Take A Look At K-Pop Girl Groups That Made Comebacks With A Girl Crush Concept!


Meet K-pop Girl Groups Girl That Made Comeback With Girl Crush Concept!

A group in the South Korea music industry does have its characteristics. It is identified with the concept that they used to differentiate from other groups and to get the attention of listeners. For girl groups, usually, there are often many use the girly and cute concept, but in lately, girl-crush concept is often in demand, and of course, many groups that do their debut and even come back with this concept. The girl-crush concept consists of feminism and courage of a woman, and this concept is a woman concept that is admired by female fans. In this concept, the group members wear an outfit and hairstyle that look bold and confident.

Then, who are the groups that use the girl-crush concept, especially during their comeback? Therefore in this article, Byeol Korea will give you all about the K-Pop girl group that made their comeback with the girl crush concept. Keep on reading!

Uh-Oh (G)I-DLE

Since debut, this group has used girl-crush concepts like their first debut song, “Latata.” In early 2019, (G)I-DLE released their 2nd EP I Made, and one of their singles was “Uh-Oh.” On their comeback with this single, (G)I-DLE appeared in hip-hop nuance and more different “girl crush” concept. The song was written and produced by Soyeon has a boom-bap hip-hop genre that becomes the trend in the ’90s.

If from the lyrics, this song has meant about someone who has moved on from her past, but then her ex-boyfriend came back into her life and came near her again. Besides the song ear-catchy, the appearance and outfit from members look swag in the American 90’s style!

You can see all of this in the music video below!

So What Loona

In early February 2020, LOONA made their comeback with album # and their main track was “So What”. In this comeback, they used the girl-crush concept combined with a cheerful concept. LOONA revealed that this song has a deep-constructive meaning that is to make people keep the spirit and didn’t afraid to face the new challenges, instead they have to accept it with their souls and burn the passion!

In the music video, it also says “Burn Yourself” where the short message certainly contains meaning in the song. To support the concept, in the MV they use bold outfit such as black and red then the music sounds so strong and make the meaning of the song is conveyed to all listeners. Even “So What” reached 1st position in sales on Billboard and also get a place in iTunes for 47 countries!

For those of you who haven’t see and listen to their song, you can watch it on the music video below!


As we know, ITZY is a girl group from JYP Entertainment and they debuted with a different concept with they’re senior TWICE, where ITZY carried the girl-crush concept meanwhile TWICE is more girly. In the teaser or concept photos, they seemed to amaze everyone where all the members looked very bold!

ITZY debuted in January 2019 with single “DALLA DALLA” which means “Different”, and this song has meant that we should be ourselves and be what we want regardless of what others say. The meaning has also been seen in the teaser which is saying “I don’t care what they say, I’m just who I am”. 

DALLA DALLA’s MV has broken the record for the largest viewers and this is a new history for the Korean music industry as a newcomer. Moreover, in the music video, it was very visually stunning from the five-member, they are Lia, Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna.

Really Bad Boy Red Velvet

In 2019, SM Entertainment’s girl group did their comeback with a really different concept than the previous comeback. Red Velvet released “Really Bad Boy (RBB)” with a girl-crush concept that was more spooky look. In this comeback, also looks Halloween atmosphere, and also the concept is an upgrade from previous comeback “Peek a boo”.

The photo’s concept that they released also looks amazing and the members look stunning in their clothes! As in the photo below, Irene looks really wondrous with a pose behind the rusty iron fence with dry leaves.

Then for this comeback, Seulgi changed her hair into a long platinum blonde. This makes Seulgi look different and look so pretty-fierce!

Likewise, Joy poses with sitting with an animal that resembles a wolf on her lap, and is surrounded by Halloween pumpkins and bats at the night.

Different from the three members, Wendy and Yeri use a soft dress that is soft blue and white. Wendy poses beautifully with a blue background and night view, meanwhile, her white dress appears from behind the brown curtain with a smile that looks flat.

The song has meaning and tells about someone who is deeply in love with a man, even though the other people say that he’s a bad boy but she still wanted him and makes him hers.


Unlike ITZY, TWICE is known as a group that carries a cheerful and colorful concept. But in their comeback in 2019 with “Fancy”, they made a different comeback with a more mature girl-crush concept and a retro touch. On April 22, 2019 TWICE released a new mini-album Fancy You with main track “Fancy”. The song is rhythmic upbeat with a melody that is quite addictive, and the song expresses someone’s feeling to the person coveted.

In their music video, the members are seen appearing bold with a girl-crush concept that using all in black, and also they appear elegantly in a colorful outfit with a retro style!

Scream Dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher made their latest comeback in February 2020 with album Dystopia: The Tree of Language and the title track is “Scream”. Different from the previous comeback, this song is has a rock-EDM genre with upbeat tempo. The lyrics have meant about someone who is trying to rise up from their sadness and inconvenience even though the people around still didn’t care about, but they will still scram and forget those bad things.

Through this song’s music video, they provide powerful choreography and also visuals that are full of mystery and you can see in the music video below!

Kill This Love Blackpink

YG Entertainment does have a character with their rap and swag style, this also happens with the girl group that currently famous, namely Blackpink. In April 2019, Blackpink made a comeback with “Kill This Love” and their comeback at that time was sharper and bolder than their previous comeback with “DDU DU DDU DU”. 

In this comeback, they show a girl-crush concept that is more ferocious than before. This song tells of a woman who heartbroken and had to keep going upright to forget her past and feeling. Then in the music video, the members also acted in totality like a woman who was sad and heartbroken and it seen in Rose’s scene when she was driving a car while crying, and then she realized she had to move on and kill the love.

At this time, the music video has gained a large number of viewers which is around 321 million views! So for that, keep support them by watching their music video and you can click the play button below!

Those are some a few of many girl groups who made their comeback with girl-crush concept. Then, who do you think has the most impressive comeback? Don’t forget to write your opinion on the comment section!