Everything You Need To Know About Kim Bum

Kim Bum

The Cute and Handsome Actor From Boys Over Flowers!

Kim Bum is a South Korean actor that became popular after some dramas he did such as Boys Over Flowers. He has a cute smile and a charismatic appearance. Kim Bum started his career in acting at 17 years old in 2006 and started his rising career in 2008. So cool! Check out his profile, girlfriend, birthday, and other details in this Byeol Korea article! Keep reading!

Kim Bum Full Profile

Kim Bum

Stage Name: Kim Bum (김범)
Birth Name: Kim Sang-Bum (김상범)
Birthday: July 7, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @k.kbeom
Facebook: @kimbeom
Twitter: @actorkimbeom (Inactive)

13 Fun Facts About Kim Bum

1. Kim Bum was born in Seoul, South Korea.

2. He even lived in Australia.

3. He started acting in 2006.

4. Kim Bum wanted to be an actor while growing up.

5. He has a brother and sister.

6. His father expects him to study hard.

7. Kim Bum is an expert in soccer and even became the captain of a team.

8. He is under King Kong by Starship Entertainment.

9. Kim Bum suffered from degenerative arthritis and weight loss after training for his role in Padam Padam.

10. Kim Bum was discharged from the military on March 13, 2020.

11. He is a great achiever in school.

12. Kim Bum became more famous after his role as So Yi-jung in Boys Over Flowers (2009).

13. Kim Bum’s ideal type is a girl who is cute and does a lot of aegyo. His partner should understand him.

Kim Bum K-Drama Role Highlights

Kim Bum became an actor long before the Korean Wave hit. He is one of the actors that became part of history in addicting Korean dramas. Let’s get to know him and his roles in some K-dramas!

Kim Bum in Boys Over Flowers

Kim Bum played So Yi-jung who is an artist. He has a charismatic appearance with his ability to make clay art. So Yi-Jung is also from a rich family that makes him fit into the circle of Gu Jun-pyeo (Lee Min-ho). He has a bitter story and dating experience which makes it difficult for him to be in a relationship.

In 2019, the drama Boys Over Flowers put him in the spotlight which brought up his career in the entertainment industry. His character in Boys Over Flowers will always stick with him. Do you agree?

Kim Bum in Tale of the Nine Tailed

Kim Bum became Lee Rang in the drama Tale of the Nine Tailed. He is an antagonist in this fantasy drama that premiered on tvN. He is the half-brother of Lee Yoon (Kim Dong-wook) the gumiho.

His character is aggressive and feels abandonment. Kim Bum reveals that he was thinking about the God of Death, Thanatos, when playing this role.

Kim Bum in Law School

Kim Bum played Han Joon-hwi in the drama Law School. He is a first-year law school student that does research about law cases. As Han Joon-hwi, he is a smart student with a mysterious character.

Kim Bum Love Life Girlfriend or Wife?

Kim Bum and his relationship story became something that people were curious to know. Kim Bum is still not married so he doesn’t have a wife yet. However, Kim Bum had some girlfriends in past relationships. Let’s check out the information below!

Kim Bum and Moon Geun-young

Kim Bum dated Moon Geun-young for 7 months, but they broke up in 2014. They are both active in acting and even did the same drama together, Goddess of Fire. Besides, Kim Bum and Moon Geun-young were spotted on holiday in Praha together. They decided to remain friends after all.

Kim Bum and Oh Yeon-seo

In 2018, Kim Bum also dated Oh Yeon-seo. However, they only dated for a few months. They started to know each other on tvN’s Hwayugi on mutual acquaintances.

Kim Bum and Kim So-eun

Kim Bum and Kim So-eun had a dating rumor when they were acting as a couple in Boys Over Flowers. The drama in which Lee Min-ho was the lead character became a massive success and also made Kim Bum and Kim So-eun as a side couple be shipped by audiences. Their chemistry was contagious and lovable. However, they never confirmed their relationship outside of the show. Besides this drama, they also studied the same major at Chuang-Ang University.

Kim Bum Acting in Ghost Doctor in 2022

In 2022, Kim Bum will appear in a new drama named Ghost Doctor. He plays Go Seung-tak who is a grandchild of the founder of the hospital. He becomes a resident doctor who was born rich and lucky. However, his body becomes invaded by another doctor, Rain, who has a contradictory character with him. The first episode will be aired at the end of January 2022.

Don’t forget to watch the new project from Kim Bum and support him in his career. So, what drama do you like the most from Kim Bum? Put your comments and share your thoughts below on this Byeol Korea article!