Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jung Upcoming Book About Idol Life, Shine!

Jessica Jung

Get To Know More About Jessica Jung Upcoming First Book Shine!

Many people already know that Jessica Jung is one of idols who’s very well known right now, as well as being a businesswoman, and influencer! She thoroughly demonstrated that her talent doesn’t just lie in one area, and she’s really multi-talented. Now, she has obtained another achievement: being a writer! Not long ago, Jessica Jung told all her fans about her upcoming book, titled Shine. Through this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details about Jessica’s book, so stay tuned!

This is her first time releasing a book. Previously, Jessica Jung had already surprised her fans by opening up a YouTube channel called JESSICA LAND. Through her channel, she was uploading a lot of different types of content, such as beauty content, daily vlogs, challenge content, and more. Through one of her videos, she once also talked about the book Shine. If you want to know more about her upcoming book, read the article down below!

Jessica Jung Announced to Publish YA Novel Shine

Jessica Jung Book Shine

At the end of 2019, Jessica Jung surprised her fans with her exciting announcement! She officially announced that her upcoming book would be published on October 6, 2020. Not only that, she also explained about the book, which is titled Shine. It has been reported that she made a deal with Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing to release the book, which is a young adult novel.

Shine tells a story about a Korean-American teenager named Rachel Kim who is pursuing her dream to be a K-Pop star. From the storyline, we can see that the story bears a resemblance with Jessica’s past journey, right? She was also born a Korean-American, and became a K-Pop star through her role as a member of Girls’ Generation in the past! Unsurprisingly, Shine takes its inspiration from Jessica’s experience in the K-Pop industry.

Not only that, it was also reported that Shine would be divided into two books. Meanwhile, the sequel will probably be released in 2021. Jessica explained that she wanted to deliver a certain message for her fans through the novel. She wanted to tell people about her transparent yet candid story, in a way that only fiction can.

There’s more exciting news about the novel! It was reported that Shine is about to be developed for the big screen by ACE Entertainment along with Matt Kaplan, which is already famous for its production of Netflix’s To The Boys I’ve Loved Before! If you are looking for the novel Shine, you can already pre-order it now!


For a little sneak peek, Byeol Korea is offering some excerpts from the novel, which also has been released online. Here you go!

“‘You girls must be thrilled!’ The interviewer is a middle-aged man with oily, slicked-back hair and fair skin. He might have been handsome if his garish hot-pink satin tie and red shirt combo weren’t so distracting. He leans forward eagerly, his eyes gleaming at the nine girls seated before him, a sea of perfectly tousled beach waves and unblemished faces glowing from years of skin-brightening face masks, choreographed down to the angle of our sleekly crossed legs and the descending order of our pastel rainbow-hued stilettos. ‘Hitting No. 1 at all the music shows, and with your debut music video no less! You’re one chart away from an All-Kill! How do you feel?'”

“We couldn’t be more excited.” Mina jumps in eagerly, flashing her perfect teeth in a beaming smile. My face muscles ache as I stretch to match her. “It’s a dream come true,” Eunji agrees before loudly popping her gum and blowing a huge strawberry-scented bubble. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity to do this together,” Lizzie chimes in, her eyes practically glowing under layers of silvery eye shadow.

The interviewer’s eyes light up, and he leans in conspiratorially. “So you all get along? I mean, nine incredibly beautiful girls in one group. That can’t always be easy.” Sumin gives a soft, effortless laugh, pursing her perfectly-lined bright-red lips. “Nothing is ever ‘always easy,” she says. “But we’re family. And family comes first.” She links arms with Lizzie sitting next to her. “We belong together.” The interviewer flutters a hand over his heart. “Just precious. And what do you love about working together?” His eyes travel slowly over the group, finally landing on me. “Rachel?”

Well, it only makes us more excited to read the novel very soon, right? Let’s wait patiently together, then!

Netizen Opinions About The Book

As previously mentioned, Jessica surprised her fans by announcing the novel Shine! As like you might expect, people have been getting really excited about it. Some of her fans have even already developed their own theories about the storyline of that novel!

There have been a lot of K-netizens who have given their own thoughts about the novel. Even though they are mostly excited and curious about Jessica’s point of view in the novel, there have been a few slightly negative comments about that. Still, it’s really common for  K-Pop idols to received such ‘judgement’ over their huge career.

When Jessica posted a picture of herself while holding the manuscript for Shine on her Instagram account, there were a lot of supportive comments on it. Mostly they were looking forward for the novel, and were proud of her, as well!


Through a certain book forum, the fans gave several comments about Shine, as well! Some of them said things like, “Can’t wait Unnie”, “Looking forward to be publiced!”, “Want to see Shine”, “I’ve been a fan of Girls’ Generation and K-Pop groups for half of my entire life so there’s no reason why I won’t read this book!”, “I think it’s gonna be really fun cause Jessica wrote it”, and many more!

Fan Theories about Her Upcoming Book

As the fans are waiting for Shine’s release, they have come up with some theories about the storyline. Let’s take a look at some fans’ theories about the novel, here!

First, fans have suggested the theory that Shine would tell a story about the dark side of being in the K-Pop entertainment industry. It isn’t a secret any longer that most of the K-Pop entertainment industry, especially the management agencies, have a variety of prohibitions, and strict rules for the idols, as well. Just like the excerpt from Shine, there’s a statement that Rachel Kim and her friends should’ve been following the rules: train 24/7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, all the time), be perfect, and don’t date.

The most important theory about the novel is that some fans also believe that Jessica is about to reveal the ‘truth’ behind her departure from Girls’ Generation. A lot of people were blaming her, which put her under a lot of pressure at the time, even though she said that she got along fine with the other members. Fans also thought that Jessica wasn’t going to say bad things about the other eight girls; besides it only talked about the story of her point of view about her departure.

Another interesting theory from the fans is that Shine might be about Jessica Jung’s love story while she was a girl group member. We all know that Jessica had been reported to be dating several male K-Pop idols in the past, but those reports were really just rumors. Now, the fans have started to wonder who was Jessica’s secret love in real life, whom she wrote about in Shine as the character named Jason Lee.

Last but not least, fans also thought that Shine would talk about Jessica’s struggle to pursue her dream to be a K-Pop idol! The fans already know she spent a very long time as a trainee. It was almost seven years before her debut with Girls’ Generation and she achieved her dream to be a singer. Not only that, she has also already become a successful businesswoman with her own brand, BLANC & ECLARE, as well!

That’s it for today’s article about Jessica Jung and the details on her upcoming book, Shine! Despite all of the controversy in the past, Jessica Jung has demonstrated that she can stand up on her own. We can see that she already made a lot of big achievements in her career so far! And also, let’s always support her and wait for her book to officially released later!

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