Check Out These Legendary Performances From K-Pop Bands FT. Island and CNBLUE!

FT Island and CN BLUE

Meet The FNC Entertainment Bands FT. Island and CNBLUE!

As we know, FNC Entertainment’s abbreviation stands for “Fish and Cake”, and it was founded in 2006 by Han Sung-ho. This agency is currently has the best bands, musicians, or the other entertainers, such as FT. Island, CNBLUE, AOA, N.Flying, Kwon Mina, etc. But did you know there’s two bands that can lift the agency’s name in pretty quickly, and they are FT. Island and CNBLUE! The two of them are bands from FNC Entertainment, which has rock genre. They bring up the agency into success with their songs, albums, and chart positions. Particularly, both groups can get the audiences really fired up when they are performing.

Do you guys want to know about their legendary performances? Exactly! Because in this article, Byeol Korea will tell you all about these legendary perfomances from FT. Island and CNBLUE. Let’s check it out!



Code Name Blue, or usually known as CNBLUE, is a pop-rock band under FNC Entertainment that was formed in 2009, three years after the agency formed. This band consists of three members. Originally, there were four members (ex Lee Jong-hyun as guitarist and vocal), but the current members are Jung Yong-hwa (leader, main vocal, guitarist, Keyboardist, and rapper), Kang Min-hyuk (drummer), and Lee Jung-shin (bass). Before Lee Jung-shin was the bass position, it was held by Kwon Kwang-jin.

CNBLUE debuted in Japan with an album titled “Now or Never”, but their debut failed to get a position in the Oricon Album Chart. The next year, CNBLUE debuted in their own country, South Korea (on January 14, 2010), with the mini-album “Bluetory”. The band finally succeeded in their debut, getting into good positions on various music charts. From their debut until now, CNBLUE has become the most successful band, especially because of their performances that make a lasting impression during every comeback! We’ll see their legendary performances below!

I’m a Loner

I’m a Loner is CNBLUE’s debut song and lead single of their first mini-album, Bluetory. This song was released on January 14, 2010, on their debut day. After the music video and the single were released, the next day CNBLUE performed on KBS Music Bank, and the next on Inkigayo, which was their first debut stage.

This song is described as modern punk-rock. It was written by Han Seong-ho and Amen, and was composed by Kim Do-hoon. It has a strong melody, and it gives rise to perfection. Because of this, CNBLUE was warmly welcomed by the fans. No wonder that on their first debut they could achieve such success for a beginner. The proof is that this song immediately won the trophy on the two music shows. Not only that, I’m a Loner won at the GaOn Music Awards, in the category “Streaming Award”, at the Bonsang Music Awards with category “Digital Music Bonsang”, and they became a “Rookie of the Month”.

Intuition 직감

Intuition is the main title track on their album First Step”, that was released on March 21, 2011. This song teaser was released on CNBLUE’s YouTube channel on March 6, 2011, and  the second teaser released a week after that. The song was written by Han Seong-ho, and it really made them proud when they had a chance to win an award at Mnet Asian Music Awards for “The Best Band Group (2011). The next year, they won a trophy at the Golden Disk Awards for the Song Division.

Hey You

Hey You can be said to be the one of the best songs from the beginning of CNBLUE’s career. After presenting a cheerful song in ‘Love Girl’, the four-member band was back to show their song in 2012, which had heartbreaking music that has a fast tempo. In addition, through the song released as the title track of the mini album “Ear Fun”, they won at several South Korean music shows the same year. So, let’s watch their performance on the music show stage!

Can’t Stop

The last one is Can’t Stop. In 2014, CNBLUE was active with a song called Can’t Stop. This romantic song is part of their fifth mini album, which has the name same as the title song track (Can’t Stop). In this comeback, they experimented with presenting a pop-rock single with dramatic arrangements, coupled with Yong-hwa’s emotion-laden vocals, which made the melancholy impression of the song is increasingly felt!


FT Island

FT. ISLAND is also an FNC Entertainment rock band, and stands for “FIVE TREASURE ISLAND”. This band is the first FNC Entertainment’s band, established a year after (June 7, 2007) the agency was opened, and is also as CNBLUE’s senior. We could say that FT. Island is a pioneer band from South Korea, and their fans’ name is ‘Primadonna’. The band was very popular at that time, from the beginning of their debut until now, and they have received various awards! They made their debut with the mainstay single Love Sick, contained in the album “CHEERFUL SENSIBILITY”. There are still many more songs and their legendary performances, so just look below!

Love Sick (사랑앓이)

On their debut day in 2007, FT. ISLAND released the album “CHEERFUL SENSIBILITY”, which contains 13 songs. These five guys were able to attract a lot of people’s attention with their abilities, especially for the song that they performed as the main title track, Love Sick (사랑앓이). The song was composed by Ry Jae-hyeon, and became their main song on their debut. The track won them various awards for the Best Newcomer and Popularity Award category at events such as the Golden Disk Awards, and won two trophies at the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in 2007. Love Sick is the song that brought them to success as now.

Severely (지독하게)

On January 13, 2012, FT. ISLAND released their fourth mini-album, named “Grown-Up”. This mini-album was filled with slow-tempo rock ballads, it describes the band’s musical growth. Like the previous comeback, they have their own mainstay song, and for this mini-album, Severely (지독하게) became their flagship song.

This rock ballad was written by Han Seong-ho, and composed by Kim Do-hun and Lee Sang-ho. It peaked at number 3 on Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart and Billlboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100, by spending two weeks at the top on both charts. This song made FT. ISLAND have three consecutive wins on JTBC’s Music on Top, and was dubbed as a “Triple Crown”. In addiction, they also won on Mnet’s M Countdown (two wins), and one from SBS’ Inkigayo. Because of this song, FT. ISLAND won the Disk Bonsang award at Golden Disk Awards (2013). So fabulous!


The next legendary performance and song by FT. ISLAND is Pray. The song written by Choi Jong-hoon and Lee Hong-gi, and is from their fifth album, “I Will”, which was released on March 23, 2015. FT. ISLAND made its comeback stage on M Countdown and Music Bank on April 2, 2015, and this song was nominated at MAMA for song of the year and best band performance.


And the last one is Wind. Coinciding with the band’s 10th anniversary, FT. ISLAND was doing all-out promotion to celebrate their anniversary with a remake their legendary debut song, Love Sick. They also released a new album with a music video for the title track, Wind, in 2017. This comeback was eagerly awaited by the fans, Primadonna. FT. ISLAND finally released the album, “Over 10 Years”, dedicated for their fans.

Wind became the title track, although it was intended as the main promotional song for 10th anniversary celebration album. But, it actually tells about how lonely someone is after a broken heart. The ballad song with the band instruments brought fans back into the glory era of FT. ISLAND a few years back.

The music video for this title track was released at the same time, alongside with the album released. This video illustrates clearly the feelings of sadness and loss of loved one, deeply. Alright, let’s watch!

Latest News

FT. ISLAND lost one member, Choi Jong-hoon, in March, 2019. Six months after that, they came back with their seventh mini-album, “ZAPPING”, and the music video for the title track, Quit. This song is a metaphor for the feeling of waiting to look away and stop everything or break the relationship. Quit highlights the sad emotions of separation, and  Lee Hong-ki’s vocals clearly convey these feeling to the listeners.At the end of September, the vocalist carried out his military service and became the first member to leave for enlistment. When he left, he was escorted directly by 500 fans. Before that, Lee Hong-ki held a musical drama before he left the world of music activities, titled “I Loved You”.

With FT. ISLAND, a band with the same agency, CNBLUE has some good news! The leader and main vocalist from the pop-rock band, Jung Yong-hwa, officially completed his compulsory military service on November 3, 2019. His freedom was welcomed by more than a thousand fans in the Hwacheon region of Gandong-myun. The completion of Yong-hwa’s military service had even become a trending topic on social media!

In his short speech, Yong-hwa said that he would grow up as a better man. With the end of his duties to the state, the actor and singer is ready to comeback in the music or acting industry. Starting next month, Yong-hwa even started holding fan meetings and concerts overseas, and he’ll become an actor in 2020.

Let’s wait for the good news from these two FNC Entertainment bands! If you guys can’t wait for them, then write your feelings in the comment section!