K-Drama Throwback The Love Triangle Involving a Human and an Angel In Hi! School Love On

Hi School Love On
Hi School Love On

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Byeol Korea has come back with another K-drama Throwback! This time, the drama has a fantasy – teenager – love theme, and is called Hi! School: Love On! The drama was quite popular since the cast included a lot of famous idols, such as INFINITE’s Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol, Kim Sae-ron, Cho Yeon-woo, and many more! In this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details, so keep on reading!

For those of you crave fantasy dramas, you might already be familiar with Hi! School: Love On! This famous drama is about the love story between  humans and a grim reaper, and the story line was quite simple yet attractive at the same time! Do you miss this drama? Let’s get into a beautiful throwback with Hi! School: Love On, here!

Synopsis of Hi! School: Love On

Hi School Love On

Let’s get started with the synopsis of Hi! School: Love On, right here! The drama was kind of a fantasy drama, where the story was about the love triangle between two boys and a beautiful girl who actually was a grim reaper. The boys are Shin Woo-hyun (played by Nam Woo-hyun) and Hwang Sung-yeol (played by Lee Sung-yeol), and the grim reaper was named Lee Seul-bi (played by Kim Sae-ron). Even though she was a grim reaper, she was still a kind girl.

It all started when Lee Seul-bi accidentally saved Shin Woo-hyun from falling off a roof, when actually she was supposed to take his life, instead. Because of that, Lee Seul-bi was punished, she was turned into a human. Lee Seul-bi was living with Shin Woo-hyun, and as time went by, after all of their togetherness, they started to fall in love with each other.

Unfortunately, it was kind of a love triangle. Hwang Sung-yeol, a former classmate and also Shin Woo-hyun’s stepbrother, also had a crush on her. He got jealous every time he saw Lee Seul-bi with Shin Woo-hyun. Because Lee Seul-bi saved Shin Woo-hyun, who was a human, she was given the choice about whether she wanted to keep being human or be turned back into grim reaper. She was in a dilemma, but for her love towards Shin Woo-hyun, Lee Seul-bi chose to be a human.

On one occasion, after saving Shin Woo-hyun’s life again, Lee Seul-bi got amnesia. While she had amnesia, she became attracted to Hwang Sung-yeol. It didn’t last long, only until Shin Woo-hyun helped her accidentally, and, at the same time, Lee Seul-bi suddenly got back her memories and remembered Shin Woo-hyun. Finally, Hwang Sung-yeol was willing to let go of Lee Seul-bi for Shin Woo-hyun.

Official Poster and Scenes From Hi! School: Love On

Let’s take a look at the official poster and some scenes from Hi! School: Love On here!

Hi School Love On
Hi School Love On

Cast of Hi! School: Love On

now that we’ve talked about the plot of Hi! School: Love On, let’s throwback with the cast of the drama, as well! Here are some of the main character in Hi! School: Love On!

Kim Sae-ron as Lee Seul-bi

Kim Sae-ron was cast as Lee Seul-bi. She used to be an angel, and also a grim reaper. Her assignment was to take humans lives. However, she when she was supposed to take Shin Woo-hyun’s life, she ended up helping him. Then she was punished by becoming a human, and eventually fell in love with Shin Woo-hyun.

Nam Woo-hyun as Shin Woo-hyun

Nam Woo-hyun was cast as Shin Woo-hyun. He met with Lee Seul-bi for the first time when she was saving his life. Since then, the became really close and fell in love with each other. However, Shin Woo-hyun’s stepbrother, Hwang Sung-yeol, was also in love with Lee Seul-bi, which also caused their relationship became worse.

Lee Sung-yeol as Hwang Sung-yeol

Lee Seung-yeol was cast as Hwang Sung-yeol. He was Lee Seul-bi and Shin Woo-hyung’s classmate, and became his stepbrother, as well. He was a smart and popular guy in school, and he was fell in love with Lee Seul-bi. But his love was unrequited, because Lee Seul-bi was in love with Shin Woo-hyun.

Casts Interview

Watch the press conference for Hi! School: Love On here!

Watch one of the interviews with the Hi! School: Love On cast here!


In one interview, the main cast of Hi! School: Love On talked about their scenes during the drama. Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol from INFINITE were talking about their romantic scenes along with Kim Sae-ron. Nam Woo-hyun revealed that for him, personally, it might be good if there were more affectionate scenes between the characters Hwang Seung-yeol and Lee Seul-bi, but since it was teen drama, a light kiss might be right for them.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung-yeol also talked about the romantic scene between him and Kim Sae-ron. He explained that he didn’t really think about skinship nowadays between teenagers, and a proper amount of skinship might be the best for their character in Hi! School: Love On as.

Soundtrack of Hi! School: Love On

Here are some soundtrack recommendations from Hi! School: Love On. Don’t forget to add them to your playlist!

Too Good by Jung Gi-go and Boyfriend No Min-woo

First, there’s Too Good from Jung Gi-go and Boyfriend’s No Min-woo! With their soft, calm voices,, we are simply in love with the song! Moreover, from the lyrics translation we could conclude that the song was related with Shin Woo-hyung’s feelings towards Lee Seul-bi!

You’re too much for me

You’re too good to me

Everyone can see you’re beautiful 

Everyone wants you, I can’t believe you’re my girl

What My Heart Wants To Say by Lel and Fiestar Linzy

Next, we have What My Heart Wants to Say, from Lel and Fiestar’s Linzy! From the lyrics translation, we could relate the song with Hwang Sung-yeol’s feeling towards Lee Seul-bi. Even though he made her fall in love with him, it wasn’t that easy. And he ended up willingly letting go of Lee Seul-bi.

So many things happened so far there were times when things were hard and tiring

Love is so hard for us

I’m sorry“.

Chocolate Cherry Night by Mad Clown and Yozoh

Last, but not least, we have Chocolate Cherry Night, from Mad Clown and Yozoh! If you were reading the lyrics translation, you could relate the song with the cheerful love between Lee Seul-bi and Shin Woo-hyun!

Then let’s see each other the day after tomorrow

I want to lace my fingers with yours, I want to hold your hand

It’s a happy obsession, I think of you all day”.

That was our throwback session with the K-drama Hi! School: Love On! Even though the drama is over, the story line was good enough to be rewound all over again and become one of your favorite series, as well! Moreover, for INFINITE’s fans, it was such a great throwback for them to see some of INFINITE members Nam Woo-hyun and Lee Sung-yeol through their roles, as well!

Byeol Korea has introduced you Hi! School: Love On, so don’t forget to share your thoughts about the drama, the characters, or the soundtrack, and kindly leave a comment down below!