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K-Movie Review The Romantic Comedy of Couple Han Ye-seul and Song Joong-ki In Penny Pichers!

Penny Pichers
Penny Pichers

Get to Know Han Ye-seul and Song Joong-ki Movie Penny Pinchers

As we know beforehand, Song Joong-ki is one of the most popular actors and has very good acting talent. In 2011, Song Joong Ki starred in a film, Penny Pinchers, along with Han Ye-seul. Song Joong Ki started his career as an actor in 2008 and Han Ye-seul started her career as an actress in 2001. Then, they were brought together in a film in 2011 and their film was quite popular at that time.

Penny Pinchers was not a big commercial success, grossing US $2,707,761 on 424,002 admissions. It was also screened at the 4th Okinawa International Movie Festival in 2012. Penny Pinchers was written and directed by Kim Jung-hwan. Kim Jung-hwan received a Best New Director nomination at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2012. In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a run-through of everything about the movie Penny Pinchers, starring Song Joong-ki and Han Ye-seul. Penny Pinchers is kind of a romantic-comedy movie. Check this out!

Penny Pinchers Synopsis

Penny Pichers

In this film, Song Joong-ki plays Chun Ji-woong and Han Ye-seul plays Goo Hong-sil. This film tells about Ji-woong who has an optimistic personality and is struggling to get money. Ji-woong is just a young man who is an unemployed college graduate who always fails in job interviews and lives with his mother’s pocket money, who runs a small restaurant in the countryside. Ji-woong lives in a cheap apartment in a low-income area and is five months behind on rent. However, Ji-woong is not sad about his life and, in fact, lives his life like a playboy. Ji-woong likes women and he doesn’t mind seducing women with lies if he thinks it will get their attention.

Then there is a woman named Goo Hong-sil who lives in an apartment opposite Ji-woong. Hong-sil has a thrifty personality and likes to save money, she collects and then sells recycled goods, ransacks abandoned homes, steals sugar from coffee shops, and will walk anywhere within 6.2 miles to save on bus costs. Hong-sil is considered to have a strange personality and does not have many friends.

One day, Hong-sil learns that her environment will be rebuilt and the tenants will receive 7 million Won to relocate. Hong-sil then thinks of a new way to make money. She knew the man from across her apartment was in arrears and the owner would drive him out. Hong-sil then offers to pay a five-month late payment if the landlord expels Ji-woong and writes down her father’s name as a tenant. The landlady happily agrees.

Now that Hong-sil is getting relocation fees for both apartments, she finds another problem. Where to save money? Her father is a chronic gambler who often come to ask for money. Hong-sil then sees Ji-woong sleeping outside the apartment she just evicted him from. Realizing that he has nowhere to go, Hong-sil invites Ji-woong to sleep in a tent in front of her rooftop apartment if she can follow him for two months. Ji-woong agrees to do it. He immediately learns the trick on how to make money and also forms bonds with Hong-sil who is unique.

Penny Pinchers Cast

This film was quite popular in 2011, besides having a quite unique, funny, romantic, and tense storyline, the cast of this film also made this film one that was watched by many people.

  1. Han Ye-seul as Gu Hong-sil
  2. Song Joong-ki as Chun Ji-woong
  3. Shin So-yul as Ha Kyung Joo
  4. Lee Sang-yeob as Yang Gwan-woo
  5. Lee Jae-won as Tae woo
  6. Lee Yong-joo as Chang geun
  7. Moon Se-yoon as Sysop
  8. Kim Dong-hyun as Hong-sil’s father
  9. Ra Mi-ran as Ji-woong’s landlady

Penny Pinchers is the first film starring Song Joong-ki. Reporting from Soompi, Song Joong-ki stated, “I’m a poor unemployed guy in the movie. I have absolutely no money, but I am full of myself and I bluff a lot!”

When he was confronted with the question, “Have you ever had any romantic feelings for anybody on the staff?” He answered, “The real Han Ye Seul had a tender personality, so I thought she was cute.” Have you ever had a similar situation to Ji Woong? He said, “That is why this part is a challenge. I am supposed to be acting out a 20-year-old unemployed man, but I started working early so it was pretty difficult. I was almost always portrayed as a rich and spoiled scion, but this role was kind of burdening and difficult. I was luckier than my fellow actors, but I was rejected by a lot of auditions and was hurt.”

This is the second project between Song Joong Ki and Han Ye-seul, who previously starred in a drama called Will It Snow on Christmas. Reporting from Allkpop, when asked how he felt working again together with Han Ye-seul, he said, “I never bumped into her on set, and I was a rookie at the time so I just wanted to see her in person for once. I genuinely think she is the prettiest celebrity in our country, so just hearing that I’d be able to work with her made me elated. I thought to myself that I had grown a lot as an actor. Same way when working with other actresses, but for now, this is how I feel.”

Han Ye-seul cheerfully called out, “Olleh! I didn’t think he thought of me like that. I knew that he was a bit different from everyone else when I saw him at our drama dinner. I’m glad that we’re working so well together.” Han Ye-seul was also asked about what this movie means to her, to which she replied, “I’ve never once thought of hitting a jackpot through the success of a project. I just hope that this movie gives people a chance to look back on their lives.”

Well, what do you think about their movie? Have you watched the movie? Currently, Song Joong Ki and Han Ye-seul are busy with their individual schedules. They still provide support for each other even though it has been a long time since their last project. Let’s give them a lot of support and love!