IZ Members Profile, Fandom Name, Official Debut and More

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Meet IZ, South Korean Pop-Rock Boy Group You Should Check Out

IZ is a rising South Korean boy group under K Music Entertainment. The group consist of four members; Woosu, Hyunjun, Jihoo, and Junyoung. IZ became the first boy group to debut under Music K Entertainment. The group debuted on August 31, 2017 with a mini-album titled “All You Want”.

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IZ Group Profile

IZ Profile
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Instagram: @official__iz

Facebook: 아이즈 IZ

Twitter: @official__iz


V Live: IZ Official


Website: http://musickent.com/artist_iz/

IZ Woosu Profile

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Birth name: Kim Minseok

Stage name: Woosu (우수)

Birthday:November 23, 1999

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Blood Type: B

Height: 180 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position in IZ: Lead Rapper, Drummer

Personal Instagram: @bandiz.woosu

Facts about IZ’s Woonsu

  • His hobbies are watching movies and reading mangas
  • He has a pet bird named Ruby and gecko named Dobby
  • His nicknames are Quokka and Lovely Boy.
  • He is allergic to cats
  • He currently studying at Global Cyber University, majoring in Broadcasting and Entertainment

IZ Hyunjun Profile

IZ Hyunjun
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Birth name: Lee Hyunjun

Stage name: Hyunjun

Birthday: December 21, 1999

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Blood Type: A

Height: 180

Nationality: Korean

Position in IZ: Lead Vocalist, Lead Guitarist, Visual, Main Rapper

Personal Instagram:@bandiz.hyunjun

Facts about IZ Hyunjun

  • Hyunjun has a dog named Mimi and four cats named Yangsun, Haengwoon, Jjangi, and Kkongi.
  • Hyunjun has been in the company for 3 years, which were longer than other IZ members.
  • He’s afraid of heights.
  • He can play guitar and is a guitar fanatic. He owns a custom electric guitar and also several custom acoustic guitars. Personally, he prefers to play electric guitar rather than acoustic guitar
  • He composed the music and the lyrics for the song “Road To The Sun”.

IZ Jihoo Profile

IZ Jihoo
Source: Twitter

Birth name: Lim Soojung

Stage name: Jihoo

Birthday: August 5, 1998

Zodiac: Leo

Blood Type: B

Height: 181 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position in IZ: Main Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist

Personal Instagram:@bandiz.jihoo

Facts about IZ Jihoo

  • He has a younger sister.
  • His hobbies includes reading and sports (basketball, badminton, and wrestling).
  • He can play piano. Jihoo’s favorite music genre is rock and ballad.
  • He has a wide vocal range and can use nasal voice very well.
  • He used to be the former leader of IZ. However, due to busy schedules and intense vocal training, Hyunjun takes the responsibility as the leader.

IZ Junyoung Profile

IZ Junyoung
Source: Dispatch

Birth name: Lee Junyoung (이준영)

Stage name: Junyoung (준영)

Birthday: September 23, 2000

Zodiac: Libra

Blood Type: O

Height: 179 cm

Nationality: Korean

Position in IZ: Bassist, Maknae

Facts about IZ Junyoung

  • He graduated from School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in Seoul and goes to Global Cyber University for pursuing major in Broadcasting and Entertainment.
  • He learned clarinet before he learned Bass.
  • His nickname is oldest youngest because he seems older than other members, but he’s actually the maknae.
  • He has a habit of holding his temple when he thinks.
  • He loves bread and pizza and dislikes pineapple.

IZ Official Debut

After spending years of training, IZ finally debuted on September 17th, 2019. The band performed their first lead single “All I Want” from their first mini-album at Mnet’s M Countdown. In a simple stage set and all dressed in red, they managed to stole hearts of new ILUVs. In overall, they have received positive response from Korean music enthusiasts. Many of the viewers think they are genuinely talented and has a lot of potential to be successful in their next comebacks.

IZ Fandom Name (ILUV) and Its Meaning

IZ Fandom
Source: MyAsianArtist

The band name was IZ and pronounced like the word “ice” in English and “aijeu” in Korean. Many fans would interpret the meaning of the name as the band who are “cool as ice”.

The fandom name of IZ is “ILUV”. It is a  combination of the word “IZ” and “Love (stylized as LUV)”, which directly refers to the people who really love and support IZ.  Their official color was Blue Topaz, Clover and Star White.

IZ Singles and Music Videos

Since their debut in 2017, IZ has released two mini-albums and four single albums. Throughout of their group career, they have released nine single tracks with music videos. Here are some of the well-known singles from IZ that you need to know.

“All You Want”

“All You Want” was the first song IZ released as a band. Pursuing a different concept from other K-pop bands, the song added a little bit of rap, jazz and funk, which made IZ sounded a bit unique and different. Many people were pretty impressed with their debut song. In the comment section, many people described IZ as “talented”


After the success of “All I Want”, IZ released another single and MV titled “Angel” taken from their second mini-album. Despite pursuing a darker concept compared to their previous single, IZ was able to display their versatility in making music. The song has a mixture rock and J-rock vibes with a catchy chorus. According to YouTube comments, many listeners describe the track as “an underrated bop”, hence they believed the song needed more exposure.


“Eden” has a more blasting rock and roll vibe compared to any other previous songs that IZ has released. All members rocking in black outfits, which made the whole ambience of the music video seemed to be a lot darker. The video has successfully gained more than 60.000 views and most of the comments came from South American countries.

“Final Kiss”

Through this track, IZ was able to showcase their bright and cheerful side. “Final Kiss” is a  summer track that described how did it felt like to end summer fling with one romantic last kiss. The music video was IZ’s first music video that was able to surpassed more than 100,000 views on YouTube. A lot of K-rock enthusiasts were generally pleased with the song and the music video.


Shortly after the success of “Final Kiss”, IZ released another single titled “Memento”. It was a heart-wrenching love confession song that would make all the girls swoon over. Overall, the song was a success, as it became the first IZ song that entered Gaon music charts.


“The Day”

To produce “The Day”, IZ has collaborated with Sweetune, Korean music producer team. Despite collaborating, the band did not lose their rock identity. Having slower beats than other songs, Hyunjun and Jihoo were able to offer polished and powerful performance. The dramatic guitar solo at the bridge also made the song sounded more loud and brave, in spite of having tame melody. The 90s-inspired track also got a lot of praise from fans, which they thought the song as “impeccable” and “long-lasting”.

“Say Yes”

In order to further showcase their versatility, IZ presented “Say Yes” to display their ability to bring out sad and heartbreaking songs. Beautifully presented through their monochrome music video, the song presented a whole different level of sadness with piano opening along with guitar riffs. Written and produced by Jihoo and Hyunjun, the song sounded so personal and touching. By listening to the song, fans also thought that IZ deserved more appreciation in the Korean music industry.

“Missing U”

Listening to “Missing You” always felt like going to “square one” as it sounded similar to IZ’s debut song “All You Want”. The combination of rap and rock presented by IZ would simply never fail to impress. The aesthetic music video made the track even more lively and enjoyable to listen. Despite having less than 100,000 views, many fans still praised the song as they were amazed with Hyunjun’s rap and Jihoo’s vocals.

IZ Award Wins

IZ Awards
Source: VLive

Being a rookie rock band, IZ has made several achievements in the Korean music scene.  In the span of their career, so far IZ have won three music awards.

Here’s the complete list of IZ’s achievements.

Year Awards Category Result
2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards New Hallyu Rookie Awards Won
2019 Korean Culture Entertainment Awards K-pop Singer Award Won
2020 The Fact Music Awards Band Performer of The Year Won


That’s you all the information you have to know about IZ, the emerging South Korean Pop/Rock band by Music K Entertainment. After reading this article, you already get a detailed picture of the group and and its respective members.

So, what do you think about IZ? Among the four members, which one is your favorite?