Full Compilation List of K-Pop Artists’ Friendship Will Make You Think They Are In a Relationship!


Solo Artist Henry and F(X)’s Amber


Amber and Henry are so close that people consider them not only good friends but like brother and sister. Both of them originally came from SM Entertainment and collaborated on songs, such as “Happy Holidays” and “1-4-3.”

The familiarity of f(x)’s Amber and Henry Lau seems to inspire envy among their fans. Moreover, the two artists are not native Korean citizens. Amber is of Taiwanese-American descent while Henry is from China. Their closeness often triggers news about the two of them having a special relationship. But the rumors were strongly denied by Amber and Henry while attending KBS2TV Happy Together.

Because of their closeness, both Amber and Henry have recognized each other’s ugliness. Not infrequently the two of them tease each other without feeling hurt by each other. If there is free time, they visit each other’s homes, even Amber claims to have cleaned Henry’s house.

BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL


It is no secret that close relations between YG Entertainment artists are often shown on various public occasions. One of them is the friendship between G-Dragon and CL. Equally acting as leaders in their respective groups, G-Dragon and CL naturally exchange ideas and thoughts. In fact, not infrequently both are involved in a joint music project, although sometimes not released to the public. In addition, they also have the same circle of friends abroad. Some time ago CL also attended G-Dragon’s solo concert.

On August 21st, 2017, G-Dragon, who just had his birthday on August 18th, did live streaming on Instagram. When in Korea it was 4 o’clock in the morning, GD admitted that he had difficulty sleeping. GD responded to one of the fans who asked about his proximity to CL.

“Do I like CL? Of course. Why? Do you not like CL? Did Chaerin do something wrong? Chaerin is a good child,” said G-Dragon. “I thought, she is the little sister closest to me, and the most annoying. Hehe… ” GD continued convincingly.

For one hour, GD did an Insta live in Korean. Many fans didn’t understand, asking him to use English. But GD thought that what he was talking about isn’t important. “What? I don’t answer in English because what I’m talking about isn’t important. This is nothing, guys,” G-Dragon said.

AB6IX’s Lee Dae-hwi and Solo Artist Jeon So-mi


M-net’s Produce 101 series program has spawned several top K-Pop groups, for example, I.O.I, Wanna One, Iz*One, and the last but not least X1 which will debut soon. I.O.I and Wanna One are called siblings because they both come from the same program. But it turns out, there are also members from both groups who are friendly friends, you know! They are Jeon So-mi and Lee Dae-hwi.

So-mi is the center of I.O.I, while Dae-hwi is the first center in the survival program Produce 101 Season 2. Their friendship began when a few years ago, Dae-hwi, who had just come from America to South Korea met So-mi who was also born in America, so they both matched well. Both of them also had time to go through bitter and sweet times when they were trainees together.

So-mi and Dae-hwi have been friends since they attended the same junior high school, Cheongdam Middle School. At that time, they were also trainees at JYP Entertainment who practiced and played together almost every day. When Dae-hwi followed the survival program Produce 101 season 2, So-mi always gave support to her best friend.

Super Junior’s Heechul and Solo Artist Son Dam-bi


Kim Hee-chul is famous for having many friends in the entertainment industry. Even one of Super Junior’s oldest members was dubbed as a social butterfly by the public because of the vastness of Kim Hee-chul’s friendships. Because his style is sometimes graceful, Kim Hee-chul also has many female friends, one of them is Son Dam-bi.

Son Dam-bi and Kim Hee-chul have known each other since they were trainees 15 years ago. So close, to the point that they told each other’s secrets. Son Dam-bi also says that Kim Hee-chul is the safest place for her.

“I have been very close to Kim Hee-chul since we were still trainees. Our friendship has been going on for about 15 years,” Son Dam-bi said. “Kim Hee-chul is the safest place for me. He usually takes me home if I’m very drunk.”

So close, Son Dam-bi thinks Kim Hee-chul is a gay lover. She thinks like that because Kim Hee-chul is very close to her but doesn’t have any feelings. Even, Kim Hee-chul’s appearance before debuting was as pretty as a girl’s. “The first time I met him, I was suspicious,” Son Dam-bi said. “I always thought he was someone from the “other” group (gay).”

Responding to Son Dam-bi, Kim Hee-chul said that he only showed interest in people he liked. So he could understand Son Dam-bi’s surprise at that time. When Son Dam-bi realizes that Kim Hee-chul isn’t gay, she begins to notice the type of woman Kim Hee-chul likes. It turns out that her best friend likes cute and younger women. Even a few times Son Dam-bi caught Kim Hee-chul looking at female idols. Son Dam-bi’s confession makes Kim Hee-chul nervous. Even Kim Hee-chul threatens his best friend to shut up, otherwise, he will leak the list of Son Dam-bi’s ex-boyfriends.

“Actually there are many celebrities that make Kim Hee-chul interested. He also likes young female idols,” Son Dam-bi said. “Stop or I’ll tell everyone about your boyfriends,” Kim Hee-chul threatened.

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