All Information About Hyuna and Hyojong Relationship, Dating Story, Married


Hyuna and Hyojong, the Ground-Breaking Couple in K-Pop Industry

Working as an idol in South Korea means that you have to be the epitome of perfection who always looks out for your fans. Put in another way, your image and reputation depend on what the fans think about you. It is more than often that the fans are entitled to ‘possess’ their idol, hence the expectation of their faves being single all the time. However, this stereotype was broken by Hyuna and Hyojong as they came forward to declare their love to the public.

Their unusual movement earned mixed reaction which did not stop them to bond even tighter. In this article, Channel-Korea will show you a deeper insight into Hyuna and Hyojong’s relationship, starting by the confirmation of their romance, their departure from Cube Entertainment, their dating life, their pictorial, the netizens’ comment about them, to their latest. So, keep reading!

Hyuna and Hyojong Are Confirmed to be Dating

A piece of surprising news came from two members of Triple H, Hyuna and Hyojong as they confirmed to be dating. Before the confirmation, their agency had denied the rumor by saying that Hyuna and Hyojong are colleagues and close senior and junior. However, Yonhap News reported a contrasting statement as Hyuna had personally contacted them and revealed that she has been dating Hyojong for two years.

The rumor started when an internet forum discussed how Hyojong looks oddly close to Hyuna not only during their stage performances but also during their interviews and behind the scenes. The netizens noticed that Hyuna often does skinship with Hyojong by touching his face and shoving her chest towards him. Some netizens think that her acts toward Hyojong are over the top and unbearable to see.

The netizens also noted that before the confirmation of his relationship with Hyuna, Hyojong had left hints about his feelings for Hyuna on some occasions. During the airing of Pentagon’s variety show Pentagon Maker in 2016, Wooseok and Hongseok described Hyojong’s ideal type, which looked very similar to Hyuna, as the caricature had a high nose and a mole under the eyes.

In 2017, Hyojong talked about Hyuna during his interview on V Live’s Me and Me, a show where the artist is asking himself questions. When asked whether he hugged Hyuna as soon as he saw her because he really likes physical affection, Hyojong nodded, “She thought I was flirting but I was like that to all the staff members.” Hyojong also revealed how he became friends with Hyuna, “She is very shy and so am I. She took really good care of me, maybe because she thinks I am even shyer than her. I think our personalities are a good match.”

Hyuna expressed her thoughts about revealing her relationship with Hyojong to the public. She wrote on her Instagram that she wanted to be honest with the fans who always support her and watch over her, “I want to work hard on stage with a happy heart, with nothing to hide as I always have.” As a result of Hyuna and Hyojong’s dating news, all Triple H’s on-going promotions and off-air schedules have been canceled, including their performance on Incheon K-Pop Concert 2018.

The representative of the event stated, “Changes to the lineup were made as a result of internal matters within the agencies.” Not only the schedules of the sub-unit, but all of Hyojong’s activities as Pentagon member had been halted on August 22nd, as Cube Entertainment put him on indefinite hiatus.

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