All You Need to Know About BTS Jungkook Brother, Latest News, and BTS Upcoming Projects!


Latest News About Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook Buys Something Which is Super Expensive?

According to some real estate industry workers, Jungkook was reported to have bought a property at the famous, luxurious Seoul Forest Trimage. He bought an apartment in the luxury complex in October, 2018. The apartmentcost around 1.95 billion ₩ (approximately  $1.74 million USD). He was also alleged to have bought the apartment in cash!

Seoul Forest Trimage is known as a popular apartment complex among the idols. Previously, another member of BTS, Jhope, had also purchased an apartment at the same property, back in 2016. There are other idols who have homes there, too, like Siwon and Heechul from Super Junior, Girls Generation’s Sunny, JYJ’s Jaejoong, Highlight’s Yoon Junhyung, Block B’s Park Kyung, and Girls Day Yura.

Some actors are also known to reside the apartment complex, such as Seo Kang Joon, Park Si Hoo, Son Jin Chang and his Oh Yeon Seo couple, Kim Ji Hoon, Kim Ji Suk and Kim Sang Joon. Because there are so many artists that live there, Seoul Forest Trimage has been called Celebrity Town.

Big Hit’s Statement About the News

After Biz Hankook’s report that Jungkook bought the apartment back in October, 2018, Big Hit Entertainment give their response to the news, by stating “We cannot confirm or deny whether BTS’s Jungkook has bought an apartment, because that is a matter of our personal artist personal privacy.”

“The members of BTS are currently living in a dorm. We feel its better to err on the side of caution when talking about the member’s future living arrangements because this is also an issue of personal privacy.” They continued.

Recent Activity With BTS

Jungkook’s recent activity this month with BTS included the Love Yourself World Tour and attending the Seoul Music Awards for 2019.

On January 11, BTS headed from Incheon airport to Nagoya, Japan, to held their Love Yourself World Tour concert on the next day. The concert went smoothly, without any problem.

Here are some photos of Jungkook during LY Nagoya:

On January 14, the group returned to Korea to rest for awhile, because the next day they attended the Seoul Music Awards 2019. Then, on January 15, BTS arrived at the ceremony, and walked the Red Carpet. Here are some of the photos:

BTS gave a spectacular performance during the awards, even the other idols were impressed by it! They won several awards in different categories, but They still looked  really exhausted by the end of their performance. That seemed especially true for Jungkook, who collapsed after coming down from the stage and had to be helped to walk by the staff there. We hope everything will be okay soon and BTS will take a good rest.

Here are some of the photos and video of Jungkook and the other members during the performance:

After two days of rest, BTS continued their schedule on January 18, which was Love Yourself Tour in Singapore, but this time they took a private jet, so it would safer and without any sassaeng’s.

The concert was held at the National Stadium the day after they arrived. The concert went well, and Jungkook looked healthier and more energetic than before! Here are the videos of him at the concert:

BTS’s Upcoming Projects?

For the upcoming projects, the group’s new game, called BTS WORLD, will finally released! They’ve been releasing teasers for the game since 2017, but the release date kept getting postponed due to a lot of the content that will be served in the game.

BTS WORLD is a cinematic game that was developed by Netmarbel Games. In the game we will be playing as one of the BTS member’s manager, and leading their journey until they became a successful idol in the future. This game will also include more than 100 video clips, and 10.000 photos of the massive K-pop outfits, with a soundtrack that BTS would sing and create. Here is the teaser below:

Because the release date has been delayed so many times, ARMY’s have already started speculating that the game was being cancelled. But then, on January 28,, Netmarble teased with new information about the game.

They make a Twiiter account for the game and dropped the teaser. The teaser showed BTS’s logo, and simply said Coming Soon. They also created an official website. If you guys want to know more about the account, you can search on Twitter for the username @BTSW_official, and for the website you can go to

So ARMY, are you ready for the game? make sure to stay tuned!