Latest News About iKON and Members’ New Stage Names That You Need to Know!


Let’s Find Out More About iKON

As a K-Pop lover, you must know who iKON are. iKON is a South Korean boy band that was formed in 2015, by YG Entertainment and consists of B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo. iKON had their first television appearance in the Korean reality show WIN: Who Is Next as B team along with Winner (A team). Right after starring in the reality show, in 2014, B team came back again to the reality show Mix & Match that determined the final formation.

iKON released their debut studio album Welcome Back in 2015 with the number-one singles “My Type,” “Apology,” and “Dumb & Dumber,” also the three top-ten singles “Rhythm Ta,” “Airplane,” and “Anthem.” The album was a commercial success, selling 260.000 copies in Asia, and the songs sold 4.8 million copies, which led to the group winning several awards.

The next two years, iKON released two singles “#WYD” and “New Kids: Begin,” and they focused on touring with their first Asia tour and several Japanese tours.

In early January 2018, iKON announced their second studio album, Return, that was released on January 25th, 2018.

New Stage Names

In the middle of 2017, YG Entertainment released an image of seven cuts of each iKON member’s individuality for their new comeback titled “New Kids: Begin” in the morning of May 21st, 2017.

iKON brought the new concept of “New Kids” with two new songs, “Bling Bling” and “B-Day.” Beginning with the release of the album, they continued being busy with activities throughout the year.

The “Bling Bling” teaser video, that was released on May 21st, 2017, had raised expectations for the comeback after receiving a spotlight again with the release of the image and tracklist. On the other hand, iKON successfully concluded their first performance of the first Japanese Dome Tour “iKON JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017,” starting from May 20th, 2017, at Osaka Kyocera Dome and moving on to several cities in Japan.

The most exciting part about the comeback teaser was the 4 members’ new stage names (Except for Ju-ne, Bobby, and B.I) that were printed in the photos.

1. Jinhwan will now be reintroduced as Jay

2. Yunhyeong will now be addressed by his family name Song

3. Chanwoo’s name has been shortened to Chan

4. Donghyuk’s name has been abbreviated to the nickname DK (referring to Dancing King)

Under the concept of “New Kids”, which means ‘new start’ and ‘new style’, the members’ English names were also newly announced.

Pros and Cons of the New Stage Names

YG Entertainment is considered lacking in creativity in giving the new stage names by netizens. This is because the same names are already in use among members of other Korean bands. Let’s see, there is already Seventeen’s DK, Victori’s Chan, and the stage name ‘Jay’ reminds netizens of Jay Park and Day6’s Jay.

Some netizens also said that the 4 members’ new stage names aren’t memorable and they also got used to the members’ real names and liked the real names better. Netizens also had many questions about why were the stage names suddenly changed, whereas it had been 2 years since iKON’s debut.

Other netizens even said that it seemed like they (iKON) were trying to appeal to western fans but they chose cringe names.

Why Did YG Change Their Stage Names?

All of you must be curious as to why YG Entertainment changed their stage names. YG Entertainment hasn’t made an official statement regarding the change of the stage names that would make such a drastic change for iKON, a band that has gotten hold of the success since 2015 in Korea, Japan, and even the world.

It is speculated that the change in the stage names could be related to the “New Kids” concept of their comeback album and could be a way for new fans to memorize their shorter and catchier nicknames.

What’s Happening With iKON’s Instagram?

For some people, it will be a little bit difficult to find a Korean idol’s Instagram username, because most of the usernames are difficult to spell and memorize, and so are iKON members’. But, if you want to know the recent updates of iKON, let’s check them out through their top 5 Instagram posts of each member’s Instagram!

B.I – @shxxbi131

1. Happy Birthday DK, from B.I

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A post shared by 김한빈 비아이 (@shxxbi131) on

B.I congratulated DK’s birthday on January 3rd. Happy Birthday our dancing king!

2. Celebrating the New Year With Other Korean Bands

iKON, Winner, and other Korean bands celebrated the New 2019 Year at MBC Gayo Daejun.

3. A Selfie With His Best friend

It is known that Choi Raesung a.k.a Millenium (in the middle of the photo) is a multi-talented artist from YG Entertainment. Even though he is still a trainee, his name is often listed in the title tracks of some YG Entertainment artist’s songs. He has produced and composed many songs along with B.I and ONE and is best friends with the two of them.

4. Double B is the Real Bromance

It’s been a long time since B.I and Bobby have had that cute bromance bond. They are often called Double B due to the first letter of their name being B. From the post above, Bobby was seen “on a date” with B.I at a restaurant.

5. The Bouncing Balls

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A post shared by 김한빈 비아이 (@shxxbi131) on

B.I, Jay, and Song were seen playing with a bouncy ball that was connected to their head. All they had to do were punch the ball regularly without missing it. Surprisingly, B.I seemed very professional doing it.

Jay – @gnani____

1. New Kids Repackage Album is Going Out Soon!

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마지막 new kids #repackage

A post shared by 김진환 (@gnani_____) on

For iKONIC who has been waiting for the New Kids Repackage album, this post was a real source of joy. As seen from the post above, the New Kids Repackage album is going to be released on January 7th, 2019, with a total of 23 songs listed.

2. Looking Charming With Strawberry Red Hair


📷by @shxxbi131 🌭 (

In the post above, Jay looks really good with his strawberry pinky red hair, black clothes, red mic, even the pinky red flowers around him. Those photos were captured beautifully by B.I

3. Looks Like a Sweet Strawberry

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A post shared by 김진환 (@gnani_____) on

4. I’m Ok Will be the Main Song from the New Kids Repackage Album

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r u ok?

A post shared by 김진환 (@gnani_____) on

5. Merry Christmas from Jay!

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A post shared by 김진환 (@gnani_____) on

Don’t you guys think that his hair seems really exciting welcoming Christmas day?

Song – @sssong_yh

1. Happy Birthday DK, from Song!

#동동이#HBD🎂 #사랑한당~❤️

Not only B.I, but Song also posted a photo to congratulate DK on his birthday. DK seems very happy in the photo while receiving the flowers given.

2. Song Looks Really Good in His Edgy Suit

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A post shared by 송윤형 Smile (@sssong_yh) on

3. Happy New Year from Song!

#새해복많이받으세요#happynewyear #아이코닉#iKON 2018년 너무 많은 사랑을 받은거 같아요 코닉이들 덕분에 행복한 한 해였어요 2019년에도 우리 행복한날들만 생기길 ~!!! 사랑해요#ILOVEiKONIC @w_n_r00 #photoby📷 #승윤이형🖖 (

4. Coming Back with Black Hair Again!

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A post shared by 송윤형 Smile (@sssong_yh) on

5. Looking Stunning in a Blurry Photo

Posing in front of a wall in the first photo, Song looks very gorgeous in his denim shirt, so does he in the second photo, where he poses in front of a vintage car.

Bobby – @bobbyindaeyo

1. Spreading Love from the Concert

🌊🌊🌊 사랑해요! Big love! 🌊🌊🌊 (

2. Merry Christmas, from Bobby!

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🎆🎆 HBD KING 🎆🎆

A post shared by 바비 (@bobbyindaeyo) on

3. Happy Birthday, Bobby!

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고생했어요 사랑해요!

A post shared by 바비 (@bobbyindaeyo) on

4. Laughing With His Nephew

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필터내가그런거아닌데.. 🌊🌊🌊

A post shared by 바비 (@bobbyindaeyo) on

5. Making a Joke with Jay’s Hair

🍊희희!!🍊 @gnani_____ (

It’s known that Jay has reddish hair color, which makes Bobby make a joke about why Jay’s hair is similar with an orange juice.

DK – @_dong_ii

1. It Seems Like iKON or DK Will Have a New Song

T H E P R O O F 🌖 (

2. A Spoiler from I’m Ok MV

I’m ok📷 (

3. Love Scenario Winning the 33rd Golden Disc Awards as “Digital Song of the Year”

4. Thanks, Everyone for All the Birthday Wishes

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오늘 너무많은 축하를 받아서 행복한 하루를 보냈습니다 우리가족들 엄마 너무 사랑하고 감사하고, 우리멤버들, YGFamily 너무 감사드리고 특히 사랑하는 우리 아이코닉 덕분에 더 뜻깊고 좋은 하루를 보낸거 같아요 너무 감사드리고 이번주 콘서트에서 만나요 ❤️ I had the happiest day because I got so many birthday wishes! I would like to thank my family, mom I love you so much. Huge thanks to our iKON members and YG Family. Last but not least, it was all you, iKONIC, that I was able to spend a meaningful day today. Sending out lots of love! Again, thank you very very much and I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at our concert ❤️

A post shared by 김동혁 (@_dong_ii) on

5. Happy Birthday, DK!

June – @juneeeeeeya

1. Showing Off His Six-pack Abs Along With His Doggy

2. FYI, Ju-ne Really Loves Writing Poems

3. A Still of iKON’s Concert

4. Congratulations iKON on Winning the Digital Daesang Awards!

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감사하고 또 감사합니다❣️

A post shared by 구준회 (@juneeeeeeya) on

5. Just Travelling and Travelling

Chan – @chan_w000

1. Congratulations iKON on Reaching Almost 5M Subscribers at Your Youtube Channel!

^^😄 (

2. Look at Chan’s Signature Pose!

아이언맨과 저의 스페셜한 H 포즈! 🖖 🖖 매주 금요일 @yg_stage 에서 새로운 저의 포즈가 공개됩니다! 내일 저녁 7시 <찬우살이>도 기대해 주세요! (

3. I’m Ok MV is Out!

#iKON #아이콘 #NewKidsRepackage #Title #IM_OK #MV #OUTNOW #YG (

4. Thank You for iKON’s Awesome Concert!

#iKON 콘서트 끝!!!! 아이콘 아이코닉 모두 너무 고맙고 수고하셨습니당!!😄😄❤ (

5. Love Scenario Winning the “Digital Song of the Year” at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.

#GDA#대상#iKON#digitalsongoftheyear 감사합니다 아이코닉😄 Thank you ikonic😄 (

What Has Happened with iKON Lately?

As you can see on iKON members’ Instagram accounts, they have been busy with their latest comeback with their newest album, New Kids Repackage: The New Kids. Not only shocking us with their comeback, but they also give us some surprises with their existence at some music awards.

New Kids Repackage: The New Kids

In October 2018, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk already announced that iKON would release their new album that had been repackaged, on December 31st, 2018. But, on December 23rd, 2018, Yang Hyun-suk said that the album launch has been delayed and postponed to January 2019 due to additional improvements of the album.

Didn’t take a long time after the album was launched, the New Kids Repackage: The New Kids got to number one of Gaon Chart National Physical Albums defeating Cosmic Girls, A Pink, VERIVERY, TVXQ, BTS, KNK, and IZ*ONE.

The album that was released on January 7th, 2019, consists of 23 songs including songs from the previous album, such as “New Kids: Begins,” “New Kids: Return,” “New Kids: Continue,” and “New Kids: The Final.” This album is fronted by iKON’s new title track, I’m Ok which is composed and produced by B.I and the lyrics are written by Bobby, B.I and Kim Jong-won.

The music video of I’m Ok as the album’s title track was published on iKON’s Youtube Channel right on the album’s launching date. The song itself is supposed to portray the aftermath of a breakup and the miserable feelings that go right along with it.

Winner at the 28th Seoul Music Awards

For twenty-eight times, Seoul Music Awards was held lively on January 15th, 2019, and was attended by many K-Pop idols who would receive some awards and perform at the event.

The 2019 Seoul Music Awards was hosted by Shin Dong-yup, Kim So-hyun, and Super Junior Heechul. Other than BTS, who won several trophies, such as, Bonsang, Best Album, and Daesang, iKON also won a Bonsang award and “The Best Song of The Year” award for the song “Love Scenario.”

Talking About Their Future Goals, iKON Call Themselves the President of Elementary School Children.

A while ago, iKON did a photo shoot and an interview with NYLON magazine for their February 2019 edition. Bobby, and other members, talked about the success of “Love Scenario” that was launched last year.

Thanks to the song, iKON received several awards, such as the Daesang award at Melon Music Awards 2018 and 33rd Golden Disc Awards, and received the Bonsang award and “The Best Song of The Year” award at the 28th Seoul Music Awards. “Love Scenario” also made iKON popular among elementary school children.

“We have become ‘the president of elementary school children,'” Bobby said. “‘Love Scenario’ received lots of love and now more people know about iKON. We won the Daesang award. We are still amazed that we won the title at the end of the year,” Jinhwan added.

During the interview with NYLON, the members were also asked what their goals for the future are. “iKON World,” the members answered together. That band that consists of seven members also expressed the ambition of creating their own style which is always unique.