All Information About Kim Jae-hwan After Ended Contract With Wanna One!

All You Need To Know About South Korean Singer Kim Jae-Hwan

Kim Jae-hwan is a singer who was born on May 27, 1996, in Seoul, South Korea.  He is one of the former members of Wanna One, who acted as a Main Vocal. He was the only independent trainee who made it into the semi-finals for the survival show Produce 101 season 2, and he debuted with the other 10 top survivors as part of the group now known as Wanna One.

Kim Jae-Hwan’s Plan After Wanna One’s Contract Ended

Wanna One is a South Korean project group that was formed by CJ E & M through the show Produce 101, season 2 on Mnet. The group consisted of 11 members, who were the top scorers on the show. The group started making a name for itself quickly, after its debut on August 7, 2017, and they promoted until January, 2019, under the auspices of Swing Entertainment and CJ E & M.

After a year of working as a group, Swing Entertainment announced the Wanna One contract would expire on December 31, 2018. Because the group was a project group built around winners of the show, everyone knew its contract would be a short one right from the start. Even though they weren’t promoting as a group for very long, Wanna One has won a lot of recognition in the KPop music industry.

Jaehwan is the only member of Wanna One who went into the survival show without already being under contract to one of the entertainment agencies, which could have potentially left him at loose ends when the Wanna One contract hit its expiration date.

With his amazing vocal abilities, he won 4th place on Produce 101, season 2. His melodious voice and ability to reach high notes easily have made fans happy to hear that Jaehwan is rumored to be debuting as a solo singer after the group’s disbandment. Of course with this talent, Jaehwan can become a famous solo singer.

Kim Jae-Hwan Signs Contract With CJ E&M

Kim Jae-Hwan did sign an exclusive contract with CJ E&M. While participating in Produce 101 season 2, Kim Jae Hwan started out as an individual trainee , but after officially debuting with Wanna One, Kim Jae-Hwan gave the good news that he had officially signed on with CJ E&M.

CJ E&M said it would support Kim Jae-Hwan’s activities during the promotion with Wanna One until the end. The agency also said that it would make Kim Jae-Hwan a solo artist later, after he no longer promoted Wanna One.

CJ E&M is known as a large agency that oversees several smaller agencies below it, such as AOMG, Hi-Lite Records, MMO Entertainment, The Music Works, 1877 Entertainment. CJ E&M is also the owner of Mnet, TVN and OCN.

Kim Jae-Hwan Will Make Solo Debut Under Wanna One’s Agency

Wanna One’s contract with their agency, Swing Entertainment, officially ended December 31, 2018. Although the members continued to carry out joint activities through January, such as doing awards shows, afterward, each of the member returned to their respective agencies.

However, because Kim Jae-Hwan signed with Swing Entertainment when he joined Wanna One, his promotion as a solo singer will still be handled by the same agency.

Not only that, when he launches his solo career, Kim Jae-Hwan will also get support from Stone Music Entertainment. Swing and Stone Music Entertainment are both subsidiaries of CJ E & M Entertainment. So, it is natural that Kim Jae-Hwan will carry out promotions under the auspices of Swing Entertainment.

“After an in-depth discussion between Stone Music Entertainment, Kim Jae-Hwan, and Swing Entertainment, we reported that Kim Jae-Hwan would carry out his future activities with Swing Entertainment,” the agency said. “Swing Entertainment will not hold back from giving full support for Kim Jae-Hwan’s music career, which concerns the planning, marketing and management of his future solo activities.”

The agency also stated that Stone Music Entertainment would also provide full support for Kim Jae-Hwan’s solo career. They also expect support from fans for Kim Jae-Hwan in the future.

“Stone Music Entertainment will also provide full support for Kim Jae-Hwan’s solo activities, which have impressed fans as the main vocalist of Wanna One, through company-defined policies,” the agency continued. “We ask that you continue to provide support for Kim Jae-Hwan, who will come back soon with more improvements. Thank you.”

Besides giving the statement, the agency has also launched an official social media account owned by Kim Jae-Hwan. Whether it’s a fan cafe, Twitter or Instagram.

Currently, fan cafe fans are also looking for ideas to make their official fandom name. Therefore, fans of Kim Jae Hwan are welcome to make a proposal for the name of his fandom. Kim Jae-Hwan’s top five names will be chosen, and of the five names, fans will determine or choose the final winner.

Kim Jae-Hwan Joins Swing Entertainment Agency, Will Direct Solo Debut?

Swing Entertainment, as the agency that manages Wanna One’s activities, announced that Kim Jae-Hwan has signed a contract with them and will be supported by the Stone Music Entertainment label. Both the agency and the music label are still under the CJ E & M company.

“After going through in-depth discussions between Stone Music Entertainment, Kim Jae-Hwan, and Swing Entertainment, then Kim Jaehwan will undergo his future activities with Swing Entertainment. We will fully support the development of Kim Jae-Hwan’s music, both in terms of planning, marketing, and organizing his solo activities,” he explained.

The agency further requested that the public continue to support and encourage Kim Jae-Hwan, who will return as a better artist. In addition, this 1996-born performer immediately launched a fancafe page, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and inaugurated his official fandom color, Pantone 7702C, Pantone 7464C, And Pantone 270C.

But it is not yet certain when Kim Jae-Hwan will make a solo debut, like Ha Sung-Woon. Meanwhile, even though the old contract has been completed since December 31, 2018, Wanna One still had a series of group activities to complete, like attending the annual awards ceremony, until later the farewell concert titled ‘Therefore’ on January 24-27.