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Everything You Need To Know About IMFACT Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performance and Many More!


Find Out More About South Korean Boy Group IMFACT

South Korea is famous for a variety of entertainment industries that are very well known to all countries in the world. Starting from K-Drama, K-Pop, make-up, fashion, and so on. In this article, we invite you to get to know a boy group that has made its debut but is arguably still quite underrated. This boy group debuted under Star Empire Entertainment, one of the agencies that is quite famous because it has previously succeeded in debuting several well-known K-Pop groups, such as Nine Muses, ZE:A, and many others.

One of the K-Pop groups under Star Empire debuted in 2016 with five members, they have managed to slowly but surely make popularity in the Hallyu wave and get wide attention from many K-Pop fans as well as appreciation from many people. Now, we are going to find out more information about the boy group named IMFACT and also their career from debut to date. If you are curious about them, just scroll down below to find out more about IMFACT!

IMFACT Members Profile


In this session below, we will learn to get to know more about IMFACT’s members full profile, their identity until the members fun facts that you should know!

IMFACT Jian Profile

Real Name : Lee Dae-kwang (hangul: 이대광), but he legally changed his name to Lee Ji-an (hangul: 이지안)

Stage Name : Jian (hangul: 지안)

Birth : November 8, 1993

Star Sign : Scorpio

Blood Type : O

Height : 174 cm (5’8”)

Position of the group : Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Official Site : Instagram ( @jiifan118 )

IMFACT Jian Facts

  1. IMFACT’s Jian can speak 2 languages; Korean and Japanese
  2. IMFACT’s Jian was a backup dancer for B1A4 and Juniel
  3. IMFACT’s Jian’s specialties are choreographing and making rap part of their song
  4. IMFACT’s Jian’s hobby is reading history books
  5. IMFACT’s Jian is in charge as the mom of the group
  6. IMFACT’s Jian cooks for the members and also wakes the members up
  7. IMFACT’s Jian joined as the contestant of survival program, ‘The Unit’
  8. IMFACT’s Jian eliminated from ‘The Unit’ on his latest rank at the 49th place

IMFACT Jeup Profile

Real Name :  Park Je-up (hangul: 박제업)

Stage Name : Jeup (hangul: 제업)

Birth : March 27, 1993

Star Sign : Aries

Blood Type : A

Weight : 54 kg (119 lbs)

Height : 169 cm (5’6″)

Position of the group : Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual, Face of the Group

Official Account :

  • Instagram : @je_up2
  • Twitch : up2up2

IMFACT Jeup Facts

  1. IMFACT’s Jeup’s specialties are martial arts and skiing
  2. IMFACT’s Jeup hobby is exercising
  3. IMFACT’s Jeup has practiced Taekwondo for 10 years and also martial arts for 3 years
  4. IMFACT’s Jeup can speak 2 languages; which is Korean and Japanese
  5. IMFACT’s Jeup favorite nickname given to him is ‘vocal king
  6. IMFACT’s Jeup has a driving licence
  7. IMFACT’s Jeup also participated as the contestant of ‘The Unit’
  8. IMFACT’s Jeup ranked on the 11th place of ‘The Unit’ and got eliminated before can debut with the group
  9. IMFACT’s Jeup appeared on ‘I Can See Your Voice: Season 4’ but he got eliminated
  10. IMFACT’s Jeup has tattoos, which is cherry blossom on his wrist and also lilies on his lower arm

IMFACT Taeho Profile

Real Name : Kim Wo-jin, but he legally changed it to Kim Tae-ho (hangul: 김태호)

Stage Name : Taeho (hangul: 태호)

Birth : November 1, 1993

Star Sign : Scorpio

Blood Type : O

Weight : 56 kg (123 lbs)

Height : 172 cm (5’8”)

Position of the group : Main Dancer, Main Vocalist

Official Site : Instagram ( @11taeho_1 )

IMFACT Taeho Facts

  1. IMFACT’s Taeho specialties are choreographing, writing lyrics and composing
  2. IMFACT’s Taeho hobby is cooking
  3. IMFACT’s Taeho has given nickname from Sang, which is Thanos
  4. IMFACT’s Taeho can speak 2 languages; Korean and Japanese
  5. IMFACT’s Taeho is the member of the group who can’t succesfully do a cartwheel
  6. IMFACT’s Taeho takes a lot of time to get ready
  7. IMFACT’s Taeho has a driving license
  8. IMFACT’s Taeho only needed a hairdryer, mirror and an iron if he was ever stranded
  9. IMFACT’s Taeho did a scream while warming up for vocal training
  10. IMFACT’s Taeho also participated as a contestant of ‘The Unit’
  11. IMFACT’s Taeho has been eliminated at the rank of 27th position from ‘The Unit’
  12. IMFACT’s Taeho likes Queen and Freddie Mercury
  13. IMFACT’s Taeho appeared on a show ‘Scienstar Q’ that was aired on EBSkids
  14. IMFACT’s Taeho has a motto that he will do thinks to the very end of his life

IMFACT Sang Profile

Real Name : Lee Sang (hangul: 이상)

Stage Name : Sang (hangul: 상)

Birth : October 17, 1995

Star Sign : Libra

Blood Type : B

Height : 176 cm (5’9″)

Position of the group : Lead Vocalist, Visual

Official Site :

  • Instagram ( )
  • Youtube channel ( 무적이상 Lee Sang )

IMFACT Sang Facts

  1. IMFACT’s Sang’s specialties are composing, playing the guitar and writing lyrics
  2. IMFACT’s Sang hobbies are listening to music and exercising
  3. IMFACT’s Sang’s can speak 3 languages; Korean, English and Japanese
  4. IMFACT’s Sang’s father is a friend of the CEO of Star Empire and he knows Sang since he was still 3 years old
  5. IMFACT’s Sang officially being a trainee since in the 3rd year when he’s still being in a middle school
  6. IMFACT’s Sang has appeared as a role in various K-Dramas, such as Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (as cameo on episode 14), Longing Heart ( as cameo), Four Types of Houses and My First Love
  7. IMFACT’s Sang has also sing a soundtrack for the K-Drama titled My First Love (2018)

IMFACT Ungjae  Profile

Real Name : Na Ung-jae (hangul: 나웅재)

Stage Name : Ung-jae (hangul: 웅재)

Birth : May 28, 1998

Star Sign : Gemini

Blood Type : B

Weight : 57 kg (126 lbs)

Height : 174 cm (5’9″)

Position of the group : Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Official Site : Insagram ( @hellogloom )

IMFACT Ungjae Facts

  1. IMFACT’S Ungjae specialties are composing and writing lyrics
  2. IMFACT’S Ungjae’s hobby is playing piano
  3. IMFACT’S Ungjae can speak 2 languages; Korean and Japanese
  4. IMFACT’S Ungjae has a lisp
  5. IMFACT’S Ungjae likes pink as his favorite color
  6. IMFACT’S Ungjae also participated as a contestant on ‘The Unit’
  7. IMFACT’S Ungjae got eliminated from ‘The Unit’ before can debut with the group as final line-up
  8. IMFACT’S Ungjae is bestfriend with ASTRO’s Moonbin
  9. IMFACT’S Ungjae has a tattoo on his left side arm written with by ’11.37’ in Roman numerals

MV Through The Years

IMFACT debuted with a song and music video titled “Lollipop,” which evokes a pop image with a very youthful concept. The video is full of bright colors, down to the pink and turquoise hair of three of the members; and the song is simple, repetitive, and also very bright, a perfect mix for the pop song they just released. However, the song’s background is more influenced by R&B and jazz, as would be expected from Star Empire Entertainment, with lots of harmonies, trumpet lines, and bonded high notes. It gives off a bit of a more classic feel than the current modern trend of using hip-hop influences for pop songs.

The concept of IMFACT’s debut music video with “Lollipop” is full of good fun. The members showed off their dancing and singing skills, martial arts, and abs, and we watched a cheerful and uplifting video clip whose setting really feels realistic and logical, and is paired with a catchy and cheerful song. The videos are mostly high school sets and outfits for the members, which seem to suit them well.

They are able to act and sing innocently without any problem, and as the scene shifts to a more relaxed atmosphere like campus, it is a natural development that acts to add more fan viewers. The boy’s show easily appealed to teenagers and fans in their 20s hitting two birds with one stone. The lyrics of the song also managed to attract more ages, being very innocent but still charming.

The “Lollipop” music video has a concept of showing off, the bromance elements that fans love so much can’t be left out. In the middle of playing in the changing room of the middle school, three members gang up on another member, Sang, and try to take his clothes off half-heartedly. When Sang finally frees himself, he runs into the naked body of the remaining member—the super attractive Je-up—whose official hobby is exercising. They also try to dip Ji-an with a bucket of water into the washroom wall, and Jeup shows off a very impressive front flip in front of the class, which unsurprisingly gets everyone excited.

The jazzy aspect of the song is reinforced by the attractive voice of Taeho, the main vocalist who is hoarse, and Ungjae, the maknae with the deepest voice. It is also clear that the five members can sing quite well. Jeup picks up most of the background high notes throughout the song and Taeho also shows off as he sings an impressive final high note accompanied by a Michael Jackson dance. Even though they are still rookies and can definitely improve further, IMFACT has a lot of musical talents to work with for their next career or comeback.

Stage Performances

After discussing the concept as well as the music video from IMFACT when they debuted, now is the time for us to see some of their stage performances that can be seen until their last comeback. As previously known, IMFACT debuted with “Lollipop” (Hangul: 롤리팝) in 2016. The music video shows young people who go to school, but also show their freedom as teenagers who have unique hairstyles and also dress like ‘rebels’.

With the unique RnB and Hip-Hop music, IMFACT synergized well on stage with their very cheerful debut song followed by the fans’ passionate fan chants. The choreography they brought to “Lollipop” also looks very fresh and playful. Besides that, each member of IMFACT who was very energetic showed their very powerful stage performance at that time plus some back dancers who came to enliven their performance.

In 2017, IMFACT returned with their new single for a comeback with a song titled “Tension Up” (Hangul: 텐션 업). Their song is one of the comebacks that IMFACT fans have been waiting for. Slightly different from their debut song, IMFACT with their outfit concept which is still powerful, made a comeback that took place on the stage of M! Countdown on April 6th, 2017, with a style that is still powerfully combined with music with a pop-electric genre that can be heard clearly from the chant of “Tension Up…” Besides that, fans were also very excited to enliven IMFACT’s comeback at that time.

In 2018, IMFACT came back with their comeback that was different from the previous one again. The song that was released for their comeback that year was “The Light” (Hangul: 빛나). The song was different from usual because at the beginning of the song it sounded at a moderate tempo, then after the chorus, the song sounded faster than usual. But it did not diminish their performance. At that time, IMFACT still looked energetic and powerful in delivering their comeback in front of the fans.

In 2019, IMFACT came with their latest song for a comeback with the title “Only U.” With several individual teasers, both images and music video teasers, finally, IMFACT made their comeback with “Only U.” This song also sounded a little different from their previously released songs. It sounds fresher with the vocals of each member and also the rap part that fits perfectly with each of the fan chants. This song has a medium tempo and yet still features quite an energetic choreography from each member as well as a number of back dancers present to enliven the performance at that time.

In 2020, IMFACT made their comeback by releasing a single titled “Lies.” With a concept that is somewhat more mellow than before, each member of IMFACT sings live on stage with a deep appreciation of each lyric. “Lie” is a song that expresses someone’s disappointment with the lies of their loved ones. The genre of this song doesn’t seem that different from the previous songs and is quite a treat for fans who miss IMFACT’s new appearance this year.

On January 25th, 2016, at noon, the agency Star Empire posted the official teaser video of their debut song “Lollipop” through IMFACT’s official SNS channel. IMFACT released a teaser video for each member at noon every day, starting with more than a member since January 18th, 2016. This video partially released the track “Shine” of the debut album Lollipop, and showed the versatile charm of each member, raising the expectation for the debut.

In the released video, Impact showed ‘IMFACT Table School Look’ with a school uniform styling reminiscent of fresh boys. In particular, by releasing a part of their debut song “Lollipop,” the sweet boys have announced a sortie in the music industry. The rookie group IMFACT is a five-member boy group consisting of five members: Jian, Jeup, Taeho, Lee Sang, and Ungjae. IMFACT’s debut song “Lollipop” is a self-written song written and composed by member Ungjae. In particular, it is a song that expresses the situation in which a boy, who discovers his ideal type with a jazz-like brass based on house, dashes to a woman who fell in love at first sight.

One day ahead of IMFACT’s debut, Star Empire CEO Shin Joo-hak said, “IMFACT’s debut came a day ahead. As it is a group that has prepared for a long time, it will show more than expected.” He said, “We will not spare full support so that an impact with various possibilities and potentials can grow.”

Ten months after their debut, IMFACT finally made their first comeback. They returned fresh and lively from the debut song “Lollipop” and now wearing charisma and singing about youth. IMFACT is a group with a concept full of youth. They also had a lot of laughter, worries and were full of passion to run for their dreams. The members said, “I feel like I’m making my debut again because of the long blank period.”

Latest News

IMFACT is one of the boy groups who are the most diligent in creating content on social media to just greet their fans. On the sidelines of their busy schedule, each individual member provides their latest content which is shared on YouTube or Instagram. Since there is no comeback or other promotion schedule yet, IMFACT is active enough to be present on social media to keep in touch with their fans.

Now, without further ado let’s hurry and scroll down to see more of IMFACT latest news and also the latest content on their social media!

On September 7th, 2020, IMFACT’s Taeho shared one of his newest content for fans by singing a cover song from 10CM titled “Phonecert.” In this post, there were 4,000 more likes on Instagram and the cover song video seen on YouTube received 528 likes uploaded on IMFACT’s Taeho’s personal YouTube channel. The video has been watched by 2,692 viewers.

Let’s watch IMFACT’s Taeho’s video doing a cover song of 10CM’s “Phonecert,” below:

On September 26th, 2020, IMFACT’s Lee Sang uploaded a recent photo on his personal Instagram with a photo of a room of his. The photo received as many as 785 likes from his fans.

On September 20th, 2020, IMFACT’s Jian uploaded a new photo to his personal Instagram with the caption, “The autumn weather is so good.” The photo received 1,014 likes as of today.

On September 13th, 2020, IMFACT’s Jeup uploaded one of the photos that got as many as 4,056 likes. In the photo, there is a very long caption that reads:

Lee Byung, Park Jae-up.

Busy studying for exams…

I thought it would be okay to use my body in the military, but I had a lot of trouble using my head.

I memorize the lyrics of the song well, but I have a lot of trouble because I have a lot of shorthand.

When I was in school, it was difficult to get around 80, let alone 100. No, I told you to get 100 anyway.

Half abandonment status.

Still gaining weight.

Currently, 61 kg is scheduled to start next week.

All snacks are prohibited.

I’m already eating three cans of chicken stew.

I’m practicing a lot of singing in karaoke.

Songs being updated (Snowman, April Snow, Rose, etc.)

Shopping enthusiast Stuffed up, I’m so anxious because I couldn’t shop, so I’m collecting all kinds of Locations (military T-shirts)…

Lee Sang, Park Jae-up’s recent status!

The picture shows the shoes I wanted to wear while shopping before.

On July 13th, 2020, the agency that oversees IMFACT, Star Empire, confirmed that Jeup will enter the military on July 27th, 2020. This guy born in 1993 will serve in the military as an active soldier. Jeup is the oldest member of IMFACT and also the first member of the group to enlist. He debuted in 2016 as a member of IMFACT and has shown his vocal skills in shows such as I Can See Your Voice 4.

In 2017, four members of IMFACT, namely Jeup, Jian, Taeho, and Ungjae participated in the KBS survival program The Unit. They all passed the audition, but unfortunately, none of them entered the final group. Jeup himself at that time became the IMFACT member who lasted the longest until he was eliminated at No. 11.

Besides that, on July 27th, 2020, Jeup also wrote a caption on the photo uploaded to IMFACT’s official Instagram with the translation given below:

The wonderful friendship impact that made Jeup’s enlistment together👍

Group photo with impact that is hard to see for the time being

Revealed for IF!!


[From. Jeup]

I will go well and healthy with you.


#Imfact #Jeup

Well, those are the complete profiles and detailed information of the South Korean boy group under Star Empire Entertainment, IMFACT! By having as many as five members, IMFACT has great potential to become increasingly popular in the entertainment industry. Each member also has his own outstanding qualities and talents that have been demonstrated on variety shows. Even though IMFACT is now more busy with their respective schedules, let’s wish them the best and continue to support IMFACT so that they can get more appreciation and come back as soon as possible in the near future!