Height Rank Summary of TWICE Members! Also Introduce Their Weight!


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General Information About KPOP Idol Group TWICE

The hottest newcomer idol group TWICE in Korea. It is a multinational group consisting of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese.

Speaking of idols, not only singing and dancing, their looks and styles are also the subjects of great attention. Especially TWICE has been attracting attention because it boasts a visual that everyone can become the center of the group from the debut.

Let’s focus on the height and weight of members of TWICE this time.

TZUYU (Zwi) height 170 cm weight unpublished


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Tzuyu, the youngest member is also the tallest in TWICE. Her height is 170 cm. Weight is unpublished.

Despite being 17 years old, Tzuyu, who boasts outstanding style and also has a beautiful appearance that even her fellow members appreciate, also plausible speculation that she will also be active as a model.

JEONGYEON (Jeongyeon) Height 168 cm Weight 50 kg


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The second highest member is Jeongyeon. Her height is 168 cm. Weight is 50 kg.

Jeongyeon boasts a cool and boyish charm, she is called as the girl crush and popular even with the same sex. It looks like she will have girls crushing even more and more from now on combining such charm and slender, tall posture.

SANA (Sana) 165 cm Weight 48 kg


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The third is a member with height 165 cm, weight 48 kg, Japanese member Sana.

At the time of the debut, she was slightly more puffy and innocent and that inheritance remained, but Sana gradually obtained a beautiful style by diet. In charge of cutie sexy persona, Sana who combines cuteness and sexy nature will make full use of her height and will be active more and more from now.