Here is The Real Meaning of Wanna One Kim Jae-hwan’s Temporary Tattoo!


What Kind of Tattoo That Belong to Kim Jae-hwan?

Kim Jae-hwan is a member of a well-known boy group in South Korea, namely Wana One which was formed from the Produce 101 Season 2 survival show. Kim Jae-hwan occupies the position as Main Vocal because he has a very good and unique voice character compared to other participants in Produce 101 Season 2.

Although he trained at companies before, when he was selected for Produce 101 Season 2 he was an independent trainee. However, on August 8, 2017 he signed a contract with CJ E&M Entertainment. Kim Jae-hwan also can play guitar so well. After Wanna One’s disbandment, he will focus on a solo debut with self-written songs. In 2019 he also just signed a contract with SWING Entertainment and focused himself as a soloist after Wanna One disbandment.

The entertainment said,

“Hello. This is Swing Entertainment. This is an official statement regarding the management of Wanna One member Kim Jae Hwan.

After thorough discussions between Stone Music Entertainment, Kim Jae Hwan, and Swing Entertainment, Kim Jae Hwan will carry out his future activities with Swing Entertainment.

Swing Entertainment will not hold back on providing full support for Kim Jae Hwan’s musical development and planning, marketing, and management of future solo activities. Stone Music Entertainment will provide full support for the upcoming activities of Kim Jae Hwan, who has impressed as Wanna One’s playing vocalist, through the company’s entire infrastructure.

We ask that you continue to cheer on and provide support for Kim Jae Hwan, who will return with more improvement. Thank you.”

Kim Jae-hwan’s Temporary Tattoo

Having a tattoo among Korean idols is common, many Korean idols are either women or men who have tattoos. Usually, they make tattoos to express themselves or to remember something that is valuable for their lives. Not all agencies allow artists to have tattoos, but some agencies allow artists to have tattoos so that their artists can be more free and comfortable to express.

One of them is a member of Wanna One, namely Kim Jae-hwan. Kim Jae-hwan is known to have a writing tattoo on the side of his neck. After finding out, the tattoo is temporary not permanent. Temporary tattoos owned by Kim Jae-hwan keep a very touching message for fans of Wanna One, namely Wannables. Enthusiasts who know the meaning of tattoos that Kim Jae-hwan has certainly feel very moved and happy at the same time. Want to know? Check this out!

Amor aeternus Tattoo

Una in perpetuum Tattoo

Tempus fugit, amor manet Tattoo

Kim Jae-hwan looks pretty hot and sexy with tattoo like that, right? Want to know the meaning of his temporary tattoo? In addition to that, the wordings of the tattoo appeared to be different for different days Here we go!

The Meaning Behind His Tattoo

The first tattoo reads Amor aeternus which means eternal love. The second tattoo reads Una in perpetuum which means together forever. And the third tattoo reads Tempus fugit, amor manet which has the meaning of even if time passes, love remains. If we put the tattoos together, the purpose of the message conveyed by Kim Jae-hwan through the tattoo is Wanna One and Wannables will always be together no matter how long the time will pass. It also showed his love showing for them.

Well, so sweet right?

Netizen Reaction to Kim Jae-hwan Temporary Tattoo

Everyone who knows the hidden message behind the tattoo made by Kim Jae-hwan really feels touched. Even though Wanna One has disbanded, Wanna One continues to make sure that Wannables are always there for them and always in their hearts. The tattoo is also very thankful to Wanna One who always supports Wanna One at any time and anywhere.

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