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Hwang In-yeop Talented Brother, Inof Profile, Their Relationship, and More

Hwang In-yeop Brother
Hwang In-yeop

Did You Know That Hwang In-yeop Has a Siblings?

Hwang In-yeop is one of the amazing rookie actors nowadays. Ever since his appearance in the drama 18 Again and True Beauty as the main lead, people get to know him and his acting skill is recognized by people even more.

Did you know that he has a sibling? Yes, the actor isn’t the only child in his family because he has a little brother! Let’s get to know Hwang In-yeop’s talented siblings through this article written by Byeol Korea!

Hwang In-yeop Brother Profile Hwang In-ho

Hwang In-yeop Brother

For those of you who haven’t known yet, yes, actor Hwang In-yeop has a brother! Both In-yeop and his brother were born in Seoul, South Korea, and lived there for a long time with their parents. Well, it seemed like In-yeop and his brother once lived apart since In-yeop used to study in the Phillippines for a while.

His name is Hwang In-ho and famously known as a singer, songwriter, and producer based in South Korea. People know him from one of the episodes of Things We Randomly Discovered on The Internet, and people get even more surprised when they’d know that Hwang In-ho is Hwang In-yeop’s brother.

Although his birth name is Hwang In-ho, he is well-known for his stage name, Inof. Ever since In-yeop and In-ho were younger, they have had a close relationship, and they are supporting each other despite their differences in terms of careers. You can also find Hwang In-ho on his Instagram, @inof___!

Hwang In-yeop and His Brother Relationship

Since Hwang In-yeop and Hwang In-ho are busy with their schedules respectively, they also spare some time to meet. Just like the moment when Hwang In-ho visited Hwang In-yeop at his filming site and they took a great picture together.

Hwang In-yeop Brother

In the past, when they were younger, In-yeop and In-ho spent most of their time together more often since they haven’t been involved in the entertainment or music industry just like their current situation.

Hwang In-yeop Brother YouTube Channel

Aside from being well-known as a singer, songwriter, and producer, Hwang In-ho has a YouTube channel as well! It seems like he always gets a chance to make people amazed by his talent, isn’t he? From his YouTube channel named Inof, he uploaded several beautiful songs covers such as “Life Goes On” by BTS, “Starlight” by SF9’s Chani, and many more.


Moreover, some of the fans thought that both In-ho and In-yeop have such beautiful voices, especially when he covers the “Starlight” song that is well-known as one of the OST of True Beauty drama that starred by In-yeop. Not only that, but In-ho also uploaded lots of the songs that he made, or simply uploaded several music instrumentals that can easily spoil your ears while listening to them.

That’s everything about Hwang In-yeop’s talented brother, Hwang In-ho! Although they have different paths and passions, both In-yeop and In-ho are very amazing, and we love their strong brotherhood as well. Let’s hope for all the best things for these two lovely siblings!

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