Don’t Miss Kim Jong-Kook Hilarious Moments In JTBC Knowing Bros!

Kim Jongkook
Kim Jong-Kook

Kim Jong-Kook Picked A Fight With Knowing Bros Member

Kim Jong-kook, the muscular guy from KBS’s Running Man and the leader of Turbo, appeared on episode 86 of jTBC’s Knowing Bros. He was accompanied by actor Lee Jong-hyuk. Kim Jong-kook is well known for his muscular physique that he uses in his variety show to dominate other guests or members.

On the episode, he provoked the Knowing Bros members, especially their leader, Kang Ho-dong, and started nagging around. He looked down on the Knowing Bros members, especially comedian Kim Young-chul. On the show, his fellow Turbo members, Kim Jong-nam and Mikey, made a surprise appearance and they performed their single on the show’s set.

In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about Kim Jong-kook’s appearance on Knowing Bros, so stay tuned!

Knowing Bros Welcomed Kim Jong-kook

Kim Jong-kook and Lee Jong-hyuk came on the Knowing Bros set with their vicious stares. At first, the entire cast of the show, especially Kim Young-chul, welcomed them with huge smiles. Kim Jong-kook bullied him and asked him to stop smiling. In an instant, Kim Young-chul froze and seemed to be at a loss for words. Seo Jang-hoon, who was standing in front of the class, retreated to his seat almost immediately.

Kim Jong-kook displayed his authority by leaning toward the table and standing on one foot while introducing himself. The class leader, Kang Ho-dong, scolded him and asked him to stand up straight and respect other students. He warned Kim Jong-kook and told him to follow the rules. However, Lee Soo-geun joked “Since he looks comfortable, let him do as he wants.” Kang Ho-dong looked flustered because he was betrayed by his confidant.

Running Man Sparta Tortured Knowing Bros

Kim Jong-kook was paired against Kang Ho-dong in the Knowing Bros’ version of the name tag elimination battle. Prevously, Kim Jong-kook lost to Kang Ho-dong in numerous physical battles on the variety show X-Man. This time, Kim Jong-kook had a chance to avenge his defeat and evened the score. Kim Jong-kook almost broke Kang Ho-dong’s wrist when they wrestled face to face. After the race was restarted, Kim Jong-kook showed the reason why he is called Mr. Capable. When they stood close enough, with a very quick move, Kim Jong-kook pulled Kang Ho-dong’s name tag and put the tag into Kang Ho-dong’s mouth. Feeling defeated, Kang Ho-dong dropped to the floor while other member laughed at him.

Since Kim Jong-kook was close with the entire Knowing Bros cast, he toyed and tortured them, especially kang Ho-dong. Kim Jong-kook deliberately chose Kang Ho-dong to answer his questions, and he enjoyed hitting Kang Ho-dong for every wrong answer he gave. Even Kim Hee-chul respected Kim Jong-kook and said nice things to him.

Kim Jong-kook Talked About His Dream

In the Answer My Question segment, Kim Jong-kook revealed his dream of becoming a singer at a very young age. During his high school days, he told his parents that he wanted to be a singer and he would move to Seoul to pursue his dream. Usually, most parents are against their children’s dream if it is not related to education and normal jobs. Kim Jong-kook said that his parents supported his dream, but he had to write a contract. The contract said “I will not resent my parents if I fail in becoming a singer.” In the end, history was made, and Kim Jong-kook made it big and became a popular singer. He said that his parents are really proud of his achievement.

Kim Jong-kook The Mosquito Man

Kim Jong-kook loves to sing and he would go to a karaoke room with his mother. Among his family member, he said that he is the only person who can sing well. His older brother, a famous Korean cosmetic surgeon, can’t sing at all. Regarding his statement, the Knowing Bros members asked him of how he got his singing talent. Kim Hee-chul made fun of his singing talent by joking that he got it from a transgenic mosquito, just like Spiderman got his spider ability from a transgenic spider.

Kim Jong-kook said that when he was a young kid, he drank a whole bottle of mosquito repellant. At the time, mosquito repellant was sold in small bottles, just like ordinary beverages. Young Kim Jong-kook mistook the bottle for a normal beverage and he drank a whole bottle. He was admitted to hospital after he drank the insecticide. After recovering from the accident, surprisingly, he got his singing talent. However, due to his high singing voice, many people have called him the mosquito singer.

Knowing Bros Drama With Kim Jong-kook

On this episode, the Knowing Bros producer made a funny drama with Kim Jong-kook and Lee Jong-hyuk. Both of them ran a campaign to be selected as the new village leader. Knowing Bros’ ace, Lee Soo-geun, acted as the village elder who arranged to entire election.

Supporters from each candidate promoted their future leader in a countryside-themed set. The entire cast were dressed like farmers and they spoke with a country dialect. Lee Soo-geun did his best directing the drama and making the drama hilarious.

Ming Kyung-hoon made fun of Kim Jong-kook’s bachelor status by saying “My leader, Lee Jung-hyuk has a family with two children, while Kim Jong-kook is a bachelor for too long.” Kim Jong-kook was surprised by Min Kyung-hoon’s attack and approached him. However, Min Kyung-hoon ran away from Kim Jong-kook almost immediately.

In the end, the village elder, Lee Soo-geun, asked all members compete in a game. Since all of them were villager who worked in paddy fields, the group that took the shortest time to plant some paddy seeds would win the game, and the group’s candidate would be selected as the new village leader. It was a tight game, since each side had either Min Kyung-hoon or Kim Young-chul, who are both very good in speed games. However, Min Kyung-hoon defeated Kim Young-chul by less than 1 second, and his candidate, Lee Jung-hyuk, was selected as the new village leader. Kim Jong-kook admitted his loss and congratulated his rival. As a congratulatory act, Turbo gave a surprise performance on the set of Knowing Bros.

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