Get to Know Hangyul and Dohyon Duo H&D Profile, Facts, Official Debut, and Most Recent News

Hangyul and Dohyon Duo H&D

Hangyul & Dohyon or Handsome & Dorky Both Represent H&D Very Well

Hangyul and Dohyun used to compete against each other when they were both participants of Produce X 101. Both of them passed the last examination and got a chance to debut in a new group, X1. After the contract termination of X1, each of the idols returned to their previous group. MBK Entertainment found an excellent combination between Hangyul and Dohyun. Hangyul represented the handsome and masculine look while Dohyun represented the cute and dorky look. Visually, both are very promising to K-Pop fans.

Hangyul and Dohyon formed a duo called H&D and debuted by releasing the mini-album Soulmate on April 21st, 2020. Fans were very excited when news about their collaboration surfaced on the internet. Their pre-debut activities were filled with fans and their fan meeting event drew huge crowds.

In this article, Byeol Korea will talk all about the duo H&D, Hangyul and Dohyon. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

H&D Profile

Hangyul and Dohyon Duo H&D

Two former contestants of the idol survival show Produce X 101 and former members of X1 announced their collaboration in the duet Pocketdolz or H&D (Happy Day). The duo was formed under MBK Entertainment. Two handsome and talented idols, Hangyul and Dohyon, agreed to team up and collaborate in the group.

Social Media Accounts:

YouTube: Pocketdolz official


Instagram: official_pocketdolz

Facebook: pocketdolz

Hangyul Profile

Stage Name: Hangyul

Name: Lee Han-gyul

Date of Birth: December 7th, 1997

Place of birth: Namdonggu, Incheon, South Korea

Position: vocalist, dancer

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Blood type: O

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac: the Year of the Rabbit

Interesting Facts About Hangyul

  • He was adopted at the age of 7 years old
  • He has two brothers, who are much older than him
  • He has a problem with his eyesight
  • He can’t see things that are too far away
  • Hangyul loves playing Taekwondo, basketball, bowling, acrobatics
  • He hates summer because of the constant heat and the insects
  • He loves winter and fall
  • Female fans consider that his adam’s apple is sexy
  • Black and yellow are his favorite colors
  • He used to be a backup dancer for T-ARA’s Jiyeon and Shannon
  • He joined as a contestant in the idol survival show The Unit
  • He was an idol trainee for 4 years and two months
  • Hangyul’s main talents are singing and dancing
  • He loves eating Chinese food as his late-night snacks
  • Hangyul has two tattoos on his body
  • Hangyul debuted with the idol group IM under the management of MBK Entertainment
  • He passed The Unit idol rebooting program and earned the chance to debut
  • During practice before his debut in The Unit, he injured his legs and had to be transported to the emergency room
  • He joined The Unit group UNB and participated in the promotion of the mini-album Black Heart
  • He received a lot of praise for his performance of “Black Heart.”
  • He had to operate his hands due to an accident that happened when he was younger
  • He was abandoned by his parents at birth
  • In his new family, he has a father, a mother, and two older brothers
  • He is determined to succeed in entertainment to repay his new family and friends
  • In Produce X 101, he was ranked 7th and amassed more than 794.000 votes
  • He collected a total of more than 2.2 million votes

Dohyon profile

Stage Name: Dohyun

Name: Nam Do-hyun

Date of Birth: November 10th, 2004

Place of birth: Incheon-si, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Position: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Blood type: O

Zodiac: Scorpio

Chinese zodiac: the Year of the Monkey

Interesting Facts About Dohyon

  • He used to study in Japan and Denmark
  • His main talent is rapping
  • He loves making and writing lyrics, composing music and practice playing piano and midi
  • Dohyon enjoys making sound effects on his music
  • He knew that he wanted to be an idol singer after his first stage performance
  • He has a unique beatboxing talent
  • Dohyon’s favorite food is fried chicken
  • He loves to be praised as handsome, nice and genius
  • He joined as a contestant of the idol survival shows Under Nineteen and Produce X 101
  • He can speak English and Japanese fluently
  • His nicknames are Team Rocket and Weir Kid
  • He was called a genius for his rapping and music talent
  • He made his debut with the Produce X 101 boy band X1
  • After X1 was terminated, he joined H&D
  • In the Under Nineteen idol reality program, he was ranked 12th in rap
  • He ranked 42nd in the overall rank
  • In the idol survival program Produce X 101, he was ranked 8th
  • He amassed to 764.433 votes in the finals
  • His total votes were an astounding more than 3.1 million votes

Official debut

Hangyul and Dohyon, both participated and were placed in the top 11 of Produce X 101,  made a live broadcast and challenged fans to make the video surpass 100 million hearts. If fans succeed in achieving the feature, Hangyul and Dohyun agreed to attend a fan meeting event. The live broadcast was held on January 11th, 2020. On January 16th, 2020, Hangyul and Dohyon’s label management, MBK Entertainment, announced the happy news to fans. The much-anticipated fan meeting event took place on January 16th, 2020.

After the fan meeting event, Hangyul and Dohyun continued their activity as a duo and released their pre-debut album, Happy Day that contained “Toward Tomorrow.” H&D officially debuted on April 21st, 2020, by releasing the first album Soulmate. MBK Entertainment formed H&D and made H&D a duet.

Hangyul and Dohyun performed in the SBS MTV music program The Show to promote their mini-album. In the program, the duo sang “Soul” and “Goodnight.” Due to their early popularity in realty idol survival shows, fans already knew about them. After their performance, H&D became even more popular among the fans. When performing “Soul,” the duo went all out in an active and bright performance but when performing “Goodnight,” they chose a fresh and calm choreography.

H&D participated in the 71st Snow Festival in Sapporo Japan and the 12th K-Pop Festival. It was their first oversea stage performance. The event took place on February 8th, 2020. During their activities in Sapporo, the manager recorded their daily activities. Other than performing on the stage, Hangyul and Dohyun captured the attention with their cute and funny mukbang activities. They tried unique Japanese meals and enjoyed their moments.

The trip reminded Dohyun of his school days in Japan. At the time, he was just a cute 5th-grade junior high school student. He studied in Japan until the 2nd grade of Middle High School. He said that he always ate chicken and bread with his friends. He loves going to Japanese convenience stores. A trip to the convenience store always brings back good memories.

Latest News

Hangyul captured the attention of his fans, especially the older sister fans, after participating in commercial The Star. He stroke various poses in the sexy pictorial commercial. In many poses, he exposes his chest and his six-pack. The older sister fans couldn’t help but drool to his pictorial. Perhaps he can consider quit being an idol and choose to work as a fashion model. At a closer look, Hangyul slightly resembles 2PM’s Chansung and GOT7 Jiyoung.

That was all the information from H&D. Both Hangyul and Dohyon have two different characters. Hangyul performs as the handsome and masculine idol, while Dohyon performs as the cute and dorky idol. The two complement each other exquisitely during their stage performances. What do you think about their debut and stage appearances? It would seem that they are ready to be the next wave of popular idol duos.