All Facts and Truth About CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun in the Jung Joon-young Video Scandal!

Lee Jong-hyun

Find Out More About Lee Jong-hyun’s Scandal

People know Lee Jong-hyun as the guitarist and vocalist in the Korean rock band CNBLUE, which he’s been part of since it first debuted in 2009. But unfortunately, Lee Jong-hyun was reportedly involved in Jung Joon-young’s sexual harassment scandal a while ago. How did it happen? Byeol Korea will explain, so stay tuned!

The controversy started when Jung Joon-young was reportedly involved in a sexual harassment scandal, along with several other suspects who were all involved in a group chat together. Lee Jong-hyun’s name came up in a report that Lee Jong-hyun was also in the group chat. What happened next?

CNBLUE’s Lee Jong-hyun’s Involvement in the Jung Joon-young Video Scandal

Lee Jong-hyun

As already mentioned, Lee Jong-hyun was reportedly one of the suspects in Jung Joon-young’s sexual harassment scandal. Jung Joon-young was a perpetrator in a sexual harassment scandal, where he was secretly recording videos. The video was recorded using a hidden camera while Jung Joon-young was engaged in sexual activities with almost 10 girls. Afterward, he was spreading the video without the girls’ knowledge or consent through a group chat room. One of the former members of Big Bang, Seungri, and Lee Jong-hyun were two of the members of the group chat.

Involved in Their Group Chat

Who would have guessed that Lee Jong-hyun was involved in the group chat? People weren’t expecting that. At first, Lee Jong-hyun told his agency that he doesn’t really remember much about the conversations in the group chat. Then, after a screen capture of  chat between himself and Jung Joon-young was released by SBS, Lee Jong-hyun admitted that he was involved in those conversations.

Lee Jong-hyun admitted his fault. He said that he shouldn’t have had inappropriate sexual conversations, he shouldn’t have watched the videos, or talked about degrading women.

The Screencap Chat

Here’s the conversation between Lee Jong-hyun and Jung Joon-young in KakaoTalk:

Lee Jong-hyun scandal

Lee Jong-hyun: Yesterday I was with a girl, (hidden name)

Jung Joon-young: Great. You need to introduce her to me next time

Lee Jong-hyun: You have to send me a girl as soon as possible

Jung Joon-young: Who should I give you?

Lee Jong-hyun: If you knew someone who weren’t *** that would be great, but if there’s none, the most important thing that she was good at ***

Not only that, there was another message from Lee Jong-hyun to Jung Joon-young, about him asking for a girl.

Lee Jong-hyun: Did you have *** who was young, nice, and beautiful? One who was good at playing.

His Agency’s Statement

Eventually, Lee Jong-hyun’s agency, FNC Entertainment, made a statement about the  scandal. They admitted it was true, and said that Lee Jong-hyun already admitted his fault. FNC Entertainment also said that they weren’t trying to hide the truth about the scandal.

Previously, FNC Entertainment had released a statement saying that the scandal surrounding their idol wasn’t true, but the statement was made after they talked to Lee Jong-hyun about it for the first time. At that time, Lee Jong-hyun said that he didn’t really remember the conversations in the group chat since he had left that group a long time ago. That statement was why FNC Entertainment thought that the Lee Jong-hyun hadn’t been involved.

While Lee Jong-hyun was undergoing his military service, he remained under investigation. FNC Entertainment also revealed Lee Jong-hyun’s apologies to all of those victims, and said that he was really sorry and regretted his involvement.

Rumors About Sexually Harassing an Underage Girl

Lee Jong-hyun

Sadly, Lee Jong-hyun was also once reported to be harassing an underage female fan. The news was spread by a netizen in the internet, saying that Lee Jong-hyun and Jung Joon-young were sexually harassing an underage female fan, giving her sleeping pills in her drink.

In this case, the rumor was denied by FNC Entertainment. Even though Lee Jong-hyun already acknowledging his fault in the video scandal, the rest of the rumors weren’t true. FNC Entertainment also stated that they might take legal action if the false information from an unknown source continued to spread.

Fans Asked FNC To Remove Him From CNBLUE

Lee Jong-hyun

Due to his sexual harassment rumors and the video scandal, a lot of fans were requesting FNC Entertainment to remove him from CNBLUE. After the scandal came to light, many fans were of the opinion that Lee Jong-hyun’s involvement was intentional, and they posted a statement through the DC CNBLUE Gallery about his removal from CNBLUE.

The fans thought that Lee Jong-hyun had forgotten his duties as a public figure. They also couldn’t accept the fact that he was sexually harassing females, particularly since most of CNBLUE’s fans are also female.. Even though fans were calling for Lee Jong-hyun’s removal, they had no issues with the other members of the group, and would respect the other CNBLUE members’ decisions and opinions.

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