All About Hyun Bin in Military Service As a Real Captain


Compulsory military service has existed in South Korea since 1957 where male citizen between age 18 to 28 are required to enlisted for 21 months long – and our handsome Captain Ri was no exception. Hyun Bin began his military service on 7th March 2011 where he served as a solider in the Marine Corps. He volunteered to join the force, which is known to be the toughest branch in the country. Hyun Bin was Sergeant Kim Tae Pyung during his early days in the military.

Hyun Bin drafted himself when he was at the peak of his career. At the time, his latest drama Secret Garden (2010) just ended in an impressive not, thus gaining curiosity from fans in Korea and overseas. There were 7 broadcasting companies who requested access to Hyun Bin’s training camp, including NHK from Japan.

Hyun Bin Military Discharge

During his one-month initial training, he received citation a special grade marksman due to impressive performance in shooting exercises. Later on, Hyun Bin was planned to be stationed as public relation, but because of the public criticism and his own desire to serve on the front line, he was eventually assigned on active duty.

For almost two years, Hyun Bin carried on his service at Baengnyeong Island, which is also a site of November 2010 artillery engagement between South and North Korean forces. The actor did more than just diligently serving as a soldier. He went extra miles by participated in Seoul Reclamation Anniversary Marine Marathon Competition 6 month into his service. This event was a remembrance of a historical event when Korean Marine won ban capital Seoul after bad been taken during the 6.25 Korean War. Together with 400 other exemplary senior marines, Hyun Bin ran a 6.25 long course.

He was discharged on 6th December 2012 with much praise from fellow solider and Marine Crops, stating that despite his celebrity status, Hyun Bin always worked hard during his service. It was also revealed that he never used his vacation and even came to the camp even when he supposed to be off.

As an exemplary solider himself, his experience must have helped a lot when he portray the high rank North Korean soldier in Crash Landing On You, whom we all know as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk.