All You Need to Know About J.Seph and Ji-woo’s K.A.R.D Friendship and Dating Rumor


Facts About Relationship Between J.Seph and Ji-woo’s K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D or KARD is a South Korean Co-Ed group formed by DSP Entertainment in 2016 consisting of two man and two women. KARD debuted on July 19, 2017 with their mini album, Hola-Hola. Their debut immediately received a good response from Korean netizens. They also immediately announced their fanclub, which is Hidden KARD.

B.M, J.Seph is a male member and Ji-woo, So-min is a female member. They all have their own characteristics and aura of their sound. Even though KARD is still new and has only a few albums, KARD’s popularity has been well known to Europe, even they have held tours to Europe.

Because KARD consists of 2 man and 2 women, not a few fans who match fellow members, such as Ji-woo with J. Seph, So-min with B.M. Well, want to know more about their relationship? Chech this out!

Get to Know with J.Seph and Ji-woo Friendship

J.Seph and Ji-woo are often paired in every song promotion activity because they both have the aura and charisma that suits each other, their fans also say that if they both date will be a very funny and adorable cpouple. In fact, J.Seph often teases and jokes Ji-woo, making Ji-woo upset, but according to J.Seph seeing Ji-woo upset is a pleasant thing.

One of the Music Video Cards entitled You in Me, J.Seph and Ji-woo must act like a couple, but this is very difficult for them. In fact, Ji-woo is a member who often makes mistakes in acting because she doesn’t know how to act like a couple with J.Seph, when looking at J.Seph’s eyes, she has made herself want to laugh and she feels very difficult to act like that and all the members laugh.

J.Seph also said the same thing that he also felt difficult when acting with Ji-woo, he had considered Ji-woo as his little sister to be rather awkward for J. Seph looked at Ji-woo as his girlfriend but Ji-woo guided J.Seph well and made J.Seph feel grateful to finish filming well.

When all KARD members appeared on the SBS Power FM NCT’s Night Night radio show, and asked which member they thought would be the worst at dating, the vote was unanimous, all chose Ji-woo, J.Seph explained, “Jiwoo is very open and easygoing. But when dating, you sometimes have to act coy. I don’t think she’s be able to do that.”

They look so cute, right? Who is here ship them?

Become a Couple in You in Me Music Video

As we know, one of KARD’s Music Videos titled You In Me requires each member to act like a couple. Where, B.M is paired with So-min, and J.Seph is paired with Ji-woo. According to them, acting like a couple is a bit difficult and awkward because they already consider all members like family. Even before starting to shoot, all the members watched a lot of movies and tried acting like couples who fell in love with each other.

Ji-woo revealed, “I have to be a psychopath. I watched the movie ‘Unforgettable’ which was very helpful because of his creepy acting,” she continued. “That’s not because I’m acting as a psychopath, but it’s very funny that someone has fallen in love before becoming a psychopath.”

J. Seph also revealed that he felt very difficult and awkward when acting with Ji-woo, “I caused a lot of mistakes. It’s very difficult to be a lover with Jiwoo. He is the sister I like, and this is my first time acting in love, so it’s hard. He leads well, I think I should thank him for being able to finish shooting,” he said.

They also portrayed You in Me Music Video, which is a woman who loves their man very much and does not realize that their man has died from possessive behavior from her woman, so Ji-woo and So-min act like psychopathic women.

Do you like this Music Video concept?

J.Seph and Ji-woo Photoshoot

J.Seph and Ji-woo look very impressive using white theme, they look very elegant for the Hola-Hola mini album photoshoot.

And these one, they looks so colourfull with outfit like this.

J.Seph and Ji-woo Moments Together

You can see their funny moments here!

And you can see their adorbale moments here!

That’s All You Need to Know About J.Seph and Ji-woo’s K.A.R.D Friendship and Dating Rumor. I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.