K-Drama Review School 2017 is a Teenage Drama About Problems with Love and School

School 2017 K-Drama

Find Out More About Kim Se-jong Cute Role In School 2017

Kim Se-jeong is a Korean K-Pop idol and member of Gugudan. She was selected as the second winner on the famous idol survival show Produce 101. Her active and cheerful personality made her a fan favorite and earned her positions as a host member in many variety shows. Her easygoing character catapulted her popularity, and made her famous not only among young viewers but also with uncle fans.

Kim Se-jeong made her first appearance in a K-drama by taking on the female leading role in the popular coming-of-age drama, KBS2’s School 2017. She performed the role of a kind and introverted young girl who dreams of becoming a comic artist. She faced many hardships because of her kind personality, however, she got help from two handsome friends who have opposite characters.

Let’s find out more about Kim Se-jeong’s drama debut in School 2017. In this article, Byeol Korea will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!

School 2017 Review

School 2017 K-Drama

School 2017 is a Korean drama that aired from July 17 to September 5, 2017, on KBS. The drama was broadcast every Monday and Tuesday, and was the seventh installment of KBS2’s school-based drama series. Kim Se-jeong, the female leading role, made her first appearance in the drama, and it earned her the 2017 KBS Drama Awards and 2017 The Seoul Awards for Best New Actress and Best Popular Actress.

School 2017 portrayed the hardship that every Korean high school student faces in their daily life. They have to deal with school exams, bullies, adolescence, and their love life. Ra Eun-ho, played by Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong, is a charming and friendly high school student that dreams of becoming a successful comic artist. She was accused of being their high school trouble maker, and the accusation made her dream of studying in art in college at risk. Fortunately, she got help from her best friends, Song Dae-hwi and Hyun Tae-woon. Apparently, Song Dae-hwi and Hyun Tae-woon wanted more than just friends, and competed against each other to win Ra Eun-ho’s attention.

Kim Se-jeong and Kim Jung-hyun on-off relationship between being best friends and something more is very entertaining and funny. They needed each other as friends but he got fierce competition in the form of the good-looking and seemingly-perfect boy, Jang Dong-yoon. The love triangle between the main characters is very funny and well worth watching.

School 2017 The Cast

Kim Se-Jeong as Ra Eun-ho

Ra Eun-ho is a talented high school girl that dreams of becoming a comic artist. However, in the school, she always comes in last in terms of study and ranks. Her dream is to study in arts college in Seoul National University and marry her college lover.

Jang Dong-yoon as Song Dae-hwi

He is the perfect model of a smart and handsome high school student. He was elected as the leader of the student council and extremely popular. In school he was famous, but in his house his parent’s didn’t pay attention at him at all. He hid his problems at home underneath his bright and friendly character.

Kim Jung-hyun as Hyun Tae-woon

Hyun Tae-woon is a problematic student with  bad record and bad behavior. He studied in the United States before being transferred to his current high school. Nobody was eager to hold him accountable for his behavior since his father was a member of their high school foundation.

Han Sun-hwa as Han Soo-ji

Han Soo-ji is a policewoman that was assigned to the school after making a mistake in handling a criminal case. As a result of her mistake, she was in the position to deal with problems at the high school.

Han Joo-wan as Shim Kang-myung

He graduated from a famous university and decided to teach high school. He has a crush on the policewoman, Han Soo-ji.

School 2017 The Soundtrack

OST Part 1

Title                      : Believe in This Moment

Release date         : July 17, 2017

Lyrics                    : Shim Hyun-bo

Music                   : Choi Min-chang

Artist                    : Gugudan

Length                  : 03:16


Believe in This Moment has a strong J-pop influence. It starts with strong rock guitar riff, followed by easy listening and a head banging tune. Believe in This Moment is fit to listen to when someone is feeling down and needs something to raise their mood.

The song tells about the first meeting between a young girl and the crush that she had been waiting for. The girl wants to be the best person for the man, and be the one that supports him.

OST Part 2

Title                      : Thrilling Summer Day

Release date          : July 24, 2017

Lyrics                    : Shim Hyun-bo

Music                   : Choi Min-chang and others

Artist                    : Yozoh

Length                  : 03:29


Thrilling Summer Day is a mid-tempo mellow pop ballad. The lyrics are about a girl spending her time daydreaming about her crush.

OST Part 3

Title                      : Going Home

Release date          : July 31, 2017

Lyrics                    : Kang Woo-kyung

Music                   : Jung Sung-am

Artist                    : Tarin

Length                  : 03:24


Singer-songwriter Tarin participated in the third part of School 2017 OST. Her voice gave an emotional and inspiring feeling to Going Home. An addition of acoustic guitar gave warmth and harmony to her beautiful voice. The song told about a place called home, where everybody can find comfort and relax to soothe their thrilling hearts.

OST Part 4

Title                      : Stay In My Life

Release date         : August 7, 2017

Lyrics                    : Park Geun-cheol and others

Music                   : Park Geun-cheol and others

Artist                    : Taeil, Taeyong and Doyoung of NCT

Length                  : 03:15


SM Entertainment’s NCT (Taeil, Taeyong and Doyoung) participated in making Stay in My Life. The song is about the medicine for each teenager’s problems, pain, and hardship. During their difficult adolescent life, friends are always the best medicine to relieve the pain. The famous music producer Park Geun-cheol has a lot of experience in making OSTs for K-dramas, and specializes in making romantic ballads.

OST Part 5

Title                      : Reaching To You

Release date         : August 8, 2017

Lyrics                    : Lee Sang-joon and others

Music                   : Lee Sang-joon and others

Artist                    : Maktub

Length                  : 03:34


Reaching to You is about the sadness in Tae-woon’s life. He needed someone to talk to and be friends with him. Touching You started with a lonely piano melody and progressed with heightened and structured musical instruments. Maktub’s voice defined the sadness in Taewon’s lonely life.

OST Part 6

Title                      : I Pray 4 You

Release date         : August 14, 2017

Lyrics                    : MATHI and others

Music                   : Park Geun-cheol and others

Artist                    : Bomi and Namjoo of APINK

Length                  : 03:50


Apink’s Bomi and Namjoo’s voices gave a youthful innocence to I Pray 4 You. The song is designed for friends, lovers, family, and anyone to teach about the power of prayer. The strong lyrics and the melancholic tune were produced by music director Park geun-cheol.

School 2017 OST

Release Date        : September 4, 2017

Agency                 : Warner Music Korea

Publisher              : Leon Korea

No. Song Title Artist
1. I Believe In This Moment Gugudan
2. Thrilling Summer Day Yozoh
3. Going Home Tarin
4. Stay In My Life Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung of NCT
5. I Wish Maktub
6. I Pray 4 You Apink BnN
7. School Symphony, Op. 1 Various Artists
8. Cry For The Teens Various Artists
9. Student X Various Artists
10. Drone Various Artists
11. Suspect Various Artists
12. Vacation Various Artists
13. Fly Piano Various Artists

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch School 2017

  1. The love triangle between Kim Se-jeong, Kim Jung-hyun, and Jang Dong-yoon. Kim Se-jeong is a good friend of Kim Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon’s. Both of the leading men have totally different characters. It is very interesting to see who is the one that stays beside Kim Se-jeong at all time.
  2. Kim Se-jeong’s drama debut. Kim Se-jeong is a multi-talented idol. She can sing, dance, and entertain people in variety shows, and she excels at all of it. Acting was a new thing for Kim Se-jeong, and she has a good talent in acting, as well.
  3. Han Joo-wan and Han Sun-hwa’s love story. Both of them are very smart and talented people in their fields. It is funny to see their romantic relationship among their daily activities.
  4. Easy Listening OST. The School 2017 OST is one of the most complete drama OSTs. Its genres range from K-Pop, J-Pop, and romantic ballads. Listening the beautiful melodies of the School 2017 OST while watching the romance among the leading actors is very calming and soothing.
  5. Understanding the real problems that every Korean high school student faces in their daily school life. Koreans are very competitive in every aspect. High school is one of the most difficult periods for every Korean. Their grades will decide whether they can continue their studies at a prestigious university and have a big impact on deciding their futures.

That was all the information about KBS’s School 2017. Don’t forget to share your opinion about Kim Se-jong’s cute role in the comment section below.