Check Out The Fantastic Virtual K-Pop Girl Group From League Of Legends K/DA Members And Their Live Performance!


Find Out More About The Virtual K-Pop Girl Group K/DA

In recent times, it is quite common for most people to be familiar with K-Pop, whether it as a girl group or a boy band. Especially, with the Korean Wave (Hallyu) expanding at a very fast rate worldwide. But, I bet nobody ever thought that there would be a virtual K-Pop girl group. For those of you who have no idea about that, here are some brief pieces of information for you: there’s a virtual K-Pop girl group named K/DA. Now, in this article, Byeol Korea will give you a detailed explanation of everything about the phenomenon, so stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

The virtual K-Pop girl group is very similar to the actual girl groups in real life. However, and this was to be expected, there are slight differences in physical appearance. The members of the virtual K-Pop girl group K/DA are all holograms and virtual visualizations, with their vocals being voiced by certain real female singers. And here are some of the things you should know about the virtual K-Pop girl group K/DA.

Virtual Idol Group From Mobile Games


K/DA is a virtual girl group famously known as the K-Pop girl group made by Riot Games. If you don’t know who Riot Games are, they are American game developers. K/DA also came up from a video game named League of Legends, also developed by Riot Games.

K/DA’s name also has its own concept. It came from the League of Legends game as well, holding the meaning for players’ Kills, Death, and Assist (KDA). Then, what about K/DA’s actual concept? As their developer, Riot Games made K/DA as a virtual K-Pop girl group due to their urge to make more musical content in the future, and as for the characters – they were chosen from the K-Pop archetypes.

Not only that, but K/DA also made the promotion for one of the products of Riot Games, namely League of Legends. Then, K/DA was also a sell-in game for the characters in League of Legends. The head of Riot Games’ music division also revealed that K/DA was the most involved music project they’ve ever done.

Even though K/DA is only a virtual K-Pop girl group, they have members and the group consists of four members. First, there is Ahri whose vocals are being voiced by (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon. Then there is Evelynn who is being voiced by Madison Beer. Kai’sa’s vocals are being voiced by Jaira Burns, and Akali’s vocals are voiced by (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon.

Meanwhile, K/DA made their debut on November 3rd, 2018, with their debut single “POP/STAR.” Their debut occurred at the 2018 World Championship opening ceremony. Not only that, but they also released the music video for “POP/STAR” on YouTube. “POP/STAR” is their bilingual debut single which consists of both English and Korean lyrics.

K/DA are also marked as a phenomenon that has achieved quite the cultural impact, especially after “POP/STAR” reached the number one position on the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales Chart in November 2018! Not only that, but the single sold 9.000 copies in the opening week, and entered a lot of high ranks on several music charts such as Pop Digital Song Sales, Digital Song Sales, and Apple Music’s K-Pop Chart!

Another proof that K/DA made a huge cultural impact is the fact that they have a massive fan base and many of them have already created fantastic fan-art of the group. Not only fan-art, but people are also using K/DA members as their cosplay inspiration. The fans of K/DA don’t come only from the League of Legends fandom, but also other people from all venues who might not be into the game, or K-Pop, or even gaming at all.

The Members


Just like the actual K-Pop girl groups, K/DA has members and the group consists of four members. The members are Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa, and Akali! All of the members’ visual appearances were made through virtual characters.

And now, let’s get to know better and closer each of the members of K/DA!


First of all, there’s Ahri! In the virtual visualization, Ahri is looking gorgeous with long blonde hair, and an appearance that is somewhat like that of a beautiful fox-woman. In K/DA, she holds the position of leader, main vocalist, and visual as well. In real life, Ahri’s voice was borrowed by (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon.

Ahri also has several nicknames such as Foxy and Gumiho. Not only she is a K/DA member, but Ahri has also become the face of FOXY Cosmetics, a fashion enthusiast, she even has her own brand of fragrance named Charmed. Due to her passion for fashion, she has also become a muse for a lot of fashion designers. No wonder, since Ahri’s interests are in fashion and beauty as well!

Ahri had a close friendship with Evelynn before they were united in the same girl group, K/DA. In 2013, Ahri was labeled as the most talented K-Pop artist from Pop Shine Awards, and she used to be voted as one of the most beautiful faces of Pop.


The next member of K/DA we are going to introduce is Evelynn! In K/DA, she is famously known as the lead vocalist and lead rapper. Meanwhile, in real life, she is voiced by Madison Beer. She also has several nicknames such as Siren and Eve. Evelynn is famously known for her great vocal skills, and also has released some singles such as “Agony’s Embrace” and “Ecstasy.”

If we take a look at her virtual visualization, Evelynn is looking stunning with her charismatic aura and the ‘bad-girl’ vibes as well! Not only that, but people also got curious about her mysterious diet and her workout routine because she has never revealed any information about that.

Evelynn used to be a solo singer, but later she was reconnected with Ahri. And also, she was kind of protective with certain people who were close to her. Another fun fact, Evelynn used to collect fast cars.


Next one, there’s Kai’sa from K/DA! In the group, Kai’sa is famously known as the main dancer and vocalist. And for her vocals in the real life, they are borrowed by Jaira Burns. Some of her nicknames are Bokkie and Soup Dumpling, while Ahri used to call her the dreamer of K/DA.

She also famously known for her great dancing skills. No wonder, she once won the Hong Kong’s Can You Dance? Award in 2018. Kai’sa is mostly known to spent time for hours doing K/DA’s choreography because she thought that every dance move must be shown with power.

Previously, Kai’sa has lived in ten different countries before she embarked on a journey to pursue her own dream to be a singer. That’s why she can speak several languages, such as Chinese, Korean, English, and Afrikaans.


Last but not least, there’s Akali from K/DA! She is the lead dancer, main rapper, vocalist, and also the maknae of the group. In real life, her vocals are borrowed by (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon. Akali’s nicknames are Rogue and Hip Hop Swordsman.

Akali was born in a martial arts dojo, but she left to pursue her own dream to be an artist. But she still knows how to use a kama. No wonder Akali can use mixed Martial Arts and combine them together for the beats of her rap lyrics. For her rap, she is famously known for the bold rap lyrics and kind of ninja-punk style as well.

Just like Kai’sa, Akali also used to live in various countries which also made her able to speak English, Korean, and Japanese. Not only that, she used to perform in the streets alongside the other street performers in certain cities that she has visited.

Live Performances & Music Videos

K/DA made their debut with the release of the single and music video of “POP/STAR” in November 2018. They also made their debut through the World’s Finals opening ceremony. The event was about the annual battle among the e-sport teams from all over the world.

During K/DA’s live performance, all of the ‘real’ members appeared as well, since K/DA isn’t really “real” but their vocals are voiced by several female singers like Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon and Soyeon! They sang together on the stage with their debut single “POP/STAR,” and obviously, the crowd made some noise due to their great performance!

For those of you who haven’t watched the music video of K/DA performing “POP/STAR,” here you go:

And here’s also the live stage performance of K/DA at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Championship:

Netizens Reactions

After people saw the live performance of K/DA at the opening ceremony of the 2018 World Championship, they became even more interested in K/DA. People also gave a lot of compliments and showed their interest in the virtual girl group. Moreover, K/DA was performing along with the hologram members which meant Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa, and Akali and also with their real vocals’ voice over Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon and Soyeon!

Not only that, but people also made their own dance version of the “POP/STAR” single from K/DA! They also made a cosplay with each of K/DA’s members outfits as well! And here are some of the “POP/STAR” dance covers from their fans:

That was all of the information about the magnificent virtual K-Pop girl group K/DA! Even though they aren’t exactly real, but the concept of the virtual girl group is really interesting and successfully made people be interested in them as well! Moreover, the cute virtual visualization and the great vocals by certain idols also made them gain a lot of attention. So, let’s keep supporting them and kinda hope to see a comeback from K/DA in the future!

Also, don’t forget to kindly share with us your thoughts and tell us about your favorite member from K/DA by dropping a line in the comment section below!