All Information That You Need to Know About Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye’s Relationship!

Park Shin-hye and Hyun bin

Actor Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye on Memories of the Alhambra

Kim Tae-pyung, better known as Hyun Bin, is a South Korean actor who was born in 1982. Hyun Bin first debuted in 2003 with the television drama Bodyguard, then started to become more well-known when he starred in the very successful drama Secret Garden, in 2010-2011, with Ha Ji-won. He also played a lead role in the popular movie A Millionaire’s First Love in 2006.

Park Shin-hye is an actress who was born in 1990, and who gained recognition for starring in the melodrama Stairway to Heaven (2003), and became more successful when she starred You’re Beautiful (2009) with Jang Geun-suk. She went on to take roles in a number of very popular television dramas, including The Heirs (2013), Pinocchio (2014-2015) , Doctors (2016) and now Memories of the Alhambra (2018-2019) with actor Hyun Bin.

Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye’s Romantic Moments on Memories of the Alhambra!

Memories of Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra aired from December 1, 2018 until January 20, 2019, on tvN with Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye playing the lead roles, and also starring EXO’s Park Chanyeol. This romantic-suspense drama has a bit of a different storyline than other dramas of its type.

Why is this drama different? The drama tells the story of a CEO of an investment company who is visiting Spain for his business, and he stays in an old hotel located in Granada. Then, there is a woman who wants to become a classical musician, with the aim of supporting her family, but fate doesn’t match with her expectations. The woman’s name is Jung Hee-joo, and she iowns the hotel where Yoo Jin-woo is staying. Jung Hee-joo has one younger brother, named Jung Se-joo. Jung Se-joo is a genius programmer who lives alone. The drama brings out mysterious powers and relates to the people inside the hotel.

Memories of Alhambra

At the outset, Yoo Jin-woo’s purpose in Granada was to meet Jung Se-joo to work as a team. That plan falls by the wayside, because Jung Se-joo never arrives and no one knows what became of him. This situation led to Yoo Jin-woo becoming acquainted with Jung Hee-jo, who’s the older sister and official representative of Jung Se-joo. Unfortunately, their meeting ended poorly when Yoo-jin got angry and snapped at Jun Hee-jo because he felt that Jung Hee-jo gave poor service when he stayed in her hotel.

Most of the cast in this drama are famous artists, ranging from senior, junior, to a member of idol group. Who are they?

  1. Hyun Bin 
Memories of Alhambra

Hyun Bin played as Yoo Jin-woo. He is the CEO, a successful entrepreneur involved of technology investment, especially in game development. He came to Alhambra because someone offered him a new game that could be played for real by using contact lense.

2. Park Shin-hye

Memories of Alhambra

Actress Park Shin-hye played the role of Jung Hee-jo. She is a Korean citizen who’s lived in Granada for many years. She’s Jung Se-joo’s sister, and the person who offered the new game to Yoo Jin-woo. Jung Hee-jo  is also the owner of the hotel the drama revolves around. She lives with her grandmother and two younger siblings, since her parents died a long time ago.

3. Park Chanyeol / EXO’s Chanyeol

Memories of Alhambra

EXO’s Chanyeol played Jung se-jo. He is a game developer who’s being hunted by Yoo Jin-woo and Cha Hyung-seok. He took a train from Barcelona to Alhambra, but he never arrived, and no one knows what happened to him.

4. Park Hoon

Memories of Alhambra

Park Hoon’s role is that of Cha Hyun-seok. He is a businessman, and Yoo Jin-woo’s enemy. Hyun-seok becomes Yoo Jin-woo’s emeny because Jin-woo’s ex wife married him. Hyu-seok become a mortal enemy in AR game that Jin-woo played.

There are many other characters in the drama, as well, such as :

  • Lee Re as Jung Min-jo (Hee-jo’s younger brother)
  • Lee Seung-joon as Park Sun-ho (Jin-woo’s college senior)
  • Min Jin-woong as Seo Jung-hoon (Jin-woo’s Secretary)
  • Lee Hak-joo as Kim Sang-bum (Hee-jo’s friend)
  • Kim Yong-rim as Oh Young-shim (Hee-jo’s grandmother)
  • Lee Shi-won as Lee So-jin (Jin-woo’s ex wife)
  • Kim Eu-sang as Cha Byung-joon (Hyun-seok’s father)
  • Han Bo-reum as Go Yoo-ra (Jin-woo’s 2nd wife) and etc.