From Arirang TV After School Club To Hosting Her Own Podcast Channel Check Out Jimin Park Podcast Highlights!

Jamie Park

Have You Ever Wondered What Would Jamie Do If She Were In Your Position?

Do you have problems going on and can’t find anyone that you could talk to? Well, worry no more, because Jamie Park, or Jimin Park, is here to listen to your concerns! Jamie the smart girl will not only listen to and talk about your worries, but she will also offer solutions if she were in your position. You can find all that in the podcast What Would Jamie Do? by Dive Studios hosted by our homegirl Jamie or Jimin. The podcast airs every Wednesday and you can listen to it for free in any podcast platform that you like such as Apple podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Sound Cloud, etc.

There, you can find Jimin speaking about the problems that the listeners have submitted and she shares with us her honest opinion regarding the problem. Although the podcast is hosted by Jamie, she is not always alone because sometimes there’s another host as a guest such as artists Ryu Won, Levi Bernhardt, the K-Pop music producer Nathan, Dave from The World of Dave YouTube channel, etc. The chemistry between Jamie and the guests will make you definitely love Jamie’s podcast on Dive Studios, What Would Jamie Do?

But first, let us talk about the whole podcast, shall we? Let’s find out more details in what follows below.

Introducing The New Podcast Host Jimin Park On YouTube

Jamie Park, or Jimin Park, is a Korean solo singer who is popular with her strong yet soothing voice. She has been making appearances on the small screens since her days in the survival program titled K-Pop Star Season 1 and became a winner there. Jimin then signed with one of the top agencies in South Korea, JYP Entertainment. Jimin didn’t take much time to train there, because she debuted in 2012 as one of the members of 15& duo along with Baek Yerin.

Although Jimin debuted as a singer, she often appeared as an MC where she hosted shows with full English, thanks to her fluent English skills. Since Jimin has lived in Thailand for a long time and attended an international school there, Jimin can speak English just like a native person. It led her to be one of the MCs of After School Club on Arirang TV.

There, she teamed up with several names such as Eric Nam, Kevin Woo, Jae of Day6, Heejun Han, Seungmin from Stray Kids, Woosung from The Rose, and also Yuri from JxR. Due to Jimin’s ability to entertain and her fun-loving personality, Jimin successfully gained a lot of fans both from Korea and overseas.

And finally, you will not only see Jimin’s cuteness in After School Club, but you can also listen to her on a podcast called What Would Jamie Do? This podcast also has a short video uploaded on YouTube where you can watch Jimin when she talks about all of your problems that have been submitted via email or phone.

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Jimin Park Explains Why She Was Trending on Naver

There was a time where all of a sudden Jimin’s name was trending on Naver’s search list. When there’s a name that becomes a trend there, it could be because the name has been talked by a lot of people in the online community forum. But since Jimin hasn’t made a comeback nor has a new project coming up, then it could probably be because there’s something about her, which definitely is not because of her work, that goes viral.

What is it, can you guess?

It all started because Jimin shared a post on her Instagram, @jiminxjamie (pst, make sure to follow if you haven’t!), with a picture of her wearing a long-sleeved white shirt. The pretty picture of Jimin made everyone go crazy because of her beauty. But some netizens noticed some details about the picture. Particularly, it was her breast that made an impression on some people and even inspired them to leave a comment on her photo.

Some of the comments were simple praise of the artist’s beauty, however, some were ill-intentional and criticized her for undergoing plastic surgery, backing their claims with the said photo where the artist appears to have larger breasts than she previously had.

To clarify all of it, Jimin talked about it in her podcast!

In the episode, Jimin shared her surprise at the news of her name trending on Naver in South Korea, especially paired up with the word ‘boobs.’ The funny thing was that netizens had speculated that Jimin had undergone plastic surgery and had her boobs done, and some has even gone so far as to compare her appearance before and after the transformation. Well, the joke’s on you, haters, because Jimin got her ‘boobs’ from her.. not her mom, but her dad! So for those netizens who sent her messages through DM, if you guys asked about the doctor she went to, get prepared to be disappointed because the boobs are real and she got it directly from her father. And while you’re at it, please check her music instead of spreading fake rumors.

Jimin Park Was Featured In Eric Nam Podcast

Not only Jimin has her own podcast, but she also once appeared in her former MC partner from After School Club or ASC, Eric Nam’s podcast titled K-Pop Daebak. In this episode, Jimin talked about a lot of things including reminiscing of her memories with Eric Nam when they were MCing together in ASC back in the days.

Start from the beginning of the episode, we can already see the cute interaction of both Jimin and Eric. Both of them couldn’t stop joking around since they have known each other for years. Even Eric as the host of the podcast told the listeners that this was the first time he was so nervous because Jimin was there. As you know, Jimin really likes to tease her fellow MCs in ASC just like her own big brother, including Eric who has parted ways with ASC since around four years ago.

Jimin also talked about her past days in JYP and how she made her debut as a 15& member along with Baek Yerin. She talked about who her bias was in 2PM and Wonder Girls, which we know both of the groups were among the most popular K-pop groups in Korea at that time.

And most importantly, Jimin talked about her being an MC of ASC for a reaaally long time (four years, actually), and even Eric said that Jimin was the best MC of ASC and no one can replace her. What a dedicate person Jimin is, you see!

Anyway, you can find all of the cute interactions in the full episode of K-Pop Daebak with Jimin Park!

What Would Jimin Do If She Has A Crush?

This one episode was a little bit different from the usual. The moment when Diane, the writer of Dive Studio podcast, read one of the listeners’ submission, Jimin felt frustrated already since the problem that she sent was really obvious. The girl was asking for Jimin’s opinion about the guy who likes to send a sweet message, such as good night, calling her pretty and stuff.

Jimin’s reaction was really hilarious!

Instead of telling the girl if the guy that’s hitting on her actually likes her or not, Jimin said that the two of them should just date already.



What made it even funnier was that Jimin had the opposite problem. Sometimes her male friends mistake her casual attitude towards them as a ‘hint’ of falling in love with them and start to cross the ‘friend’ line by flirting with her. But it’s definitely not! Jimin is just being friendly and does nice things for her friends, such as look at them in the eyes while talking, or watching a movie together, but that’s just it. Jimin also said that it has always been a problem for her because whenever she would find a friend that she is comfortable to talk to and share problems with he would cross the line, and instead, the relationship between her and her crush doesn’t work out.

Now, what would you guys do in her position? Let’s check out the whole episode on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast or any other streaming platform!

Jimin Park Reacts To Someone Who Wants To Give Up Dancing

This came from the first episode of What Would Jamie Do? One of the listeners once sent her a problem about giving up dancing. She talked about how she has been a member of a K-Pop dance cover group since she was in high school, and now she’s in college. It has been years but she wants to give up dancing. But what made it hard for her is that the community has already become a big part of her life. And if she quit dancing, she will be parting ways with her dancing friends.

In response, Jimin talked about how she learned swimming back when she was a kid. But she became interested in singing more than swimming, so she had to quit swimming. So instead of doing something that the sender doesn’t like, just search for other things that she actually likes. And for the friends from the dancing community that have been her friends for years, Jimin’s advice was to do any other thing with them together aside from dancing. Such as knitting and stuff… Well, then again, there must be something that can be good to explore together, right?

Let’s just check out the whole episode on What Would Jamie Do? episode 1 on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast or any other streaming platform!

Jimin Park Talks About Her Exploring New Things

As you know, Jimin really likes to change her hair color. You can see her hair color in black, red, blue, red, purple, blonde… everything! Seems like she has tried a lot of colors for her hair. Not only that, she also likes to cut or do an extension for her hair. Have you ever wondered what the other people around her react to the changes? Well, thank goodness Jimin’s parents are always supportive of her exploring new things. They even complimented Jimin when she got a piercing.

But the only thing her parents would get sad (sad, not mad!) about was when Jimin got tattoos on her body. Even though Jimin kind of felt sorry because of that, but she still did it anyway because, well, no one can tell you not to do anything you want!

In this episode, Jimin told us to never care about others (including your friends!) think about your decision trying some new things. Thank goodness if your friends never have opposite opinions about what you do just like Jimin’s friends. But if your friends did, well you might as well search for other friends that will let you do anything you want.

Let’s just check out the whole episode on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast or any other streaming platform!


Jimin Park Podcast Episode With Eric Nam and Kevin Woo

We previously talked about Jimiin being featured in an episode od Eric Nam’s podcast, well, now we are going to talk about the episode where Jimin had Kevin Woo and Eric Nam as guests. Listening to this episode of What Would Jamie Do? will remind you of the old days where Jimin, Kevin, and Eric were MCing After School Club.

And of course, the three of them gathering together brought about a wave of memories from their past together as MCs of After School Club, but also conversations about the listeners’ topics. This episode was aired around the time before Thanksgiving last year, so the three of them talked about Thanksgiving traditions. Especially the American born Kevin and Eric, who had a lot of stories when it came to Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Jimin and her family never celebrated Thanksgiving before. But why hasn’t Eric invited Jimin to his Thanksgiving event? Find out the answer in the video below!

If you found this short clip hilarious, check out the whole episode on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, and other streaming platforms!

Jimin Park Talking About Her Cooking Skills

Do you know that Jimin once had a terrible story about cooking? She said that cooking can be a traumatic moment for some of us because she experienced one! Jimin shared a story where she cooked a Korean dish chicken soup for her boyfriend. She followed the recipe and it was perfect when she let it sit for 20 minutes. But suddenly after the boyfriend came, the chicken started dripping off the bone. It was the time where Jimin knew she overcooked the chicken!

But what happened after that increased her trauma and made her aversive to cooking ever again. If you’re curious about what happened next, find out in the video below!

You can find the full episode and listen to it on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcast, SoundCloud, and other podcast platforms!

Jimin Park Talks About Her Dating Experience

Jimin talked about the worst relationship that ever happened to her! It all started when she attended a big party and met this guy. Jimin and he had exchanged the eye-sign between each other, like having a conversation with eye-contact. Then they started to get to know each other with a little bit of flirting. But then after Jimin went to the toilet for a while, the guy did the exact same thing to another girl!

My, my, can you believe it? He even took it really calm and introduced the girl to Jimin as if it’s nothing. And then what happened next is just gonna make you feel more upset! Let’s listen to Jimin’s worst relationship in the video below!

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Jimin Park Had To Say Something To Haters

If you’re one of the Internet users who make memes or laugh out loud to jokes about the Cats movie, well Jimin has something to say to you. She personally thinks that Cats is not that bad. She doesn’t watch musicals that much but she didn’t think that it is bad. In fact, she is kinda upset at anyone who makes fun of Cats on Twitter, who only talks trash about it. Why would you buy a ticket and watch the movie just to mock it? Well, for Jimin’s personal thought, she thinks that even though they mock the movie, the director still got the money and everyone would know about this movie at the same time where the Internet people talk trash about Cats. So it’s still a win-win, even though it might be a little depressing, of course.

Well, to see her preaching about it, let’s check out the video below!

To listen to the full episode, you can find it on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Podcast, and Apple Podcast!

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As a listener, you can not only listen to other people’s problems, but you can also share your own problems! You can submit the problems by email and send it to WWJD email or you can also make a phone call via skype or a number (only US area). So if you have a problem and are confused about what to do, why don’t you ask Jimin what would she do if she were in your position?