ICHILLIN Jackie Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.


Everything You Need To Know More About ICHILLIN Main Rapper Profile Jacqueline Kang a.k.a Jackie Here!

ICHILLIN (hangul: 아이칠린) is a girlgroup under KM Entertainment consisting of 7 original members line-up with E.Ji, Jackie, Joonie, Chaerin, Sohee, Yeju, and Chowon. They made their official debut on September 8th, 2021 with a debut single titled “GOT-YA”. Not only that, but they also came as a newcomer in the K-Pop industry to make a new invasion of hallyu wave!

In this article, you will be invited to get to know more about one of ICHILLIN’s members, which is Jacqueline Kang or also known as Jackie. Do you know about her? If you still don’t know about her, don’t worry! Make sure you didn’t skip any information in this article below to get to know more details about ICHILLIN’s Jackie starting from her full profile and fun facts!

ICHILLIN Jackie Profile


Real Name : Kang Chaeyeon (hangul: 강채연) / Jacqueline Kang

Stage Name : Jackie (hangul: 재키)

Birth :  Los Angeles, California, United States, November 17, 2001

Star Sign : Scorpio

Height : 160 cm (5’3″)

Blood Type : B

Position of the group : Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

Education :

  • Beverly vista elementary school (Graduate)
  • Beverly vista middle school (Graduate)
  • Beverly Hills High School

Nationality : Korean-American

ICHILLIN Jackie Fun Facts

  1. ICHILLIN’s Jackie’s MBTI is INFP
  2. ICHILLIN’s Jackie is the third member to be revealed
  3. ICHILLIN’s Jackie  tended to go by “Jacky” which is where she probably got her stage name since she came from the United States
  4. ICHILLIN’s Jackie has a bubbly personality according to her friends
  5. ICHILLIN’s Jackie is good at dancing
  6. ICHILLIN’s Jackie joined HiTeen Korea in 2018 in Los Angeles, it’s like Miss Korea but made in LA and she won the first place
  7. ICHILLIN’s Jackie’s 1st treasure is her family
  8. ICHILLIN’s Jackie can play the guitar
  9. ICHILLIN’s Jackie forgets things very often
  10. ICHILLIN’s Jackie is very shy
  11. ICHILLIN’s Jackie lacks concentration
  12. ICHILLIN’s Jackie said she has a very kind and nice personality
  13. ICHILLIN’s Jackie usually forgets things often
  14. ICHILLIN’s Jackie say she likes R&B and slow ballads accompanied by a guitar tune
  15. ICHILLIN’s Jackie thinks her charming point is a smile that shows off all her teeth
  16. ICHILLIN’s Jackie is in charge of “swag” in the group
  17. ICHILLIN’s Jackie and Chaerin are the shortest members
  18. ICHILLIN’s Jackie debuted at KM Entertainment by practicing at Fantagio with E.Ji, Yejoo, Sohee, and Chowon
  19. ICHILLIN’s Jackie came to Korea from Los Angeles in 2019
  20. ICHILLIN’s Jackie’s role models are Zico and CL

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