang Seon-gyul’s mysophobia and obsession with keeping everything in place. With the help of Oh-sol, Seon-gyul faces his mysophobia, opens up his heart to new experiences and falls in love with her without even knowing.

The love story is unlike any other as it focuses on how one overcomes his fears and anxiety through the power of love and with a splash of comedy. What makes it interesting is also the aspect of sexuality and passionate love, something that we have not seen from both Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang in their previous dramas. They both usually take part in more lighthearted and family-friendly features, or the rather serious historical dramas that have been popular since the early 2010s. Fans are eager to see this new side to both of these actors, are you one of them too? Let’s take a closer look at Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang’s passionate moments in Clean with Passion For Now.

Kim Yoo-jung and Yoon Kyun-sang’s Hot Moments in Clean with Passion For Now


Jang Seon-gyul is a wealthy and handsome CEO who suffers from severe mysophobia, or the fear of germs and contamination. He is obsessed with cleaning and even starts his own cleaning company as a way of creating a safety net in public places. However, as he recruits new workers for the company, he meets a carefree and untidy girl named Gil Oh-sol after she enters his company, desperate for a new job to provide for her needs.

Gil Oh-sol is quite the opposite to Jang Seon-gyul, passionate for new experiences and throws herself in her work without fear, a juxtaposition to Jang Seon-gyul’s irrational fear of germs and dirt. Gil Oh-sol has worked all sorts of part-time jobs while striving for a full-time job and does not have the luxury to date or be clean. She gave up on being neat after facing the tough reality of the world and is known for always wearing her trademark tracksuit. With the help of Gil Oh-sol, Jang Seon-gyul faces his mysophobia and also falls in love with her.

While in the process of curing his mysophobia, the two fall in love with each other in quite a whirlwind romance that borders the office romance we are used to seeing in a more formal setting. Check out their hot moments below!

They start out their relationship smoothly, with cute skinship and subtle affections. The scene above displays one of the examples as they spend time canoodling while watching a romantic comedy. At first, they both awkwardly agree to hold hands while watching the movie, and it slowly progresses with timid stares that lead into kissing in the dark. They have the entire theatre to themselves so they do not have to worry.

Another one of their cuter moments is when Jang Seon-gyul drinks alcohol by mistake in very rapid succession, leading to him getting drunk really fast, really hard. Gil Oh-sol has to carry him to bed, and with his weight, she has to physically lay down on the bed with him in order to lay him down properly. This leads her to observe him in his peaceful sleep, stroking his face and admiring his handsomeness, though she is instantly caught by him, who suddenly awakes due to the gestures mentioned above.

As they hit a rough patch in their relationship, Jang Seon-gyul is hospitalized due to a very unfortunate incident and is put into a medically induced sleep as part of his treatment. While he spends time in the dreamland, he dreams of Gil Oh-sol waking him up with a kiss, something that is not supposed to happen as she is spending time away from him. This shocks him out of his slumber as he rises to chase her into the living room, but again, she is gone and it was all only a figment of his imagination.

Another romantic moment they share is when Jang Seon-gyul surprises Gil Oh-sol during her studies at the library. He brings a bunch of balloons with him, alerting her of his presence as he calls her phone. The two talk briefly as Gil Oh-sol expresses her surprise and excitement of his visit. He asks her to come out for a bit to meet and she rushes to meet him outside, and what she finds surprises her. Jang Seon-gyul is out to meet her not wearing his gloves, prompting her to ask if he is okay. He reassures her and takes her to another place he has decorated with a bunch of balloons, where the two share a steamy moment of passionate kisses in the dark.

Jang Seon-gyul once again proves his love for Gil Oh-sol as he searches for her in his house, calling out her name in a state of panic. As Gil Oh-sol answers and approaches him, he quickly closes the gap between them and holds her close to him. He expresses his worries about something happening to her, finding out that she is gone from his side. Jang Seon-gyul asks her to never leave his side and he is worried something might happen, making her promise to always stay by his side. The two agree upon it and share another passionate kiss in the living room.

After a short disagreement that leads the couple to separate, Gil Oh-sol’s family convinces her that they are fine with the two of them dating and encourages her to go after him to get back together. She runs all the way to Jang Seon-gyul’s office, just as he takes a step outside to dispose of the trash he collected while cleaning the office. As she sees him, she quickly closes the gap between them and embraces him, which shocks Jang Seon-gyul as he warns her of how dirty he is after spending his time cleaning. She shows no worries of the current state he is in and quickly says that she wants them to start anew and get back together. Jang Seon-gyul is beyond shocked but she shuts him up before he could get a word in with a passionate kiss that he just seems to melt into.

The last, but definitely not least, is the scene that serves as the ending for the series as a whole, a scene where Gil Oh-sol confidently reveals her intentions to stay the night at his house. The two have this thing where Gil Oh-sol always comes over to help clean first thing in the morning and stays all day, but never has she spent the night together with him in a romantic sense. This prompts Jang Seon-gyul to carry her in his arms to the kitchen counter as they have a very, very streamy moment together.

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