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Im Won-hee

Everything You Need To Know About Im Won-hee Full Profile, Dramas, Etc

Byeol Korea will discuss in more detail and complete the profile of an actor who comes from South Korea, which is Im Won-hee. The actor who was born in 1970 made his debut on 1998 on the movie and  become an actor who has starred in several K-Dramas, such as Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), Melting Me Softly (2019), Wok of Love (2018), Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (2017), Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) and many more.

Let’s check out more information about Im Won-hee full profile and several appearances on K-Dramas in this article below!

Im Won-hee Full Profile

Im Won-hee

Real Name : Im Won-hee (hangul: 임원희)

Birth : Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, Suyudong, October 11, 1970

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 173cm

Weight : 68 kg

Blood Type : A

Religion : Buddhist

Occupation : Actor

Education :

  • Suyu Middle School
  • Shinil High School
  • Seoul Arts University Dept. of Theater C class

Agency: ZenStar Entertainment

Im Won-hee Career Journey

Im Won-hee is an actor from South Korea. He is the youngest siblings with 3 brothers. When he was three or four years old, he once said that he had a larger head size than the width of his shoulders. Born in Seoul and being a student in Seoul National University of the Arts, he was in the same university with  Shin Dong-yeop and the legendary Seoul pre-existence theater and 90’s class lines that dominate the film industry. According to his juniors, he was far from a gag at the time. It was the scene in which he first made his name known as a detective harassing the protagonist in the second part of director Ryu Seung-wan’s successive work Die Bad (2000) as Detective Lee.

After that, Im Won-hee also appeared in a short film that was released in 2000 titled Dachimawa Lee. In the next year, he starred in Fun Movie (2002) as Hwangbo and participated in various works including Silmido (2003) as Won-hee and other movies as supporting roles. In 2008, reopened as an official movie version, Dachimawa Lee (hangul: 다찌마와 리: 악인이여 지옥행 급행열차를 타라!) and become more famous because of his iconic roles.

Im Won-hee has clear and strong eyes, but unfortunately, from a western point of view, he is not a good looking actor, but a tacky, cute, and comical feeling. It is a bit difficult to take on a serious role. In other words, the role is limited because of the face. That’s why people know him a lot as a comedy actor, and he actually works quite well in gag. Also, because of that, he plays a lot of supporting roles in the movie. She played a very strong supporting role in Silmido (2003), and was a joint film between Korea, China and Japan, Three… Extremes (2004) and appeared with an acting skill as a mad man.

In the drama Legend of the Patriots (2010) that was aired on KBS, he played the role of Kim Joon-beom. In fact , he also played an animation voice actor and appeared with Ryu Seung-beom in a flash animation called Aachi & Ssipak (2006) which is an adult animated comedy and it turned to have a well-reviewed from the public, but not with the box office rating.

Beside his popularity as an actor in movies, Im Won-hee also famous because of his humor and gag skill. He often appeared as a comedian or playing roles with full of humour on his character.

What makes interesting is when Im Won-hee was said to have a similarity to EXID’s Solji because of his appearance on ‘SNL Korea’ and he appeared as EXID’s Solji’s sister on the show.

Meanwhile, EXID’s Solji accepted the fact that her face somehow resembles Im Won-hee as well. As a junior in entertainment industry, EXID’s Solji respected how public made assumption that they are look like a sibling. Since then, Im Won-hee and EXID’s Solji made an appearance in variety show as they become closer and care with each other just like a family. The two has also appeared on SBS’ ‘My Ugly Duckling’ and that was aired on December 2019.

I’m very surprised that there are many female celebrities that have resemble my face. At first it was Shin Se-kyung that was considered to have a look like appearance with me. Then it comes out that you are surprisingly becoming more popular to look like me,” he said while brought the topic of their similarity visual.

EXID’s Solji responded about his statement that she grown up with the nickname as ‘Little Im Won-hee’ and explained that her mother also call her everytime Im Won-hee appeared on the television by saying, “Your brother is on the television.

Im Won-hee and EXID’s Solji getting well with each other through the broadcast and they even trying a switch-face application and turned out they look like a father and daughter who really resembles with each other. They laughed very hard when saw the result from the switch-face application.

Im Won-hee Filmography

Entertainers in South Korea have many opportunities to become as supporting roles and lead roles in K-Dramas and movies. In this profession, anyone who has good acting skills and comes from any background can get the opportunity to play a character if he has basic skills such as acting.

Even though it is not easy to be an actor or actress, this job is very promising because it will have a very good career path if the drama or movie that is released gets a good appreciation or rating after being broadcast. There will be many people who easily recognize actors and actresses in a drama or movie who have impressive acting skills to portray a character.

In the next session, we will take a look at what kind of roles that have been played by actor Im Won-hee in K-Dramas!

Im Won-hee In Dr. Romantic 2

After the success of its first season, the Dr Romantic Series or also known as Dr Romantic Teacher Kim (hangul: 낭만 닥터 김 사부 2) finally continued its second season which was released in January-February 2020 on SBS. Similar to the previous season, this second season was very attractive to viewers and received high ratings. According to Nielsen Korea, this drama won a high rating of up to 22.1 percent. This drama is about two young doctors named Cha Eun-jae (played by Lee Sung-kyung) and Seo Woo-jin (played by Ahn Hyo-seop).

Cha Eun-jae is a second year pulmonary surgeon. She’s a smart and confident doctor. However, she has a trauma that makes her always vomit while surgery. This trauma caused her to get into trouble and was transferred to a regional hospital, the Doldam Hospital. Meanwhile, Seo Woo-jin is a second year general surgeon. He’s a doctor who has skilled surgical skills. He is also an orphan but is very determined to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor.

Kim Sabu, played by Han Suk-Kyu, is a senior general surgeon. He often used unusual methods in operating on patients but the operation was always successful. Thanks to Kim Sabu, the two young doctors were finally able to help each other. Even Cha Eun-jae can overcome the trauma of operating on him.

At Dr. Romantic 2, Im Won-hee plays a character named Jang Gi-tae who works at Doldam Hospital with the position of General Director. In this drama, Jang Gi-tae has a humorous nature amidst a tense storyline or is in big trouble. Besides that, he is a General Director who always wants the best for the hospital and always has a way to promote his workplace. Even though Im Won-hee only plays a supporting role, he has an important role in this drama.

Im Won-hee In Melting Me Softly

Melting Me Softly, who comes from Korea, seems like a good weekend companion to watch. This drama is a fantasy, comedy and romantic genre that makes you laugh and smile to yourself when you see the acting of Ji Chang-wook and Won jin-ah.

Tells the story of a vhow variety PD Ma Dong-chan (played by Ji Chang-wook) who is frozen with Go Mi-ran (played by Won Jin-ah) in a scientific experiment where they should only be frozen for 24 hours. However, the professor who froze them experienced an incident that caused Ma Dong-chan and Go Mi-ran to be frozen for 20 years.

After leaving the freezing project, both of them experienced the dangerous side effect of having to maintain their core body temperature below 33 degrees Celsius to survive. The length of a relationship, even who is together first, does not guarantee that he is our soul mate. As told in this drama, where Ma Dong-chan previously had a partner as a news anchor named Na Ha-young and so did Go Mi-ran who already had a girlfriend Hwang Byung-shim.

Another character is Na Ha-young (played by Yoon Se-ah), Ma Dong-chan’s lover. However, in the next 20 years, Na Ha-young has transformed into someone who is cold, heartless, materialistic, and only cares about his success.

On Melting Me Softly, Im Won-hee played Son Hyeon-gi, one of the staff who worked at the broadcast station. In this drama, Im Won-hee also plays a supporting role that has an important character.

Melting Me Softly (hangul: 날 녹여 주오) was written by Baek Mi-kyung in collaboration with director Shin Woo-chul, who has directed a number of dramas including Lovers in Paris (2004), Secret Garden (2010), and A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012).

The drama also has 16 episodes that follow Ma Dong-chan and Go Mi-ran’s journey. In this drama, the two of them always play scenes that make the audience smile to themselves, from funny fighting to the scene where they kiss that can bring the audience’s feelings.

The end of the story is Go Mi-ran to check her temperature. Dong-chan goes to the internsive care unit, the doctor informs that Go Mi-ran’s temperature has dropped dramatically and the Doctor says that Go Mi-ran is in danger.

Im Won-hee In Wok of Love

In the drama Wok of Love (hangul: 기름진 멜로) which aired on SBS from May 7 to July 17, 2018, Im Won-hee played Wang Choon-soo, a main chef who works at the Chinese Restaurant of Giant Hotel. The actor who is famous for his different characters in each drama is here to become a supporting role that collides directly with Lee Jun-ho, the lead role of this drama.

In the story and characters played by Im Won-hee, Wang Choon-soo is very ambitious to beat Seo Poong (played by Lee Jun-ho) to get a rising star career as a chef who is famous for his excellent skills. In the end, Wang Choon-soo got rid of Seo Poong from the kitchen and got a confrontation from Wang Choon-soo because they are both very talented in cooking.

On the other hand, Seo Poong is also very dedicated to his job as a chef. Despite being confronted by the creepy Wang Choon-soo and also having a more senior career path than himself, Seo Poong still tries hard to work according to his passion and keep honing his skills so he can be the best.

Im Won-hee In Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (hangul: 힘쎈 여자 도봉순) is a drama with the romantic comedy genre, fantasy and action that was successfully played by Park Bo-young, Ji Soo and Park Hyung-sik. Most of these dramas are about Do Bong-soon (played by Park Bo-young) who has special abilities with extraordinary strength from birth. She was met with a love triangle with one of her friends named In Guk-doo (played by Ji Soo) who worked as a police officer and a game company CEO named Ahn Min-hyuk (played by Park Hyung-sik).

Do Bong-soon tries her best to hide the super power she has and wants to live as a normal person. In the midst of this struggle, Do Bong-soon met a big case where a young woman in the area where she lived suddenly disappeared and was kidnapped somewhere. With no intention of exploring the case, Do Bong-soon is instead met with bad people who want to harm him.

In this drama, Im Won-hee plays Baek Soo-tak, a boss who belongs to a criminal group who also targets Do Bong-soon to be defeated. However, her efforts always failed and Baek Soo-tak and his men were repeatedly defeated by Do Bong-soon with the super power she had.

Im Won-hee In Legend of the Blue Sea

Legend of the Blue Sea (hangul: 푸른 바다 의 전설) is a drama that features Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho as the lead roles. This drama was broadcast on SBS from November 2016 until January 2017 with 20 + 1 total episodes. Legend of the Blue Sea is a drama that is quite popular because it presents famous actors and actresses who have also won several awards.

In this drama, Im Won-hee plays a cameo who appears in ep. 19 as a doctor. Although usually Im Won-hee often appears as an antagonist role, he comes with a character full of funny humor as a doctor who is examining Shim Cheong (played by Jun Ji-hyun) who was just shot.

Im Won-hee Appearance In Theater

Not only was he an actor with important roles in several dramas and movies, but Im Won-hee also had time to play with different characters in the theater.

As reported from wikipedia, Im Won-hee has made appearances in several theaters before finally focusing on acting in dramas and movies. Theater titles starring Im Won-hee, such as Rain Man (2009) as Raymond Babbitt, Leave When They’re Applauding (2000), Heotang (1999), Taxi Driver (1997) and Romeo and Juliet (1995).

Im Won-hee In Busted! (Season 2)

Busted! (Season 2) is a variety show that aired on Netflix in 2019. Im Won-hee also appeared as a guest on the variety with other guests, such as Kim Min-jae, Yoon Jong-hoon and Stephanie Lee. The popular actor and actress will be on a mission as a detective from the Seoul District Police Office who is investigating a case and becomes the rival of the private detective who will be presented.

Im Won-hee Divorce

As reported from The Korea Times, Im Won-hee has married to an actress who is 10 years younger than him. He didn’t want to publicizing the news since it will make his former spouse feel uncomfortable because of the news. Im Won-hee married with his previous wife in 2011 and divorce on 2014. He was reportedly agreed to divorce since they didn’t have any interest with each other anymore and due to many conflicts they have to face.

Im Won-hee Latest Appearance In Park Jang’s-LOL

In the 7th episode of SBS ‘Park Jang’s LOL’ which aired on the June 25, 2020, Park Na-rae and Im Won-hee challenged wakesurfing. Park Na-rae and Im Won-hee appeared after changing their outfits. Park Na-rae said, “I followed the hip couple nowadays,” and said that she followed the couple look of HyunA and Dawn. Park Na-rae and Im Won-hee sometimes call each other Dawn and HyunA.

In addition, Park Na-rae said, “There is a 2 second skill. It is a skill that removes the opponent’s soul within 2 seconds. It is not easy to appeal at a drinking party with a lot of people, but there is a way to appeal without notice. If you make eye contact after looking at the person you are interested in, ask them to smile and look away for more than 2 seconds.”

The next course was wake surfing. Kim Yong-il, a former wakeboard national player appeared to helped them to go on surfing together.

Im Won-hee Appeared On SBS Running Man

This episode of Running Man will feature challenges with unique and challenging treasure hunting missions. The preview show which was released on October 18, 2020, the episode footage with the theme of treasure hunting fits perfectly with this guest star who is also an actor who plays a grave robbery expert.

On October 18, 2020, this Korean variety show aired a new preview of the upcoming episode featuring guest stars Lee Je-hoon and Im Won-hee. The two actors will star in the upcoming heist movie Collectors as master grave robbers, and in keeping with the theme of their film, the next episode of Running Man will feature an exciting treasure hunt.

The preview video starts with the Running Man cast arriving at the grave site filled with priceless treasures. In this video it also shows the excitement of the conversation between the guest stars and the MCs who guide the variety show. This looks very harmonious because the MCs and guest stars are good at bringing the atmosphere with them. their typical chat and jokes.

In the preview video as a teaser for the upcoming Running Man episode, Lee Je-hoon and Im Won-hee acted as a striking ornate entrance. It’s the same trick as when they joined the cast members who had already joined the cemetery community. In this mission they are also challenged to identify whether the treasure they got is real treasure.

Well, those are articles which explain about South Korean actors, Im Won-hee. For readers who often watch K-Drama, surely you will be aware of Im Won-hee’s presence as a supporting actor in several famous dramas. Even though he is already 50 years old, Im Won-hee is still actively involved in several roles in K-Dramas or movies. If you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for the next article about Im Won-hee and don’t forget to share this article too!