Full Story of Ex-KARA’s Young-ji (Dating, Solo Career, Bully, Instagram, and Why She Left KARA)


Young-ji’s Being Bullied

Heo Youngji bullied

On December 22, 2018, E Channel aired a special Christmas-themed talk show about first love, and celebrity panelists of varying ages discussed their real-life stories about teenage romance. Heo Young-ji shared she had a painful memory because the head of her clique at the time liked the same guy she did, which resulted in her being bullied by other members of the group.

Young-ji’s Dating News, Who is Her Boyfriend?

Heo Youngji dating news

Heo Young-ji was revealed to be dating Guckkasten’s Ha Hyun-woo on February 28, 2018, which was been confirmed by DSP Media and Interpark the following day. Initial reports revealed they got closer during tvN’s “Shadow Singer”, as they became fellow panel members from July to November, 2017, and have even met each other’s parents. Heo Young-ji and Ha Hyun-woo’s ages are 13 years apart. 

Young-ji’s Interaction with KARA Members

KARA with Heo Youngji

In an interview, Heo Young-ji shared her affection for her former KARA members.

“I still keep in touch with the other members. They give me a lot of support. They’re the type to quietly watch over me. It was like that when we were KARA, too. When I contact them when I’m having a really difficult time, they support me.”

Heo Young-ji revealed she gets nervous and her face turns red every time they met meet. For her, KARA is precious, because it’s the team which made her now. She says that she still listens to KARA music, even now.

“It’s not because I’m uncomfortable, but I get nervous because I like them so much. My face gets red when they ask me, ‘Young Ji, have you been doing well?’ When they’re in front of me, I start acting cute without thinking, and become like a baby.”

Young-ji’s Instagram Feeds

heo Youngji instagram

Heo Young-ji’s instagram account is full of selfies. She also updates her instagram with her own schedule and photoshoots, and promotes her boyfriend’s songs.

Heo Young-ji also shared photos that show her love for food. She could be a food blogger because of the beautiful photos she takes.



Young-ji’s Latest News 2019

Heo Youngji latest news

Heo Young-ji is busy with her individual schedule. She performed at the “2018 Brazil K-Content Expo”, which was held on November 2 and 3, 2018.

On her Instagram account, she shared that she’s becoming an MC for a show, but the show’s details still unknown.

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