All About Kim Soo Hyun’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend Rumor!

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Who is Kim So Hyun?

Kim So Hyun who broke at the drama “Dream High” broadcasted in 2011. The star drama “Moon hugging the sun” broadcasted the following year also exceeded the viewing rate of 40% and played a part in popular actors.

What kind of lady was rumored to be such love with Kim So Hyun? Let’s Find Out!

Kim So Hyun’s beloved love The first one is Suzy (Miss A)

The first one is Suzy, a member of the idol group “Miss A”. It is called “Citizen’s First Love” with lovely looks.

Such Suzy and Kim So Hyun began to be whispered by the enthusiasm with the drama “Dream High”, and the suspicion has deepened as Suzy cited the name of Kim So Hyun as the ideal man It was.

Two beautiful girls were awarded “Best Couple Award” in “Dream High”, and also a couple who admitted that fans are “suits”, such as playing a lover’s role even in outdoor brand CM. However, it seems that it was not a romantic relationship with one of the good co-stars who made it to the last.

Kim So Hyun’s beloved love The second person is Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

The second person is Yoona of the popular idol group “Girls’ Generation” even in Japan.

Yoona and Kim So Hyun are both Christian, and it is said that they became intimate because they went to the same church. There was also information that Kim So Hyun applied for a relationship in honor of Yoona’s humanity.

The appearance of dating from around 2012 has been frequently witnessed and it seems that it was also chosen as the No. 1 ranking in “ranking couple who are often watching date” ranking.

However, I have never taken definitive photos. Also, as Yoona acknowledged the relationship with Lee Seung Gi in 2014, it seems that the rumor with Kim So Hyun has disappeared.

Kim So Hyun’s beloved love The third person is Nana (AFTERSCHOOL)

The third person is Nana of Popular Girls Group “AFTERSCHOOL”. It is a regular of the “100 most beautiful face in the world” announced by the American movie site, has a beautiful appearance that it gets first place in 2014 and 2015 for the second consecutive year.

Such Nana and Kim So Hyun also had rumors of enthusiasm. It seems that rumors of enthusiasm have appeared because Nana cites the name of Kim So Hyun as an ideal man and Kim So Hyun is a fan of “NANA ‘s” AFTERSCHOOL “.

However, Kim So Hyun completely denies his passionate enthusiasm, “It is a hoax that a reporter did without permission.”

Kim So Hyun’s beloved love The fourth person is Sohee

The fourth person is Sohee, a former member of ‘WonderGirls’ who became a fireman of the Korean idol group. A love coverage report came out as a relationship year in October 2015.

Sohee who withdrew from the group in 2014 was told that he had a contract with the office to which Kim So Hyun belonged, and that reason was due to Kim So Hyun’s association. Also, there seemed to be a sighting story from the inhabitants of the apartment where Sohi lives.

However, our affiliated office has completely denied passionate love, and answers “It is a factless fact”.

Kim So Hyun had rumors of enthusiasm with many women until now, but it seems that definite photos have never been taken. In 2015 he said in an interview “I want to take a day off for love now,” but what about recently?