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Get to Know Youth of May Actress Keum Sae-rok Profile, Boyfriend, Drama List

Keum Sae-rok
Keum Sae-rok

The South Korean Actress Who Got More Famous After Youth of May and The Fiery Priest

Keum Sae-rok is a South Korean actress with huge potential. Her dramas Youth of May (2021) and The Fiery Priest (2019) not only brought her various awards, but they also put her in the spotlight as one of the leading South Korean actresses. Her career is at a high peak and more after her debut in 2011. Check out Keum Sae-rok’s profile, dramas, height, etc., in this Byeol Korea article below. Keep on reading!

Keum Sae-rok Full Profile, Age, Height

Keum Sae-rok

Name: Keum Sae-rok (Hangeul: 금새록)

Birthday: September 6th, 1992

Height: 168 cm

Zodiac: Virgo

12 Keum Sae-rok Fun Facts

1. Keum Sae-rok was born in South Korea and debuted as an actress in 2011.

2. She is under the agency History D&C.

3. She graduated from Seoul Institute of The Arts, majoring in acting.

4. Keum Sae-rok has appeared in many TV commercials and short movies.

5. She played minor roles in Assassination, The Silenced, and Love, Lies.

6. She even played a supporting role in the thriller Believer in 2018.

7. In 2020, Keun Sae-rok appeared in the tvN Drama Stage Season 3: Everyone Is There.

8. She won the Best New Actress Award at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards for her role in The Fiery Priest.

9. She joined the drama Joseon Exorcist (2021) in SBS.

10. She has also participated in the popular SBS Program Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant.

11. Keum Sae-rok broke off her contract with UL Entertainment on December 10th, 2021.

12. She signed a contract with the agency History D&C in 2021.

Keum Sae-rok List of Popular Dramas

Keum Sae-rok has become a big hit with some of her main roles in dramas. Check out all of her breakthrough roles in Youth of May, Class of Lies, and The Fiery Priest. Check out her impactful roles below!

Keum Sae-rok Prominent Acting in Youth of May

In the drama Youth of May which aired in 2021, Keum Sae-rok played Lee Soo-ryun. As the main role, she played a law student who is Soo-chan’s sister and Lee Chang-geun’s daughter. She acted in this drama alongside rising stars Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si.

She is passionate about fighting social injustice and she wants to help her friend, Kim Myung-hee to get her aspirations during the Gwangju crisis in May 1980. After this drama, she got the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

Keum Sae-rok Fantastic Role in Class of Lies

Keum Sae-rok played Ha So-hyeon who is a teacher and school counselor at Chunnyung High School. The murder case in this high school was worked by a lawyer.

Ki Moo-hyeok who only loves money and Ha So-hyeon who always supports all of her students got involved with the lawyer to find out the secrets among the students.

Keum Sae-rok Breakthrough in The Fiery Priest

Playing as Seo Seung-ah in the drama The Fiery Priest in 2019 brought Keum Sae-rok into the spotlight again. The drama is starting with the sudden death of an elderly priest where Keum Sae-rok, acting as Seo Seung-ah as a rookie detective at Gudam Police Station, wants to help to solve the case behind Priest Lee’s death.

Besides, she also got the award for Best New Actress at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards. Check out this cool drama!

Keum Sae-rok Boyfriend

Keum Sae-rok doesn’t have a boyfriend yet. On her Instagram, she never shares anything related to dating or relationships. She looks happy with her daily activities as an actress and enjoys life through her social media lens.

That’s all about Keum Sae-rok’s profile, drama list, boyfriend, etc. Let’s support her in the next step of her career whether in dramas or movies. Which drama from Keum Sae-rok do you like best? Kindly write your comment in the section below and don’t forget to share on Twitter, too.