Who Is KEP1ER Visual? Check Out Their Visual Rank, Here!


KEP1ER Visual Rank Based On Korean Beauty Standard

KEP1ER (hangul: 케플러) is a South Korean girl group that debuted after Mnet’s survival show ‘‘Girls Planet 999’’ on January 3, 2022, with a single titled “WA DA DA”. Their members have a beautiful visual appearance.

Here’s the list of KEP1ER’s visual ranks that you should know :

KEP1ER’s Rank KEP1ER’s Members
1st KEP1ER’s Xiaoting
2nd KEP1ER’s Dayeon
3rd KEP1ER’s Mashiro
4th KEP1ER’s Chaehyun
5th KEP1ER’s Yujin
6th KEP1ER’s Huening Bahiyyih
7th KEP1ER’s Yeseo
8th KEP1ER’s Youngeun
9th KEP1ER’s Hikaru


1st KEP1ER Xiaoting

For visuals on KEP1ER, fans and netizens agree that Shen Xiaoting is very suitable to fill the position. Since ‘Girls Planet 999’, this Chinese member has always been praised for her beauty.

Shen Xiaoting is often referred to as the most beautiful member, especially as a trainee in ‘Girls Planet 999’, and has a familiar face for visuals of a Korean girl group with her best feature. From her visual and talents as a Triple-Threat, she gets 1st rank when it comes to the Korean beauty standards.

2nd KEP1ER Dayeon

In the 2nd rank, there is KEP1ER’s Dayeon which fits the Korean beauty standard when it comes to visual. KEP1ER’s Dayeon also has the type of baby face and looks cute with her chubby cheeks.

For strength, KEP1ER’s Dayeon has straight eyebrows, full lower lips, and is v-shaped. She also has big eyes, double eyelids, and aegyo-sal, which makes her look prettier than ever. At the same time, she also has some weaknesses, such as thin lips at the top, doesn’t skin, and a small nose.

3rd KEP1ER Mashiro

In the 3rd rank, there is KEP1ER’s Mashiro, who fits the Korean beauty standard regarding visuals. She has straight eyebrows, a v-shaped jaw, big eyes, aegyo-sal, double eyelids, a thin high nose, and a small face regarding her strength.

For the weakness, KEP1ER’s Mashiro doesn’t have pale skin or plump and entire lower lips. She’s considering having more like thin lips and not having pale skin just like the other members. Despite her weakness, KEP1ER’s Mashiro has beautiful eyes.

4th KEP1ER Chaehyun

In the 4th rank, there is KEP1ER’s Chaehyun, the group’s center. Having this position means that she has strength from her visuals, so she’s mostly taking part in the center when performing on the stage.

He has many features that fit the Korean beauty standard, such as straight eyebrows, full lower lip, pale skin, v-shaped jaw, big eyes, aegyo-sal, double eyelid, small face, and more. she also got ranked 1 in the last episode of ‘Girls Planet 999’, which made her automatically become the center of KEP1ER.

5th KEP1ER Yujin

In the 5th rank, KEP1ER’s Yujin has a visual that fits the Korean beauty standard. Despite her age, she has a cute face that may be far above the other members, but her natural beauty still radiates through her looks. KEP1ER’s Yujin had straight eyebrows, a v-shaped jaw, pale skin, big eyes, and aegyo-sal until double eyelids.

6th KEP1ER Huening Bahiyyih

Furthermore, for the face of the group at KEP1ER, many fans said Huening Bahiyyih was suitable to fill the position. Although she received a lot of criticism because she was deemed inappropriate to debut, this member of Brazilian – American and Korean descent became the most famous member of KEP1ER.

In the 6th rank, KEP1ER’s Huening Bahiyyih has some strength in her visuals, such as a small face, straight eyebrows, plump lips, big eyes, a v-shaped jaw, and a high nose bridge. On the other hand, it also has some weaknesses, such as a thin nose, height below 165 cm, and not having fair skin, but mostly she still fits the standards.

7th KEP1ER Yeseo

In the 7th rank, there is KEP1ER’s Yeseo, who became the most well-known member for her visual during survival ‘Girls Planet 999’. Some of her strengths from her visual are having straight eyebrows, an entire lower lip, v-shaped jaw. she also has other charms, such as big eyes, aegyo-sal, double eyelids, light eyes, and a small face.

As for its visual flaws, KEP1ER’s Yeseo doesn’t have many flaws. She considers it as plump lips and not pale skin. Instead of having fair skin, she is also said to have a lot

8th KEP1ER Youngeun

Youngeun is KEP1ER’s member who received the most criticism regarding her appearance while still on ‘Girls Planet 999’. Despite having a slim and fit body, netizens often criticize her face and compare her with other KEP1ER’s members. She got the 8th rank when it comes to Korean beauty standards.

It also has sharp features and charms, so she has a nickname as the most charismatic member of the group. However, after KEP1ER’s debut, Youngeun’s beauty is now suddenly being praised by netizens. Many agreed that Youngeun’s talent and aura made it difficult for the audience to take their eyes off her every time she stepped on stage.

9th KEP1ER Hikaru

In the 9th rank, there is KEP1ER’s Hikaru which fits the Korean beauty standard. Even though she is at the lowest rank, she has a beauty that can be considered entirely up to the standards of K-Pop idols in general. she also often shows off her aegyo on stage. That’s why she has her charm.

That was all for the information you should know about KEP1ER’s visuals and their ranking. Let’s keep supporting them and not comparing their visuals or appearance because they’re all talented members. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social media and wait for interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!