All You Need to Know About Dating and Relationship Between JYJ’s Jaejoong and Sandara Park


Jaejoong and Dara Are In a Relationship?

In the last few years, we were excited by the news about Jaejoong and Dara’s moment together in a concert. It was revealed that both met again after 10 years. Some even assumed that both are dating considering how close they seemed. So what happened between them? Byeol Korea will provide you with more details about their relationship, so stay tuned!

Jaejoong and Dara’s Dating Rumor

There was a rumor about Jaejoong and Dara being in a relationship. Some said that they saw them at a coffee shop together in 2013. A netizen posted about it, then it was commented and asked about the picture of it. Yet she said the picture she had was so blurry so she didn’t have any proof of it. Later, another netizen posted on me2day, “Dara and Hero Jaejoong are here at Amokka Café,” and then people started to believe in the rumor. Since then, many of their fans wrote fan-fictions about them. Their interactions were not spotted only there though.

Jaejoong and Dara’s Interactions

Even way before then, many fans have caught their interactions in 2009. It happened when both attended a music award show together, namely the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2009. DBSK, Jaejoong’s former group, won an award. Let’s watch the video below!

Did you get anything? Let’s see in the slow-motion video below!

Dara seems to steal a look from Jaejoong so many times while shyly smiling. At the end of the video, we can see some other speculations of them that we will talk about below.

Couple Stuff?

The most common about idol-couples is having couple stuff, like accessories and more. Jaejoong and Dara are the same. There are photos of them wearing stuff that look alike like bracelets, bags, etc. Check them out below!

Not only accessories, but they also had matching outfits too!

Jaejoong’s Sister’s Birds

Jaejoong’s sister took two new birds in her house. Their names are Dada and Rara and it was revealed that the one who gave them their names was Jaejoong himself! If we combine the names it will spell Da-Ra, alias Dara. Could it be a coincidence?

Dara with Jaejoong’s Dog?

Jaejoong has a new poodle dong and uploaded a picture of it on his social media. Dara also uploaded a picture of her playing with a poodle that looks like Jaejoong’s!

However, with all the speculations, nothing had been said nor cleared regarding the rumor.

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