K-Drama Review A Romantic-Comedy Starring Sung Hoon And Han Bo-reum In Level Up

K-Drama Level Up
K-Drama Level Up

Find Out More About Sung Hoon Romantic-Comedy Drama Level Up

Level Up is short romantic-comedy drama performed by handsome actor Sung Hoon and beautiful actress, Han Bo-reum. The drama is sweet and lovely, focusing on the dedication of a game developer, performed by Han Bo-reum. She was helped by a stiff and emotionless director that hated games but had a talent improving companies. Level Up was carefully planned, and is perfect with for K-Drama lovers that prefer short, but memorable dramas.

In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about Level Up, the romantic-comedy drama played by Sung Hoon and Han Bo-reum. So stay tuned!

Level Up Review

K-Drama Level Up

Sung Hoon performed the role of a director at Yoosung CRC, Ahn Dan-te. His role specializes in improving and reshaping companies. His work comes first, before everything else. He never expresses any feelings, and he is determined to make his work complete. Ahn Dan-te noticed that one of his companies, Joybuster, was on the verge of bankruptcy. He went to the company and started the reshaping project as the company’s CEO.

Shin Yeon-hwa is the game developer department head at Joybuster. She manages and develops new games for her company. She is determined to make a good game, and wants to satisfy the new CEO. However, both Shin Hyeon-hwa and Ahn Dan-te are always in awkward positions, and argue with each other on every topic almost instantly.

At the end of the drama, everything was in its place. Ahn Dan-te managed to direct Joybuster to the correct path, and their latest game was crowned the game of the year. Ahn Dan-te left the company after everything went well, and Shin Yeon-hwa was selected as Joybuster’s CEO. Ahn Dan-te and Shin Yeon-hwa said farewell in a very brief manner. However, in the last scene of episode 12, Shin Yeon-hwa and Ahn Dan-te accidentally met with each other. Ahn Dan-te discovered that he still had feelings for her. Will the two of them develop a romantic relationship, or say their last farewell?

Level Up The Cast

Sung Hoon plays the role of Ahn Dan-te; he is the director of Yuseong CRC. The company is specialized in reshaping and restructuring collapsing companies. He was assigned to restructure a fallen game company. He strives to do his best, even though gaming is something that he hates. He has a special talent in transforming fallen companies into profit making companies. However, he managed his workers and employees with a ruthless manner. He was well known for having strict rules and a hot-tempered personality. After meeting and interacting with Yeon Hwa, Ahn Dan-te becomes a totally different person.


Han Bo-reum is the leader of the gaming company Joybuster Development, Shin yeon-hwa. Her career in the company takes a better turn after several resignations from higher positions. At first, she thought Ahn Dan-te was company owner, but it turned out that he would be the next CEO. She has great talent in designing games and planning every aspect of a game, but she lacks the final touch in bringing the game into final product. Perhaps it was because of her inexperience in the company.

Han Boreum

Cha Sun-woo played the trainee at Yuseong CRC, Kwak Han-cheol. He decided to get a job after helping his father for quite a long time. He gave up his dream and his college education to pursue a career. By accident, he met Ahn Dan-te and Shin-yeon-hwa. He considered Ahn Dan-te as his career coach, while Shin Yeon-hwa as his lover.

Cha Sunwoo

Kang Byul is the CEO of a company that has been reshaped and restructured by Ahn Dan-te. The CEO, Bae Ya-che, is in love with Ahn Dan-te and wants to have a romantic relationship with the talented man. It was an unrequited love, because he has no romantic feelings for her. She became jealous of Shin Yeon-hwa because she thought that Shin Yeon-hwa was interested in Ahn Dan-te, too.

Kang Byul

Danny Ahn worked as the General Manager at Yuseong CRC, Park Gi-woo. He is the only son of the Yuseong Company owner. Because of his lack of talent in company management, he is satisfied with being general manager. As the right man of Ahn Dan-te, he chooses happiness over his career.

Danny Ahn

Level Up OST

No. Title Artist Length
1. “Walk Alone” Jeje 3:44
2. “Limpid Snow” Jeon Keonho 4:22
3. “Love Song” Kim Areum 3:53
4. “Walk Alone” (Inst.) 3:42


Love Song told a story about a woman that is secretly in love with a man. Both of them are close, but the woman wants more from their relationship. Little by little, she shows her affection to her crush.

Level Up Off-Screen Moments

Han Bo-reum gained attention for playing the leading female role in Level Up. The casting turned out to be a huge success. She was into her character as a dedicated game developer and game-maniac throughout the drama. However, there was a lack of chemistry between Sung Hoon’s character and Han Bo-reum’s character. Perhaps the drama put more attention on the development and ups and downs of Joybuster.

It is worth noticing that Han Bo-reum had good chemistry with her father character in the drama. She showed a lot of love and affection for her ailing father.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Level Up

  1. Sung Hoon’s character

Sung-hoon showed viewers that he is a good actor with top acting talent. His romantic, on and off relationship with Han Bo-reum is very entertaining.

2. Short and compact romantic-comedy drama

Level Up consisted of only 12 episodes, leaving the viewers wanting more of the actors. The director and screen writer made a good plot, so that even though the drama was short it contained enough twists and turns.

  1. Han Bo-reum’s first main role in a drama

That this was Han Bo-reum’s first female leading role is a sign that the producer and director trusted her acting talent. Her character is the norm character for the leading female role of almost every Korean drama, witty and smart. She managed to play the enthusiastic game developer Shin Yeon-hwa exceptionally well.

  1. Cha Sun-woo’s acting career

Cha Sun-woo is mainly known as Baro, the singer-rapper member of B1A4. After various involvements in dramas, he’s added another one by performing as the hardworking trainee. He received positive reviews for his acting in Level Up.

  1. Excellent plot

The writer made an excellent short drama that includes family-related problems, romantic relationships, and career struggle. Level Up is an all-in-one drama without too many unnecessary subplots.

That was all the information about the Korean drama Level Up. Sung Hoon’s collaboration with the talented actress Han Bo-reum is very entertaining and worth watching. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!