Popular Radio Streaming With K-Idol Groups As The DJs

NCT Johhny and Jaehyun

Let’s Take a Look at Some K-Idol Groups as Radio DJs Here!

K-pop idols are always performers who have a lot of talent, whether you’re talking about singing, dancing, modelling, or even broadcasting a radio show, as well! Some K-Pop idols are also getting to experience being radio show DJs, and they are becoming audience favorites. Through this article, Byeol Korea will explain the details about that, so stay tuned!

Basically, these K-Pop idols have been chosen to be DJs for certain radio shows. They broadcast various famous radio shows, each with their own concepts. Even though there are other K-Pop idols who became DJs that we’re not going to talk about, here are some of people’s favorites!

MBC ShimShimTapa with Super Junior Shin-dong

Let’s start with Super Junior’s Shindong, while he was involved with MBC’s ShimShimTapa! Through that appearance, Shindong was turning into a DJ! Shindong has started his DJ career on ShimShimTapa in April 2008. For the ShimShimTapa name, its English translation is “Stop the boring time.”

Just like the program’s name, ShimShimTapa has a concept of being a Radio Show to ‘wipe’ the boring time out with small talk or discussion, which is led by Super Junior’s Shindong as a DJ. Not only that, Shindong also invited some guest stars to playing certain games with him in order to “stop the boring time”!

Since there have been a lot of special guest stars who have visited MBC ShimShimTapa, one of the favorite special guest stars was Super Junior M! That episode also marked Shindong’s 6th anniversary as ShimShimTapa‘s DJ. The Super Junior M members came and played some games along with Shindong!

For one of the memorable moments during MBC ShimShimTapa with Super Junior’s Shindong, it was when Super Junior was becoming the guest star! Even though Super Junior’s sub-unit, Super Junior M, once appeared as the guest, it still felt different because Shindong was one of the Super Junior members! At that time, Shindong jokingly said that Super Junior was famously known for having fun and making some noise, as well!

You can watch some of the ShimShimTapa episodes on YouTube! Unfortunately, after 6 years being the show’s DJ, Shindong stepped down from ShimShimTapa in 2014 due to his needing to fulfill his military enlistment. He was replaced by the male singer Jung Joon-young.

KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio

There’s also KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio, which was broadcast by Super Junior’s members! KBS Kiss Radio had the concept of focusing the content with K-Pop music mostly, and they also brought several famous K-Pop idols as their hosts. Super Junior were some of the hosts.

Even though all of the members were on the show, Lee-teuk, Eun-hyuk, Ryeo-wook, Yesung, and Sung-min were mostly seen as the DJs. The show was broadcast for almost ten years. It became extremely popular since it was the longest-running radio show broadcast by K-Pop idols!

One of the special guest stars on the show was EXO, an event which was EXO’s first time appearance on the radio show with the group’s full membership! During that episode, EXO-K and EXO-M members were gathering together. All of the EXO members and the DJs spent a lot of happy time during the show, while they talked about EXO’s current activities at the time, and their new albums. Then they did a mission, or a game, together!

For the memorable moments during KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio, one of them was about Super Junior’s Ryeowook and EXO’s D.O! On the same episode where EXO visited the show, Ryeowook and D.O sang a duet. Since both of them were famously known with their great vocal skills, they gave a great performance of Missing You by Fly To The Sky.

Not only that, both Ryeowook and D.O were getting emotional within their singing performance. It made the other EXO members shed a few tears due to the touching moment!

Meanwhile, KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio could be heard from a live streaming broadcast!

SBS YoungStreet Radio with Super Junior Heechul

Super Junior’s Heechul also used to be famously known as the DJ for SBS Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet Radio! He broadcasted the show for a year and three months, from 2010 until 2011. Even though Heechul’s DJ era passed since a couple years ago, his appearance through SBS YoungStreet Radio has become one of the most favorite among K-Pop idols!

Previously, Heechul also appeared as a DJ in 200,6 along with Park Hee-von, through Young Street Radio, then, several years later, he came back to the show with his own radio show! Since SBS Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet Radio was a part of SBS Power FM, then the show could be heard through the syndication with local Korean FM stations, such as HLDG-FM in Busan, HLDE-FM in Daegu, and many more.

Basically, the Radio Show concept was kind of the K-Pop music radio station. Heechul also talked about a lot of things that related to K-Pop idols, and also he was visited by various K-Pop idols as guest stars on his show. One of the memorable moments from Heechul’s appearance as a DJ, which also becoming his fans’ favorite on SBS Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet Radio, was when the SoccerChul appeared!

During his broadcasting session, Heechul was suddenly playing soccer! Wearing his own jersey, he was playing around and doing some soccer techniques, as well. During that episode, Heechul talked about Korean soccer, which also made him play the game at that time. That’s why his fans were called him as SoccerChul, for his soccer appearance in that radio show!

And also, there’s one of the special guest in SBS Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet Radio, it was 4Minute! Even though they’re also K-Pop idols who became the guest stars on that show, 4Minute’s appearance gained attention since they were joking around along with Heechul!

When the 4Minute members came to the show, all of them were simultaneously bowing to Heechul, since he was known as the senior singer in the world of K-Pop idols at that time. Not only that, the group also jokingly said that their first impression toward Heechul was full of fear! Then Heechul replied to the joke by posing in front of camera with his two sides: Angelic Heechul and Devilish Heechul!

MBC Jong-hyun Blue Night Radio

There’s also Kim Jong-hyun as one of the favorite K-Pop idols’ DJ session! He appeared as a DJ through MBC Jong-hyun Blue Night Radio, broadcasting the show for just over three years. He was the DJ from February 2014 until April 2017. During his performance as a DJ, Jong-hyun was famously known for his sincerity while he communicated with his listeners!

Basically, MBC Jong-hyun Blue Night Radio consisted of music-related content. No wonder, the reason why MBC has choosen Jong-hyun to be a DJ in MBC Blue Night Radio was because of Jong-hyun’s dedication and passion for music. During his performance as the DJ, Jong-hyun was often revealed that he loved the radio show, and loved to talk about music!

One of the memorable moments from the show was when SHINee’s Minho suddenly surprised Jong-hyun by visiting him on the last day of his broadcast of the show! While Jong-hyun was broadcasting the show, Minho came to him and hugged him tightly. Not only that, the moment made Jong-hyun burst into tears!

Minho also explained that since it was Jong-hyun’s last broadcast, and he has been received a lot of letters and gifts, he decided to gave him a pack of tissue as a gift instead. It was a soft tissue, because Jong-hyun’s skin was precious according to Minho’s statement. Then Jong-hyun burst into laughter while he wiped off his tears with the tissue.

One of the special guest stars in MBC Jong-hyun Blue Night Radio was Red Velvet, which is also Jong-hyun’s junior group in SM Entertainment! Even though Red Velvet’s Joy didn’t make an appearance at that time, the rest of the members happily appeared together along with Jong-hyun on the show.

Jong-hyun and Red Velvet talked about a lot of things, such as what Red Velvet was doing while the midnight, how they’d spent their days, and much more! Not only that, they also spent two hours broadcasting the show while listening to music and joking around together!

The broadcasts could be heard through MBC Mini app, as well.

MBC Idol Radio with BTOB Ill-hoon

Next is BTOB’s Ilhoon and his appearance as a DJ through MBC Idol Radio! The show was broadcast for a year in Ilhoon’s era, from 2018 until 2019. For the concept, just like the title of the program, MBC Idol Radio was mostly discussing any topics which also related to K-Pop idols!

Through the radio show, BTOB’s Ilhoon connected with various K-Pop idols, he also connected with producers as his guest stars for the show. One of the special guests from MBC Idol Radio in Ilhoon’s era was his groupmate, BTOB’s Chang-sub! In that episode, Ilhoon appeared inan Olaf character costume, while Chang-sub appeared in a Christmas tree costume!

Once Chang-sub was walking around with the costume, Ilhoon burst into laughter! Meanwhile, Chang-sub was standing up and did some poses for a photoshoot. And finally, Ilhoon and Chang-sub were standing next to each other while shaking each other’s hands. Both of them were broadcasting the show together when Ilhoon has becoming the DJ and Chang-sub was the gues star.

One of the memorable moments from the show was when Ilhoon called the other BTOB members on his first-month anniversary as MBC Idol Radio‘s DJ! In November 2018, Ilhoon celebrated the anniversary, and decided to call each of the BTOB members during the radio show.

There was a mission where Ilhoon had to make his fellow members say, “I’ll buy it for you“. However, at first Min-hyuk and Peniel didn’t asnwer the calls, but Chang-sub, Hyun-sik, and Seung-jae all answered their phone calls. During the mission, Ilhoon was talking to them and asking them to buy some stuff. Finally, Hyun-sik and Seung-jae gave them the right phrase, “I’ll buy it for you,” even though Seung-jae had known right away that Ilhoon was doing a mission in that phone call!

And also, MBC Idol Radio was watchable through the Naver V Live, as well!

SBS NCT Night Night

NCT also used to make their appearance as a radio show DJ through SBS NCT Night Night! Some members of NCT, such as Doyoung, Johnny, and Jaehyun became the DJs for the show, which was broadcasted from 2017 until 2019. The show was part of SBS Power FM, so the concept was about a K-Pop music radio station, which also could be accessed through local Korean stations, as well.

Some of the special guest stars from NCT Night Night Radio Show were EXID, MONSTA X, PENTAGON, The Boyz, and also Oh My Girl’s unit, BANHANA! All of them were special guests since they were featured on the spring special broadcast, which also broadcasted for five days! All of those K-groups were invited to the show, and they were able to communicate with their fans at that time through the live radio broadcast!


How about one of the memorable moment from SBS NCT Night Night? It was on the episode where Johnny’s Mom suddenly called him while he was on the show. At that time, Johnny was looking surprised, yet happy at the same time. Then Johnny’s mom was confessing her thoughts about Johnny becoming a DJ!

Meanwhile, people could access the radio show through live streaming broadcasts, as well.


EBS Listen FM with Soloist Chung-ha

Last, but not least, there’s Chung-ha and her appearance as a DJ in EBS Listen FM! She  worked as a DJ from 2017 until 2019. Since September 2017, she replaced Kisum as the DJ in EBS Listen FM. Basically, the concept of the radio show was a type of healing radio program, which also provided open discussion where Chung-ha was listening to her listeners’ stories among the teenagers and young-adult concerns, then she also gave some advice and comfort towards her listeners, as well!

Meanwhile, one of the special guests from EBS Listen FM in Chung-ha’s period was the famous duo MXM! They were the guests for the segment ‘I Want To Know That Idol’. Through that episode, both of the MXM members were revealed and told series about their teenage years. Not only that, they were also talking about their comeback preparation at that time!

There’s also the memorable moments from EBS Listen FM, as well! Even though most of the episodes were really memorable, one of them was during a segment where Chung-ha was surprised by her former groupmate in IOI, Kim So-hye! At that time, Chung-ha was playing the IOI song Downpour for the listeners. She revealed that she was never fine while singing the song, and the song always brought back memories.

Suddenly, there was a call for her while she was on the air; It was Kim So-hye! Chung-ha was greeting her happily through the call, and asked her why she suddenly called. So-hye replied that since it was Chung-ha’s first broadcast at that time, she wanted to support and cheer her on.


You can find some sneak-peek episodes of EBS Listen FM on its YouTube Channel! EBS Listen FM could be heard through a smartphone application by the name of Bandi!

That was all of the information about some of our favorite radio show DJs among K-Pop idols! Since all of them were such perfect DJs for their own radio programs, we can see that K-Pop idols can turn into professional DJs, as well! Let’s always support all of their careers, and comment down below about which one was your favorite among those K-Pop idols’ radio shows!