Model and Actress Kim Ji-eun Full Profile, Fun Facts, Drama Appearances

Kim Ji-eun
Kim Ji-eun

Kim Ji-eun From Modeling to Acting and Her Breakthrough Appearance

Have you heard about Kim Ji-eun? She is one of the rising actresses that has been appeared in various popular dramas such as Strangers From Hell and even The Veil as well. However, Kim Ji-eun was started her career as a model in advance instead of went to the acting industry.

But still, her acting is very awesome and undoubtfully amazing. Do you want to know more about Kim Ji-eun? In this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you everything about her, so make sure to keep on reading!

Kim Ji-eun Profile

Kim Ji-eun

Birth Name: Kim Ji-eun (김지은)

Stage Name: Kim Ji-eun (김지은)

Date of Birth: South Korea, October 9, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 166 cm

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: N/A

Occupation: Model, Actress

Years Active: 2016 – present

Label: HB Entertainment

Instagram: kj_ieun

Don’t Miss Out On Kim Ji-eun Facts

  • Kim Ji-eun attended Cheongju University
  • Kim Ji-eun rose to fame after starring in the drama Strangers From Hell and The Veil
  • She used to officially work as the commercial film model for Bacchus-F in 2016
  • Kim Ji-eun went to various auditions to attract the actor’s management company
  • Through Again My Life, Kim Ji-eun received her first female lead role

Kim Ji-eun in Day6 MV

As a model, it is very common for Kim Ji-eun to appear in CFs, model ambassador projects, and even music videos as well. Turns out, Kim Ji-eun used to gain a lot of attention back then when she made appearances in several of DAY6’s music videos as a model.

Kim Ji-eun happened to appear in the music videos for the singles “What Can I Do”, “I Loved You”, and “When You Love Someone”. Kim Ji-eun’s appearance was also acknowledged by DAY6 fans because she has an eternal beautiful appearance and her acting skill in the music video.

Even after several years have passed, Kim Ji-eun still talked about DAY6 sometimes. Such as when a fan asked her which song from DAY6 she would like to recommend, she instantly reveals, “You Make Me” on her Instagram account!

Kim Ji-eun Drama and Movie List


Year Title Role
2015 Tattoo Girlfriend
2018 The Drug King Choi Jin-pil’s Wife
2019 Long Live the King Joon



Year Title Role
2018 Nice Witch Wang Ji-yeong
2018 Lovely Horribly Lee Soo-jeong
2018 Children of Nobody Min-joo
2019 Doctor Prisoner Oh Min-jeong
2019 Strangers From Hell Min Ji-eun
2021 The Veil Yoo Je-yi
2022 Again My Life Kim Hee-ah


Web Series

Year Title Role
2017 The Best Moment To Quit Your Job Hyeon
2019 I Have Three Boyfriends Ra-hee

Kim Ji-eun in Strangers From Hell

Kim Ji-eun raise her popularity as an actress for the first time after starring in the psychological thriller drama, Strangers From Hell, and is well-known as Hell is Other People. The drama depicts life in a mysterious apartment called Eden apartment. Yoon Jong-woo (Im Si-wan) was a newcomer there and realized that the neighborhoods around were strange and mysterious.

Even his next-door neighbor, Seo Moon-jo (Lee Dong-wook) was very strange. One day, there was unexpected thing happened which made Jong-woo find out that the other residents in Eden’s apartment were very horrible.

In the drama, Kim Ji-eun plays the role of Min Ji-eun, a busy employee as well as Jong-woo’s girlfriend. They experienced a long-distance relationship due to their busy life. However, Ji-eun never believed everything about Jong-woo’s story about the situation in Eden’s apartment. The couple was rarely met as well due to their limited time.

Kim Ji-eun in The Veil

After the huge success of Strangers From Hell, Kim Ji-eun has received another chance to star in a hit drama, The Veil. It is a mixture of spy, thriller, and action drama that tells a story about a top field agent in NIS (National Intelligent Service) named Han Ji-hyuk (Nam Koong-min).

He went missing for a year, but he returned to find an internal traitor who made him experience an unpleasant and dangerous situation. In The Veil, Kim Ji-eun plays the role of Yoo Je-yi.

She is a promising field agent as well as Han Ji-hyuk’s partner. She has incredible skills and was graduated from KAIST. Je-yi also helps Ji-hyuk in NIS and tries to reveal everything that is hidden behind the dark side of NIS.

Kim Ji-eun in Again My Life

Through Again My Life, Kim Ji-eun finally received her first female leading role in a drama. The drama depicts a story about a guy who works as a prosecutor, he gets killed while trying to solve a problem related to a powerful crime boss. However, he gets a chance to start a new life for justice.

In the drama, Kim Ji-eun plays the role of Kim Hee-ah. She is well-known as a genius person and came up from a wealthy family. Kim Hee-ah is the youngest daughter of the chairman of conglomerate Cheona Group. Although she is beautiful and smart, Hee-ah is very honest with her feelings and never hesitates to take any action.

Kim Ji-eun Look Alike

Kim Ji-eun has that kind of pure and natural beauty that makes every woman jealous of her visual appearance. But, have you ever noticed that there is also another female Korean celebrity that looks like Kim Ji-eun?

Kim Ji-eun and ITZY Ryujin

On some occasions, whether it was due to the makeup, hairstyle, or picture angle, many people spotted Kim Ji-eun’s visual looks like ITZY’s Ryujin and actress Han So-hee. The three of them look very similar, even with some of their facial features such as nose, lips, and eyebrows.

Kim Ji-eun and Han Sohee
Tribun Trends

They also have that kind of ‘fierce’ vibe which suits their visual very well. What do you guys think about Kim Ji-eun, ITZY’s Ryujin, and Han So-hee’s resemblance?

That’s everything about the model and actress Kim Ji-eun! All of her hard work to achieve her dream as an actress eventually paid off since she is currently has become one of the rising actresses in South Korea. We do hope to see more of her acting project in the future!

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