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Jeon Jong-seo

Get To Know More About Jeon Jong-seo!

Have you heard about Jeon Jong-seo? She is one of the talented South Korean actresses who rose to fame after starring in Burning (2018) and The Call (2020). Due to her extraordinary acting performances, Jeon Jong-seo won the Baeksang Arts Awards at such a young age!

Aside from that, most of her movie projects become hits, and she is also expanding her career internationally. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you everything about actress Jeon Jong-seo, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of Jeon Jong-seo

Jeon Jong-seo

Birth Name: Jeon Jong-seo (전종서)

Stage Name: Jeon Jong-seo (전종서)

English: Rachel Jun

Date of Birth: July 5, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Blood Type: A

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Actress

Years Active: 2018 – present

Label: My Company (South Korea), United Talent Agency (USA)

Instagram: wjswhdtj94

Fun Facts About Jeon Jong-seo That You Have To Know

  • Jeon Jong-seo is from Seoul, South Korea.
  • She attended Anyang Arts High School and Sejeong University.
  • Jeon Jong-seo decided to take a break from university to pursue her acting career.
  • Jeon Jong-seo and her family moved to Canada when she was a child. Then, they returned to South Korea when she was in middle school.
  • Jeon Jong-seo made her acting debut in 2018.
  • She also made her English-language film debut through Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon.
  • She got the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2021 for the category Best Actress from her appearance in The Call.

Jeon Jong-seo Movie List


Year Title Role
2018 Burning Shin Hae-mi
2020 The Call Oh Young-sook
2021 Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon Mona
2021 Romance Without Love Ja-young


Web Series

Year Title Role
2022 Ransom Park Joo-young


TV Dramas

Year Title Role
2022 Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area Tokyo

Jeon Jong-seo in Burning

Burning (2018) became one of the breakthrough acting appearances of actress Jeon Jong-seo. Burning depicts the story of a guy who wants to be a writer, Lee Jong-su (Yoo Ah-in), who works as a delivery courier. In the movie, she played the role of Shin Hae-mi, a childhood neighbor and classmate of the male lead character Lee Jong-su.

One Day, Hae-mi goes to America for vacation and asks Jong-su to feed her cats. Once she returns to South Korea, Hae-mi introduces Jong-su to Ben (Steven Yeun), a decent and rich guy.

Jong-su doesn’t know the relationship between Hae-mi and Ben, just like how he doesn’t understand the relationship between himself and Hae-mi. Although Jong-su and Hae-mi once make love together, they never declare their relationship. Things get strange when Jong-su finds out that Ben has a strange hobby. Then, Hae-mi disappears without any reason.

Jeon Jong-seo in The Call

After the success of Burning, Jeon Jong-seo made a famous appearance through the mystery-thriller movie The Call (2020) which later made her receive the Baeksang Arts Award. The Call depicts the story of two females who live in different decades, but they get to communicate through a mysterious old telephone.

They are Kim Seo-yeon (Park Shin Hye) and Oh Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo) who communicate through the telephone. Initially, Seo-yeon finds the old telephone in her old house, and, somehow, the telephone is still working.

After that, she gets multiple calls from a female named Young-sook who comes from a different decade from Seo-yeon and who once lived in Seo-yeon’s home. Since then, Seo-yeon finds out that her life is entangled with the murder case, and she has to warn Young-sook to not do anything reckless.

Jeon Jong-seo in Romance Without Love

Just like the title, Romance Without Love (2021), also known as Nothing Serious, is a famous romantic movie directed by Jeong Ga-young. The story revolves around Woo-ri (Son Seok-koo), a single guy who works as a reporter, and Ja-young (Jeon Jong-seo), a brave and single girl who is stuck paying debts. Despite his work as a reporter, Woo-ri wants to be a novelist.

Meanwhile, Ja-young is suffering from heartbreak after her ex dumped her only a month after the two of them started dating. Just like fate, Woo-ri and Ja-young meet through an app and share the same lonely feelings, and, somehow, their relationship starts to develop into something more.

Jeon Jong-seo Relationship With Lee Chung-hyun

The Call movie successfully made Jeon Jong-seo increase her popularity even more. Turns out, thanks to the movie project, the actress could eventually find her love partner. Yes, Jeon Jong-seo has officially been in a relationship with Lee Chung-hyun, the director of The Call, since December 2021!

Jeon Jong-seo’s agency, My Company, has released an official statement regarding that matter. “She [Jeon Jong-seo] is currently dating director Lee Chung-hyun. The two of them had great feelings toward each other and began a romantic relationship afterward,” they stated.

But, how did the two of them start to develop feelings? According to Lee Chung-hyun, he and Jeon Jong-seo were naturally interested in each other during the filming of The Call. Ever since then, their relationship naturally turned towards dating as well.

The relationship between the actress and the director is quite calm yet mesmerizing just like common couples. They also stated that they went on public dates, spent time together, and even people around them knew that they were dating.

That is everything about the Baeksang actress Jeon Jong-seo! Although she just debuted several years ago, Jeon Jong-seo has proven that her acting quality is not to be doubted. Most of her acting projects even successfully became a hit!

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