Complete Information About IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Scandal)


IZ*ONE Chaeyeon Participated Through Mnet’s ‘Produce 48’

On May 11th, 2018, Chaeyeon participated in MNet’s idol survival competition program, Produce 48 to represent her company, WM Entertainment. Produce 48 was a collaboration project between a Korean program, Mnet’s Produce 101, and Japan’s program AKBP48. There were 58 trainees participating and competing on Produce 48. The winners of the program got the right to debut and promote a new group for two and a half years.

Chaeyeon had been a trainee for more than four years when she participated on the program. On episode 11, Chaeyeon was included among the best candidates for 1st position. On the last episode, Chaeyeon contended for center position, and she was chosen to perform We Together. For the last position, she competed with Cube’s Han Cho-won, Pledis’s Lee Ga-eun, and AKBP48’s Miyazaki Miho. She managed to finish the competition in 12th position, and earned the right to debut as a member of IZ*ONE.

IZ*ONE Chaeyeon Debut with IZ*ONE

Chaeyeon debuted as member of IZ*ONE on October 29th, 2018, with the group’s first EP, Color*Iz. The title track for their debut EP was La Vie En Rose. The music video for La Vie En Rose was released on the same day, and gained 4.5 million views within 24 hours of the release on YouTube. It went on to record more than 10 million views within four days of the release date. The title track of IZ*ONE’s EP recorded a peak rank of number one on three major music charts.

IZ*ONE is a global idol group, with members originating from Korea and Japan. The group was managed by Off The Record Entertainment, and consisted of a massive 12 members. IZ*ONE was scheduled to promote their group for two and a half years before each member returned to their original companies and groups.

Sadly, by the end of 2019, their activities were temporarily halted due to the program’s vote manipulation scandal.

IZ*ONE Chaeyeon Agency Was Reported to Have Paid Bribes to PD Ahn Joon-young

In December 2019, news surfaced about potential bribery charges for Mnet’s Produce 48 producer. Media outlets claimed that three out of four entertainment agencies that managed trainees participating in the program allegedly bribed producers to gain advantages for their trainees. The three companies were 8D Creative, Woollim Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment. Among the eight people booked by police were Mnet’s production manager and representatives from the entertainment companies.

The representatives from the entertainment companies allegedly gave between 10 to 50 million KRW to Mnet’s Ahn Joon Young PD to manipulate the outcome of vote so that their trainees could debut through Produce 48. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon is currently under Woollim Management, and she got 12th position on Produce 48, therefore earning the chance to debut as one of IZ*ONE’s members.

Latest News About IZ*ONE Chaeyeon

IZ*ONE released their first studio album, BLOOM*IZ, on February 17th, 2020. Their first studio album consisted of twelve songs, with Fiesta as the title track. The album has three sleeve versions: I*WAS, I*AM, and I*Will. The sleeves were put in three different boxes that were eye catching and colorful. There were three photo book versions in the album, each with lyrics and song information written on them. On each page, there are small images at the right corner. If the pages were flipped in an orderly way, the images make a blossoming flower animation.

IZ*ONE finaly released their studio album after going through the vote scandal. Let’s wish Chaeyeon and IZ*ONE well during their promotional tour and performances for their album.

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