All You Need to Know About K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo’s Instagram’s Feed!


Take a Look at K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo’s Instagram Feed

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms by many people to share or show their activities. In fact, Instagram is also used as a place to show their best photos and arranged according to their creativity. This was also done by several idol groups in South Korea. Instagram also became one of their social media to promote their songs and show their activities backstage.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo’s Instagram feed. Starting from a selfie, her holiday, and her best moments. K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo also paid attention to the color tone of her uploaded photos on Instagram to make her Instagram more colorful. Want to know more about that? Check this out!

The Best Moments of K.A.R.D’s Jiwoo’s Instagram

This is Jiwoo’s first post after opening an Instagram account. She uploaded a video using a filter from the Snapchat application. The video was uploaded on December 15th, 2015, and was viewed by 363,704 viewers. The video was uploaded while Jiwoo was in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.

The post above is the second one Jiwoo posted on her Instagram account. The photo is Jiwoo’s childhood photo taken on January 10th, 1999. In the photo, Jiwoo can be seen with a funny expression wearing pajamas and earplugs. She made the post on January 10th, 2017, and it received 65,202 likes.

The post above was uploaded on December 13th, 2017, and received 227,403 likes. In this post, we can see Jiwoo, J.Seph, Somin, and other friends celebrating the birthday of B.M. They look innocent and very cute. On the post, Jiwoo wrote the caption, “The first time we met on October 20th, 2016. I’m so grateful and I love you so much from October 20th, 2016 a year ago. We are going to walk slowly together.”

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오늘부로 🎶Lo Siento🎶 활동이 마무리가 되었습니다 !! 💃🏼💃🏼 대선배님의 컴백 곡을 저희가 함께 한다고 했을 때 굉장히 영광이고 또 걱정이 많이 됐는데 많은 분들께서 도와주시고 함께 해주셔서 활동 무사히 잘 마무리 할 수 있게 되었습니다. 감사합니다 🙇🏻 준비하면서부터 매일 매일 긴장하고 더 잘하지 못해 아쉽고 죄송했는데 오늘 이제서야 적응이 되면서 즐길 수 있게 됐는데 활동이 끝나 아쉽지만 😿 정말 행복하고 재밌고 배울 점이 많았던 일주일이였습니다 ☺️ 그리고 사녹 시간때문에 오기 힘들텐데 와준 💜우리 히든카드💜 덕분에 덜 긴장하고 심적으로 기댈 수 있어서 너무 고마웠어요. 사랑해요💕 💙엘프💙분들도 저희 매일 매일 챙겨주셔서 너무 따듯한 마음으로 잘 마무리 할 수 있었습니다 감사드려요👍👍👍 👯우리 소민이 오빠들의 빈자리를 크게 느꼈던 활동이였는데 우리끼리 의지하면서 잘 마무리한거 같아 욕봐따~ 이제 쉬고 호주 투어 준비하쟈👯 무엇보다도 매번 저희 잘 챙겨주신 슈퍼주니어 선배님께 감사드립니다 💜😊💙 남미 투어 몸 조심히 잘 다녀오세요 !🙏🏻 저희는 음악 작업 열심히 해서 좋은 모습으로 다시 찾아 뵐 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다 !_!

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The post above was posted after Jiwoo and Somin participated together in Super Junior’s comeback and performed the song “Lo Siento.” The post was posted on April 15th, 2018, and got 245,094 likes. Many expressed their appreciation to Jiwoo and Somin who participated in Super Junior’s comeback.

Reporting from, initially, Jiwoo was a little worried about collaborating with Super Junior, she said, “I worried a lot about the ‘Lo Siento’ performances. At first, I had no idea that the song would be their title track. When I found out that it was their title track, I felt pressure and wondered, ‘Can I do a good job?’ But Super Junior took good care of us, and was friendly with us first. I really learned a lot. One regret is that I’m shy, so it was only at the end that I was able to perform in a bit more relaxed way. I felt like I could have performed a little better.”

Jiwoo and Somin felt very honored to be able to collaborate with a boy group that has very high popularity and has many fans almost all over the world. Jiwoo also thanked the Super Junior and ELF members who supported Jiwoo and Somin.

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감사합니다 :)💜. Happy Queen's day👑

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This post was uploaded on October 4th, 2018, and got 184,088 likes. The post shows a photo of Jiwoo looking very mature but still looking adorable. With natural make-up, red lipstick, and blond hair, Jiwoo looks very mature. Many fans gave praise about Jiwoo’s really cool appearance. Jiwoo even looks very beautiful.

Do you agree with that?

Instagram Feed

Now, let’s take a look at Jiwoo’s Instagram Feed. Check this out!

Jiwoo’s Selfies

The post was Jiwoo’s first selfie uploaded on her Instagram account. The photo was uploaded on April 14th, 2017, and received 152,318 likes. Jiwoo looks very cool and elegant wearing a white shirt combined with a black leather jacket. Many praised Jiwoo’s photo and said that Jiwoo was very beautiful and mature with an expression like that.

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The post was uploaded on March 12th, 2018, and received 192,056 likes. Although the photo shows Jiwoo’s selfie which is a bit blurry, Jiwoo still looks beautiful with very natural make-up. On her post, Jiwoo wrote the caption, “Come On.”

The post uploaded on November 8th, 2018, got 142,297 likes. Jiwoo is stylish with a slightly teasing expression wearing a shirt with a leopard motif. With her blond hair, Jiwoo looks more elegant and more mature. Sexy and adorable right? The photo was taken when Jiwoo was enjoying her time in Tivoli Moraffej, Sao Paulo.

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the post dating from May 8th, 2019, shows Jiwoo’s new appearance with bangs. Many commented that Jiwoo looked cute with bangs and the post got 86,678 likes. She looks so adorable.

The above post was posted on July 21st, 2019, it shows Jiwoo without make-up and a duck face expression that makes Jiwoo look very funny. Even without make-up, Jiwoo’s face looks very fresh and still beautiful. In her post, Jiwoo wrote the caption, “Are you coming to see us? I’ll be waiting for you at our ‘Wild KARD Tour. Wild KARD in Latin America.'”

Reporting from, in August 2019, KARD officially announced that they would be embarking on their second tour of the United States this October. The upcoming “2019 WILD KARD TOUR in the USA” will kick off in Los Angeles on October 18th and take the group to a total of five cities across the United States.

Following their Los Angeles concert on October 18th, KARD will be performing in Philadelphia on October 20th, Houston on October 23rd, Chicago on October 25th, and Atlanta on October 27th. Are you coming?

Jiwoo’s Holiday Photos

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.童心. ᴮᵁᴮᴮᴸᴱˢ

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The post that was uploaded on July 21st, 2019 and received 84,897 likes shows a photo of Jiwoo enjoying her time playing big bubbles in Washington Square Park. In the photo, Jiwoo is seen playing a giant bubble with other children in the park and many of her fans are fascinated by the photo.

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