K-Movie Review A Father And Son Action Movie Starring Shin Ha-kyun and Lee Min-ho, Running Man (2013)

K-Movie Review Running Man (2013)
Running Man Korean Movie

Let’s take a peek at the 2013 South Korean action movie Running Man!

With an interesting and absolutely not boring storyline, this film is directed by Cho Dong-jo and is the first 20th Century Fox movie produced by and invested in Korean film history. Are you curious about the storyline and the actors/actresses who play a role in this movie? Let’s find out more about this movie Running Man!


Running Man Korean Movie

Running Man is an action movie released in 2013. The movie tells the story of Cha Jong-woo (Shin Ha-kyun), who once had a reputation as a ‘runaway expert’, is now a car center employee during the day and a call expert at night. It’s also neglected by Ki-hyuk (Lee Min-ho), an 18-year-old son earned by the ‘speed scandal’ at a young age.

One day, an incident occurs when a jackpot customer who wants to pay a lot of money is found dead in a car. There is no place to hide, no place to hide, no place to believe!

However, the more He try to take off his name, the more the situation gets more and more, and Jong-woo is chased not only by the police but also by an unknown organization. Meanwhile, reporter Park Sun-young (Jo Eun-ji), who smelled the scoop in the case of Jong-woo, missed Jong-woo and founded the honorary leader Ahn Sang-ki (Kim Sang-ho) and Ki-hyuk, son of Jong-woo, who is the owner of a genius brain who doesn’t believe in more than anyone else and started to chasing Jong-woo.

Jong-woo has become a fugitive who is now attracting attention from the nation in a situation where even his son does not believe. When the people around him lose their lives, Jong-woo, who has no place to retreat, prepares for a counterattack.

This is the first film produced and invested by Fox in the 20th century for the first time in Korean film history. it was released in theaters on April 4th, 2013, and distributed by Fox both domestically and worldwide. In the first week, It opened at number one at the South Korean box office, grossing a total of US $3,317,529. even though ‘Running Man’ fell to third place in its second week, behind the premieres of Fists of Legend and Oblivion. It has grossed a total of US $8,873,200. According to a trade magazine film based in Hong Kong, Film Business Asia, they gave the film a three out of ten ratings, referring to it as “over-played and under-written action marathon quickly wears out its welcome.”

Behind the scenes, when Cha Jong-woo (Shin Ha-kyun) was chased by a group of people. Many dangerous scenes were performed by Shin Ha-kyun himself without the help of a stunt man, for the sake of the totality of his acting in this movie.


The success of the movie Running Man is certainly inseparable from the hard work of the players to portray each character as well as possible. Let’s check out the actors and actresses who played a role in Running Man.

Shin Ha-kyun as Cha Jong-woo

He is a misbehaving prisoner who has been in and out of prison for all sorts of a misdemeanor. He is now paying off his criminal life and working faithfully in a care center at night. It’s just rich because they have a good conversation with their son. Even if a son calls his son’s teacher, he tells him to handle the rules without blinking his eyes. One day, he picks up a man in a suit who checks out all of Colby, and when he dies, he rusts himself. After that, he tries to escape the cops who are chasing him and escapes by using his escape skills from his days in the crime.

Lee Min-ho (also known as Lee Tae-ri) as Cha Gi-hyuk

There is an 18-year-long age difference between his father and him. Cha Jong-woo actually ended up with him by an accident. For him, Jong-woo is not a father, but a 30-year-old Cha Jong-woo who was cut off from school. One day, he starts getting suspicious of Jong-woo, who is washing his bloody clothes in the bathroom, and when the police come into the house, he grasps the seriousness of the situation and confronts Sun-young and the above to start to understand the truth of the incident. In addition, he hears a story about his mother who had never been curious about him while trying to get out of pursuits every day with Jong-woo. Everything starts to change rapidly.

Jo Eun-ji as Park Sun-young

In the early stages, she showed a typical breeze habit of snooping at a police station and sneaking up the information while deceiving the above information.

Kim Sang-ho as Ahn Sang-ki

Detective Richard Ma’s murder case and Jong-woo were undergraduate students at the same school. At first, he thinks that Jong-woo killed Richard Ma, but later finds out that Jin-beom is the actual killer, along with Sun-young and Cha Gi-hyuk.

Joo-hyun as Pastor Moon
A pastor who cares for the rich man and the rich man Ki-hyuk, he is stabbed by an intruder who is targeting Jong-woo. Jong-woo hastily picked him up and went to the hospital, but he died shortly after getting on the way to the hospital.


Kim Eui-sung as Director Kim
The final boss of this film, the man of the world, and the person who started everything,
was is also the head of the External Affairs Team of the National Intelligence Service.


Nam Kyung-eup as Richard Ma
Jackpot guest suddenly appeared in Jong-woo’s car, check all the Colby checks to see if it was very urgent and there was no cash. However, Jong-woo was accused of murder while he was away for a while. He is at the center of all events.


Han Soo-yeon as Kim Ga-yeon
Ki-hyuk’s birth mother and child immigrated to a foreign country, where she remarried a man she met and gave birth to a daughter.


Oh Jung-se as Jang Do-sik
Pastor Moon’s acquaintance finds out that Jong-woo, who visits them one day and asks for a strange request, is a killer who is being pursued by the police. Later, knowing that he was framed, he clears the annoying tone and truly helps them.
Although this movie was released more than seven years ago, it is still very suitable to watch now. The actors and actresses involved in this movie are also many who are increasingly developing their wings in the South Korean film industry. The acting skills of each actor and actress are also certainly developing and better than before, so let’s keep supporting them and look forward to their films and dramas in the future. Don’t forget to watch this movie Running Man if you haven’t already watched it. Have a nice movie night!