All You Need to Know About Ji Chang-wook and Yoona Dating Rumor and Relationship!


Ji Chang-wook and Yoona’s Dating Rumor

Ji Chang-wook and Yoona are starred together in the drama The K2. Because of their chemistry and their realistic acting, netizens started wondering if they’re dating each other in real life. Even after the drama ended, they were working together in some interviews and photoshoots. That’s when the rumors started that Ji Chang-wook and Yoona are dating. So, are they really dating? Find out the answer in this article!

Ji Chang-wook and Yoona’s Appearance The K2

The drama The K2 aired in 2016 on cable network tvN. The drama tells the story of Kim Je-ha (played by Ji Chang-wook), who is a former soldier who now works as a bodyguard at a company called JSS. When Kim Je-ha was in Iraq, he lost his lover, Raniya. Because of the his grief over his lover’s death, he becomes cold-hearted and decided to take revenge on Park Kwan-soo, the next presidential candidate, who gave the order to kill civilians.

At the work, Kim Je-ha is instructed to keep an eye on Go An-na (played by Yoona), a hidden daughter of Jang Se-joon, the CEO of JSS Company, who stays at her house, alone. Because of his painful past and seeing Go An-na’s loneliness, Kim Je Ha starts to fall in love with her. Soon, Kim Je-ha is facing a dilemma about whether to carry on his plan to have revenge or to save Go An-na and protect her.

In the drama, the character Kim Je-ha is a man who is very empathetic, even though he has to hide it because of his painful past. On the other side, Go An-na is cheerful woman who lost her happiness after being locked up in the house and being isolated from the world. After meeting Kim Je-ha, Go An-na slowly starts to trust him and starts falling in love. Meanwhile, Kim Je-ha feels the same way, but is torn because of his plan. Even though Kim Je-ha is in a dilemma, he follows what his heart wants.

Watching the characters in the drama, their chemistry is really visible. It would be easy to think, as viewers, that Ji Chang-wook and Yoona really do have a romantic relationship. Here are some of their moments together in the drama.

And here are some behind-the-scene photos and videos.


Are Ji Chang-wook and Yoona Actually Dating?

Besides their chemistry in the drama, there are other things that drive the rumor that they’re seeing other. They also have some of the same hobbies and similar personalities. In an interview with Zenith News, Ji Chang-wook denied the rumor, however.

At the first time, I thought Yoona is just my senior. But, after getting closer, we form close bonded. Now, our relationship is like close sister and brother. We’re just taking care of each other.

In an interview with, Ji Chang-wook denied the rumor again. “I get a lot of misunderstanding. Thinking about it, me and Yoona also talked about this rumor and laughed.”

Ji Chang-wook also answered questions about how to maintain his relationship with his co-star in the aftermath of the rumors inking them romantically.

Whenever I have a shoot with an actress, I think the most important thing is to make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible.

Ji Chang-wook denied the rumor, but Yoona never said anything about it one way or another. Well, from his answer, we can conclude that they’re just close friends!

Relationship Between Ji Chang-wook and Yoona

Ji Chang-wook and Yoona have stayed close friends even though their drama ended in 2016. They took a picture together, and it was posted on Ji Chang-wook’s Instagram.

In 2017, Ji Chang-wook enlisted in military. Since then, there hasn’t been any news about their interactions again. As their ‘shipper’, we’re waiting for your comeback, Ji Chang-wook!

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