Rumor About Kim Taeyeon’s Boyfriend and Her Ex-Boyfriend! Let’s Find Out!


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General Information About Kim Taeyeon

A leader of the popular idol group “Girls’ Generation” debuted in 2007. We are also active in Japan, China, the United States etc, and fan club members are popular enough to exceed 200,000 people. Kim Taeyeon who is the tallest member among the members is said to be most popular among girls, among popular fans because of its bright, energetic and charming personality. This time I tried collecting the people rumored about Kim Tae Yeon.

Relationship Kim Taeyeon Between JYJ’s Junsu

Junsu was also a senior at the same affiliation office as Taeyeon in the time of TVXQ. The reason why the two of us were rumored was that when I was on the same stage, I was witnessing connecting hands while I was living, as the movies and images spread. The truth remains as a mystery because there is no official comment from the principals and affiliation office, but it is also witnessed where the hand is connected and where the body touch is done, taken in the photograph I think that I was going out because I was there.

Since each other is a popular idol, the fans seemed not to be in a good mood again, there was a chance to stand on the same stage again after the enthusiasm was rumored, but the TVXQ and other group fans have appeared girls’ generation Sometimes, it seems to silence the pen lights all at once. Even among fans this affair becomes a hot topic and is said to be a “silent incident”.

Taeyeon’s enthusiasm for boyfriend The second person is BIG BANG’s G-DRAGON

BIG BANG leader G – DRAGON which is also popular all over the world. The rumors of these two people are spreading from some Internet community sites and SNS, and the content is “G-DRAGON ‘s first love’ s partner is BOA, and he is dating Tae Yong resembling that BOA.

It became a hot topic even among fans, and various opinions fluttered, but it turned out that it is a malicious hoax because there is absolutely no evidence and so on. In addition, the affiliation office also seems to be amazed as commenting on the factless fact. I think rumors are inherently only because they are famous people, but how did they feel?

Taeyeon’s hot love boyfriend 3rd person is super junior’s Lee teuk

It is the leader of the super junior who is also a senior at the same affiliated office. Two people have rumors of enthusiasm because the necklace, pierced earrings, and bags are the same thing and Sukoma Case was also a different color. It is certain that you are on good terms because you are talking happily, such as when you first came together with programs and live.

However, after that, Lee teuk has denied love with television programs. According to Lee teuk, the pierced earrings are purchased separately and just happened to be together. Although he was denied by himself, it ended with just a rumor, but it seems that there were voices saying that among fans now they are dating just because they are separated.

Even so, the observational power of the fans is amazing. Although the bag may still be easy to understand, I was surprised that pierced earrings and smartphone cases are carefully checked. Not being denied nor being affirmative, I think that the fans could have relieved that the person himself directly commented on it.

Taeyeon’s enthusiasm for boyfriend The fourth person is Baekyhun of EXO

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After debut in 2012, Beckyong, a member of EXO who climbed to the top idol with explosive popularity. Senior junior of the same affiliated office two people were taken photographs of the state of drive date and enthusiasm felt. It also shows how you kiss in the car, and as you expected your affiliation office also admits her. Originally Beckyong gave Taeyong an ideal woman after her debut, and it seems that Tae Young was pretty enough about Beckyong, but he seems to have developed into love from there.

There was a rumored love from the fans before fun, as he was getting close friends with the live performances together, wearing matching necklaces and headphones, and putting the same concept photos on SNS etc. . And as the photos of the interior kiss have been released so as to drive it down, the fans are extremely furious. Some fans blessed, but most were words of criticism. After that, both of them are giving a comment on apology.

They seem to be catastrophic now, but I think that the sorrow given to the fans will remain unchanged and big.

This time, I compiled Tae Young’s love affair, but the same belonging office was more. After all, because of the opportunity to meet, is it easy to get intimate? And since the rumored person was only popular idols, it seems that some fans did not think so well. However, no matter how much enthusiasm is discovered, Tae Yeung’s attractive voice and wonderful singing ability do not change, so I would like to support Tae Young’s activities from now on.