Dating Rumor and Relationship Facts Between Jackson Wang and Heo Young-ji


Jackson and Youngji in Weekly Idol

Jackson-Wang-and-Heo-Young-ji-Weekly Idol
In one of MBC’s special episodes of ‘Weekly Idol,’ they invited Big Byung and Chamsonyeo as guest stars. Bi Byung consists of BTOB’s Sungjae, GOT7’s Jackson, and VIXX’s N and Hyuk, while Chamsonyeo consists of After School’s Lizzy, 4Minute’s Sohyun, and KARA’s Young-ji and G.Na. Both of these groups were project groups from a variety show titled ‘Hitmaker‘,
Hitmaker‘ is a South Korean variety show that aired on MBC Every1 and was presented by South Korean producer duo Jeong Hyeong-don and Defconn, who were the MCs of ‘Weekly Idol’ at the time.
There is something interesting about this special episode of ‘Weekly Idol’: Wang Jackson and Heo Young-ji were reunited for this event. They both joined the group from ‘Hitmaker’ and were both present as guest stars in the special episode.
They played a game with a lie detector machine, where the MC will give a statement and all members one by one had to answer yes or no. The first to do it was Jackson, and the MC gave the statement “I have thought Young-ji as a girl,” and Jackson answered, “Yes” because he guessed it was going come out a lie, anyway. Responding to Jackson’s thinking, G.Na said, “Ah, I know what he’s trying to say but I don’t think it’d turn out that way” and then the lie detector machine come out a truth, which left both Jackson and everyone else surprised.
Everyone turned out really happy and congratulated them, and Sungjae said, “Oh! then all that was shown on broadcast up till now wasn’t script.” Hyeong-don also said, “DSP and JYP have to come out now (to speak up)” and continued, “stick close to them, Dispatch,” meanwhile Jackson and Young-ji were speechless.
Before Young-ji’s turn, the MC asked Jackson a question, “When did you first feel it’s different with that girl?” and Jackson responded, “truthfully when we first met,” and Jackson looked a little embarrassed by what he just said. He continued, “No, because don’t you normally see the other party like this (as a girl) when you first meet?” and Seung-jae answered, “I don’t, though.” Jackson again tried to give the statement “instead of seeing as a girl, it was just ‘oh we are going to live together’,” which created even more misunderstandings. Hearing this, Young-ji could not calm herself down, and Jackson told Young-ji to help him straighten out his words. Seeing this, the MC said, “Aren’t you guys having a couple of fights right now?“, which made them both laugh. Jackson explained, “As time passes, she is just a really close friend of mine now.”
They finally moved to Young-ji. Sungjae said, “Let’s confirm the girl’s heart,” to Jackson. Young-ji was given a similar statement, “I, Young-ji’s roommate member, has the same heart with Jackson (feels the same way)” Young-ji also tried to explain that she did, and she once revealed it in an interview, too. Jackson tried to help Young-ji by telling her that in many cases, the ‘lie’ would be the result and Young-ji responds “ah, okay,” and she finally answered “Yes.” While waiting for the results of the Jackson lie detector machine to say, “Lie will come out, 100% I know. This machine always comes out with ‘lie’.” and suddenly the machine comes out ‘truth’, which made everyone, including Jackson and Young-ji, really shocked. Everyone except Jackson and Young-ji got very excited. They even swapped seats so that Young-ji and Jackson were sitting side by side, and Defconn made the statement, “In any case, since the both of you feel the same, I hope you too will start dating excitingly. ” G.Na also said, “Let’s congratulate them,” meanwhile Jackson and Young-ji remained speechless.

Dating Rumors and Evidence


Their adorable interactions, always squabbling with each other, means that many people around them tease them about getting married. There are even many of their fans who support their relationship, commonly referred to as ‘JackJi shippers’. The word ‘JackJi’ is an abbreviation of the names Jackson and Young-ji.

Because netizens were abuzz, ‘Roommate’ PD, Park Sang-hyuk, even made a statement and said that he thought it would be difficult to make a love line between Jackson and Youngji, who fought a lot every day. Every time they met, there was something they made into a fight. So many comments appeared if they fought like people who were dating.
Park Sang-hyuk PD revealed, “Both are of the same age, their debuts are only 7 months apart and the promotion schedule is similar, of course, Jackson and Youngji often get along like high school kids, in general. They like to flirt with each other or fight when they meet. Jackson also often teases his hyungs and other noonas, so it’s not just Youngji.
On November 17th, 2014, GOT7 held a showcase for their comeback at the AX Hall in Gwangjang, Seoul, where GOT7 promoted their newest album, Identify.

During the showcase, Jackson revealed his thoughts about being paired with his ‘Roommate’ co-stars Lee Gook-joo and KARA’s Heo Youngji, and when Jackson was asked about his relationship with KARA’s Youngji because of their cute interactions during the show, SBS’s ‘Roommate’, where they were always bickering and teasing each other, Jackson said,

I’m just really close to Youngji. About us being “some,” I don’t even know what being “some” (having a mutual understanding) is,

He continued, “And Gook Joo noona is really like my real sister. She takes care of me like my real sister. We’re close and I really like her. But Gook-joo noona likes Seo Kang-joon hyung. There’s nothing I can do,” which made the people in the room laugh.
During tan interview with Osen, Youngji talked about Jackson and also denied having a ‘some’ relationship with him, she said, “You can tell by looking around here, A lot of people are keeping an iron defense around me. I also don’t think it’s time yet.” However, when asked if she sometimes saw Jackson as a man, she answered, “Jackson has a sensitive side. He gets annoyed when you call him cute, saying that he’s a ‘real man’… But there are times when he acts like a reliable Oppa. He carries heavy things for me and takes care of me. I get really touched, but it’s only for short times. I don’t like him as a man but like a same-gender friend. The possibility of us dating is 0. Jackson thinks the same way.

Their Relationship Now

It has been around four years since the last broadcast of SBS’s variety show ‘Roommate’, which was on April 14, 2015,. Unfortunately, there was no news whatsoever about Jackson and Youngji’s relationship, both are busy with their own schedules.
In 2018 Youngji was confirmed to be dating Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun-woo, who was 13 years older than her. At that time, Youngji’s label, DSP Media, said, “Youngji and Ha Hyun Woo met 6 months ago, and started dating a month ago. They’re still getting to know each other.” These two met through tvN’s ‘Shadow Singer’, which aired in 2017.
Unfortunately, a year after that, in February, 2019, a media outlet reported that the two broke up due to their busy schedule. Ha Hyun-woo’s label confirmed and said, “They recently broke up. We don’t know the reason because it’s their private lives.” Youngji’s label also confirmed, “It’s true they broke up. We don’t know when, but they drifted naturally apart.
On January 24, 2018, Jackson made an appearance on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ along with other guest stars Jo Kwon, 2 PM’s Wooyoung, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu. In the event, Jackson talked about his love life when asked whether his dating ban been lifted since he was last on ‘Radio Star’ a few years ago, and Jackson answered that his dating ban had indeed been lifted. But then he continued, “But lately I’m so busy, I didn’t even have time to sleep. To be honest, I do want to date. But it’s not a joke. It’s not a game. You have to take responsibility. You have to have time to be able to do it, you need time to be able to meet up with them.” Jackson thinks dating in 2018 is out of the question because he says he’ll be busy working hard for GOT7’s success.
It’s a disappointment that both of them are only good friends, but let’s support their private lives and wish them all the best!
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