Complete Information About Starship Entertainment (Company Profile, All Artist, and Best Videos)



If we are talking about soloist in Starship Entertainment, the first name that will pop up is going to be K. Will. In his early year, K.Will was under Big Hit Entertainment before moving to Starship Entertainment. In South Korea music industry, K.Will is known as the Prince of OST due to his massive participation in singing drama soundtracks.

Throughout his career, K.Will has released four studio albums, namely Left Heart (2007), Missing You (2009), The Third Album Part 1 (2012) and Part 2 (2013), and The 4th Album Part 1 [Nonfiction] (2017) and Part. 2 [Mood Indigo] (2018) and six mini-albums, namely Dropping the Tears (2009), My Heart Beating (2011), I Need You (2012), Will In Fall (2013), One Fine Day (2014), and [RE:] (2015).

Previously known as the main vocalist of SISTAR, Soyou now ventures as a female soloist under Starship Entertainment. After singing countless soundtracks for dramas and singles, Soyou finally debuted as a solo singer with her first mini-album Re:Born which is released on December 13, 2017. Her second mini-album Re:Fresh was released on October 4, 2018, and received recognition from the public as well.

After joining survival show Produce 101 Season 2, Jeong Sewoon geared up to be a young male soloist-songwriter under Starship Entertainment. He debuted on August 31, 2017, with title track Just U which is produced by GroovyRoom and features rapper Sik-K.

Throughout his career, Jeong Sewoon has been nominated as Artist of the Year and Best New Male Artist on the 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2017, New Artist of the Year and Global Popularity Award on the 32nd Golden Disc Awards and won Rising Star Award on the 2nd Asia Artist Awards and Best OST on the 2nd Soribada Best K-Music Awards. Currently, Jeong Sewoon has released four mini-albums, namely Part. 1 Ever (2017), Part. 2 After (2018), Another (2018), and Plus Minus Zero (2019).

Actors and Actress under King Kong by Starship

Not only musicians, but Starship Entertainment also has their own acting company King Kong by Starship which they acquired in 2015. Originally named as King Kong Entertainment, the agency was relaunched as King Kong by Starship upon the merger of the businesses of the two companies.

Currently, King Kong by Starship houses many actors and actresses who may already familiar to the public, such as Chae Soo-bin, Lee Dong-wook, Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Elijah, Dasom, and Yoo Yeon-seok. Besides those names, the company also becomes the home of Cho Yoon-woo, Kim Bum, Oh Ah-yeon, Lee Mi-yeon, Kim Ji-won, Yoon Jin-yi, Shin Seung-ho, Jo Yoon-hee, Im Soo-jung,  Park Min-woo, and many more.

Best 3 of Starship’s Most Viewed Music Videos


It is undeniable that SISTAR is one of the core artists that makes Starship Entertainment to survive and even prosper in the current music industry. Thus, the total views of their music videos remain as the highest in StarshipTV, the official YouTube channel of Starship Entertainment which has uploaded 1,232 videos and gained more than 3,5 million subscribers from all around the world.

The first Starship Entertainment’s most viewed music video is none other than the music video of Alone by SISTAR.

Released way back in 2012, Alone already has more than 95 million views. We believe that the reason why Alone receives so much love is due to its alluring nature and was the first sexy dark concept done by SISTAR, not forget to mention that the song is totally ear-catching from the first note.

We move backward to 2011 when Ma Boy by SISTAR’s sub-unit SISTAR 19 was released as it gained more than 81 million views.

Despite already released for more than seven years ago, Ma Boy which was sung by Hyorin and Bora still becomes the public’s well-loved track for its sexy yet playful vibe. That’s what we call as a timeless bop!

Lastly, Touch My Body which was one of the popular summer tracks by SISTAR, becomes another most viewed music video on Starship Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

Released in 2014, Touch My Body exposed SISTAR members’s beautiful body line as they dance near the swimming pool, showing their glowing vibe that could make other women envy. Simply speaking, Touch My Body is a happy-go-lucky music video that will cheer you up, hence its high views.

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