All You Need to Know About Kim Jong-dae’s Transformations From EXO M To His Solo Debut!



Kim Jongdae 2013 MAMA

Moving to 2013, Kim Jong-dae had his hair dyed with a light brown color. He also had his hair permed, but his hair has grown a bit longer than it was in 2012. Also, if we look closely, we can see that he got a piercing on his ear!

Kim Jongdae 2013 Gayo Daejun

While in MAMA 2013 he had a light brown colored hair, in the 2013 Gayo Daejun Kim Jong-dae dyed his hair to a darker brown color. He also wears a hat tied with a bandana that makes him look more stylish.


Kim Jongdae 2014 Ivy Club

While he appeared fashionably in 2013, Kim Jong-dae showed us a fresh look through a photoshoot for Ivy Club. In this photoshoot, he wore white clothes and shorts with burgundy colored hair. Not only that, but his hairstyle also changed so that we can see his forehead for a little bit.

Kim Jongdae 2014 Ivy Club


Kim Jongdae 2015 MAMA

In 2015, we can see that Kim Jong-dae wears heavier makeup than the previous year. Of course, it is not that heavy, but we can see that he started to wear a smoky eye shadow while in the previous year he only wore eye shadow lightly.

Kim Jongdae 2015 MAMA

Not only that, but we can also see that he wears colored eye contacts that make him appear more gorgeous than before. He also has shorter hair with his forehead showing this time.


Kim Jongdae 2016 Suwon K-Concert

In 2016, we can see more of his masculinity while he is promoting for EXO’s Monster. While he wears eye shadow with a bolder color this time, he also has his short hair slicked back so that his forehead is showing again.

Kim Jongdae 2016 Seasons Greetings

We can also see that he looks more mature on EXO’s 2016 Season’s Greetings. It seems that this year, Kim Jong-dae preferred to have his hair dyed in a dark color.


Kim Jongdae 2017 Singles Magazine

Quite similar to the previous year, Kim Jong-dae still had his dark-colored hair, and he also wore a turtle neck shirt with a black coat over that suits him very much.

Kim Jongdae 2017 EXO Fan Festival

He also maintained his short hair and slicked it back so it shows his forehead. In this photo, we can see his refined facial features and perfect side profile!

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