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Things You Need To Know About Kep1er Dayeon Profile, Pre-Debut, MBTI and Fancams

Kep1er Dayeon
Kep1er Dayeon

Let’s Get To Know Kep1er Dayeon!

Kim Dayeon got first place on the popular Girls Planet 999. According to Weibo, with information from DC Inside, her name was chosen by getting a poll of 16.2%. The Kep1er main rapper also had a very difficult career path, though. However, she got fame after joining the Girls Planet 999 survival show. Are you curious about her life and career path?

Don’t worry! Through this article, Byeol Korea has already provided her information as detailed as possible. So, check it out!

Kep1er Dayeon Profile

Kep1er Dayeon

Name: Kim Dayeon (김다연)

Stage name: Dayeon (다연)

Birthday: March 2, 2003

Birthplace: Dongjak District, Seoul, South Korea

Height: 158 cm (5’2″)

Weight: 41 kg

Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment

Occupation: Singer

Years active: 2022

Group: Kep1er

Zodiac: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Blood type: A

Nationality: Korean

Kep1er Dayeon Facts

  • Kongsoonie is her nickname.
  • Kim Dayeon was trained for 4 years and 1 month.
  • When Dayeon was younger, she took hip hop classes.
  • She attended the School of Performing Arts (SOPA).
  • Her parents have a sashimi restaurant, and she used to work there.
  • Dayeon’s charming point is her Indian dimple.
  • She likes to eat samgyeopsal, pork kimchi stew, and sushi.
  • The food that she can’t eat is an oyster.
  • She can speak Japanese, Korean, and basic English.
  • Dayeon is a big fan of BLACKPINK, (G)I-DLE, and NCT.

Kep1er Dayeon MBTI

Kim Dayeon is a person with an ESTP type. People with this personality are usually called friendly, easy-going, and assertive. It really fits Dayeon. She has many friends and is easy to get along with. She is friends with fellow idols in other groups, namely LIGHTSUM’s Yujeong, BlingBling’s Yubin, Tammy, and BEBEZ’ YeYoung.

Not only sociable but Dayeon has strengths in leadership. This was proven when she was chosen to be a team leader on Girls Planet 999. She showed strong leadership qualities and did the leader’s task well. She was also detailed with every step, and she was highly appreciated by her teammates when she took over. Here is the video of when Dayeon led her team!

Kep1er Dayeon Pre-Debut

Before debuting with Kep1er, Kim Dayeon was a former trainee under CNC School (2017-2018) and STARDIUM Entertainment (2018-2020). Same as other idols, Kep1er Dayeon was just a pretty girl and a student before debut, and she studied at Seoul of Performing Arts High School.

Many people became curious about her flawless pre-debut photos. So, here are the photos!

Kep1er Dayeon

Here’s Kim Dayeon’s version of Harley Quinn!

Kep1er Dayeon

Kim Dayeon Joined Produced 48

Produced 48 was her first survival show program. She joined the show in June 2018 under CNC Entertainment. Dayeon made her first appearance on the show for the judges live in episode 2.

In her first evaluation ranking, she got a B and placed #60. In episode 3, her ranking dropped to #65 and got a B for her 2nd evaluation ranking. Dayeon tried her best in this show, but, unfortunately, she only made it to episode 5. She had to be eliminated and ranked #70. After the show ended, she left CNC Entertainment and signed a contract with STARDIUM Entertainment.

To recall her performance on Produce 48, you can watch one of her performance videos below!

Kep1er Dayeon on Girls Planet 999

On July 8, 2021, Kim Dayeon was revealed to be a contestant on Girls Planet 999 under Jellyfish Entertainment. On July 12, 2021, she made her first appearance with O.O.O as the center of the K-group. Since the show was started, all people were amazed at her skills. Kim Dayeon received 1st place from the judges among 33 contestants.

Her ranking was stable, and she always entered the top 10 from the first episode. In episode 5, she was ranked K07 for her individual ranking. Meanwhile, in her cell ranking, she got rank 9.

For the “Combination Mission,” she chose to be the leader and performed BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream.” All the judges were surprised by her rap skills when she took Lisa’s killing part.

Her progress deserved a thumbs up until, finally, on the finale episode, Dayeon managed to occupy 4th place by getting 885,286 points!

Debut With Kep1er

Because Dayeon entered the fixed lineup from the finale results of Girls Planet 999, she was allowed to debut with Kep1er and promote for 2.5 years under WAKEONE Entertainment and Swing Entertainment.

Her individual concept photo was revealed 5th on November 24th and 29th and December 3rd. So, here they are!

Kep1er Dayeon

On January 3, 2022, Kep1er debuted by releasing its first mini-album FIRST IMPACT with “WA DA DA” as the main track. In her group, Dayeon is a sub-vocalist, main dancer, and main rapper.

Kep1er Dayeon Focus Fancams

“Fancam” is already popular among K-pop fans. This term is a video performance of their favorite idols either as an individual or in a group. Fans get curious about their idols’ performances, and it also happens to Kep1er’s Dayeon.

Since her appearance on GP99 got a lot of attention from audiences, there are many people who want to find out about her focus fancams. So, here are Dayeon’s focus fancams that you have to watch every day!

So, that is the detailed information about Kep1er’s Dayeon that you must remember. After reading this article and knowing her career path, do you love her more now? If yes, you can share this article on your social media.

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