All You Need to Know About BTS Jungkook Brother, Latest News, and BTS Upcoming Projects!


Get Closer With BTS Jungkook

The youngest member of the Korean superstar boy-group BTS has capturing people’s hearts around the world because of his charm, stage presence, and good attitudes towards other people. He’s been referred to as the “Golden Maknae”, since he can do a lot of things besides singing and dancing, and because of this, Jungkook has become the most popular member in BTS, with the largest personal fanbase.

Jungkook and his other hyung in BTS have already achieved so many things over the past two years, like being the first group from Korea that attended and won an award at the BBMA’s, twice. They debuted on stage at AMA’s, made it to the top of Billboards World Charts, gave an exclusive speech at the United Nations, and other remarkable and noteworthy experiences.

Jungkook isn’t the only son in his family who’s popular among the fans, though. His older brother is also someone who gets a lot fan attention. Want to know why? Let’s dig up more information about Jungkook’s older brother!

Jungkook’s Older Brother

His brother’s name is Jeon Junghyun, and his exact year of birth is uncertain among Armys (BTS fandom). Some of them say that he’s same age as J-hope and RM, who were both born in 1994, but others believe Junhyung is the same age as Jimin and V, who were born in 1995.

His profession is still unknown, since Jungkook never publicly talks about his family.

Junghyun’s Personal Social Media

Jungkook’s older brother, Junhyung, had his own social media accounts on Instagram and Youtube. His first account was @jeon576, but it was deleted after one of Jungkook’s photos was leaked from his private Instagram account, causing rumors to fly.

He made a comeback with a new account, @je0n92o, and he mostly posted about his own drawings and short animations. But sadly, he decided to deactivate that account, too, without any further information about his reasons why.

Junhyung actually had a YouTube account, too, but he ended up deleting that one, as well.

Here are some of the photos  and videos that he used to have on his account:



Latest News from Jungkook

A new Song Cover

The Golden Maknae of BTS, Jungkook, released another cover song. Back on December 20 he shared a short video on Twitter, about himself covering a snippet of his favorite singer, IU, with her sentimental ballad called “Ending Scene”. In the caption he also wrote “I got confused at the end and went off pitch..” and added the hashtag #pleasebeunderstanding.

Around the 23rd of January, Jungkook shared not just one, but two, different versions of the full cover of “Ending Scene” by IU on SoundCloud. “Ending Scene” was a song from IU’s single album “Palette”, in 2017, and was composed by Sam Kim.

In each version of the cover, Jungkook displays a different vocal arrangement of the poignant ballad. He made the arrangements himself, and was accompanied by by Mikyeong from MKS Piano. For the last touch, it was mixed and mastered by BTS’s longtime collaborator, Pdogg.

Here are both versions of the “Ending Scene” cover, below:

Version 1

Version 2