Enjoy the Summer With Hyolyn See Sea Solo Comeback!


Feel Summer Vibes with Hyolyn Solo Comeback See Sea

What do you think when you hear someone talk about Hyolyn? Yes, she’s mostly associated with ‘summer’ since she often makes a comeback when it’s summer, and that’s what she did this time! Hyolyn released another single, titled See Sea, the third and final part of her single project called Set Up Time, after she set up her own agency, “bridʒ.” Quite different from the first track, To Do List, which is an acoustic ballad, and the second track, Dally, that shows us the heels dance, Hyolyn appears to have brought more playful tones in her third track, See Sea. Are you curious about Hyolyn’s solo comeback with See Sea? Today, Byeol Korea will explain all about Hyolyn’s third track in her single project Set Up Time, titled See Sea. So, stay tuned!

Teaser Pictures

Before she released her solo comeback See Sea, Hyolyn gave a few of her teaser photos for the fans who had patiently waiting for her comeback! Are you curious to see what kind of teaser photos she shared with her fans before the release of See Sea? Let’s check it out!

Hyolyn See Sea

In the first photo, we can see her drinking from a pineapple, and wearing a swimsuit with blue high heels and a blue hat. She has a swim board beside her, hinting at the summer concept she’s trying to bring for the single See Sea. Even though it’s kind of rare for us to see a combination of swimsuit and high heels, don’t you think that it suits her and makes her look unique?

Hyolyn See Sea

The next photo teaser shows her exposing her healthy-looking, glowing skin by wearing a blue bikini under a net top. This time, we can see her posing on a beach, bringing us more summer vibes just by looking at the picture. What do you think of this teaser photo?

Hyolyn See Sea

In the third teaser photo, she wears a crop top with a camo print and simple black shorts, with a messy updo. We can also take a look at the cross tattoo on her stomach, which makes her looks cool, as well as sexy. Do you like this teaser photo for Hyolyn’s See Sea?

Hyolyn See Sea

In the next teaser photo, you can see Hyolyn looking at the camera with a serious face, and carrying a swim board. This time, she’s wearing a simple white swimsuit with a sling bag wrapping around her waist. In the background, we can see the beautiful ocean with a quite huge wave, giving nuances to the picture. From all of these teaser photos, which one do you like the most?

Besides photos, Hyolyn also released a teaser video for See Sea‘s music video. You can see the teaser for her music video of See Sea, below:

Music Videos

In the music videos, we can see every concept that she had shared in the teaser photos coming out. We can also see her powerful, but cheerful choreography in the music videos while enjoying the beautiful summer scenery behind her. When you watch the music video for See Sea, it might make you want to go to the beach or play with your friends immediately, as it perfectly portrays how someone should spend their summer!

If you want to watch the music video for Hyolyn’s See Sea, you can watch it below:

Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics for See Sea tells how someone wants to spend time with their loved one by going to the sea. In the song, there is also a lyric that said that even though it’s hard for her to open up, the boy she’s interested in is an exception. By looking at the meaning of the lyrics, it will makes us feel like we’re young while listening to the song.

Best Performance

One of her best performances while promoting See Sea is when she was performing for a music show called Music Bank. At the time, she had ash-blonde hair and was wearing a yellow crop top with black shorts. Also, even though she was wearing high heels at the time, she could still give viewers a flawless and powerful dance performance.

You can watch Hyolyn’s best stage performance of See Sea on Music Bank by clicking the video below:

Latest News

Last May, Hyolyn released another single, titled youknowbetter, the first part for her new album project this year. In contrast to See Sea, which sounds very playful and brings us the summer vibes, the track youknowbetter emphasizes Hyolyn’s strong and beautiful vocals with a mid-tempo pop ballad. If you want to hear Hyolyn’s latest single, youknowbetter, you can watch the music video of it below:

So, what do you think of Hyolyn’s solo comeback See Sea? Does it make you enjoy the summer more? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Hyolyn’s solo comeback See Sea in the comment section below!