Check Out 15&’s Jimin’s Latest Comeback and Her Most Recent News That You Have to Know


The First Winner of K-Pop Star and 15&, Park Jimin

Park Ji-min (born on July 5, 1997), or could be called by her stager name Jimin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer, and television host. She is the member of a duo group called 15& under JYP Entertainment along with her schoolmates Baek Ye-rin. She also the member of a project group called M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome) which she formed with UNIQ Seung-youn and rapper Nathan. Jimin released her first solo project as part of 15& in 2015 with her first single titled Hopeless Love.

Park Ji-min was going to fame when she participated in K-Pop Star: Season 1 in 2011. She became the winner of the very first season of that famous TV Show, and able to choice between the top three agency in South Korea, YG, SM, and JYP. She decided to sign the contract with JYP Entertainment and received the gift a brand new Hyundai i40, 300 million won (worth around $257,400 USD), and was also given the opportunity to cast in a drama and sign a contract as a CF model.

Since then, Jimin’s popularity highly boost up. Jimin is active to produce songs, recorded song for drama’s soundtrack, and involved in some TV shows. She and Yerin are currently focusing on their own solo project. What’s Jimin last comeback ? Let’s check it out!

Latest Comeback of 15&’s Jimin’s

Jimin released her second extended plays on September 4, 2018 where she participated in composing for majority of the tracks. The album titled jiminxjamie , which Jamie Park is her name when she was studied in Bangkok, Thailand, and it was reflecting her dual identity as Jimin and Jamie. The album consisted of five songs with the lead tracks April Fools (0401).

She said on an interview that she was so satisfied with her work because she was able to write her own lyrics and producing on her own despite singing other’s songs, although it takes a quite long time. She also apologized to the fans for waiting so long and promise to produce more good musics for them. Unfortunately, the song did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart, but peaked at number 51 on the Gaon Download Chart. But, the important thing is all the fans keep supporting her music no matter what.

April Fools (0401) is having a dark romance concept. In the MV, Jimin accidentally push her abusive boyfriend and he slipped on the Jimin’s birthday cake that he brings to. She considered that she murdered her boyfriend. Although she seems to hate him so much due to his abusive attitudes, Jimin use her boyfriend’s body to make some romantic moments that she might ever wanted and never enjoy the moment before.

Some people analyzed this MV into the deep meaning. The MV tells us about how the abusive relationship is going in real life. The boy seems to hurt Jimin so much when we see the back flash scenes. No matter how much the boy hurts her, the relationship will always continue because the girl already depends on the boy which make her always want the boy around although they hurt.

Despite having much appreciation due to the deep messages and the good music, the MV only has around 1 million viewers until this time. People think it might be caused by the category of MV which is only for 19+. “It’s sad to see such a good song become underrated,” one of the MV viewer’s opinion said.

Jimin made her comeback stage at M Countdown on June 6, 2018. She sang along with the two backup dancers. Once again, many people regret that this good song didn’t get much attention and hope JYP could treat her better.