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Looking Fabulous Wearing Givenchy and Christian Dior Check Out Han Ye-seul Fashion Items And Fancy Outfits!

Han Ye-seul
Han Ye-seul

Check Out about Han Yeseul Fashion and her Fancy Outfits

Han Yeseul is one of the most famous actresses in South Korea. She started her career as an actress in 2001 and is still going strong. Han Yeseul was born in Los Angeles, California, with the name Leslie Kim. She attended Cerritos High School, and graduated from Cerritos College with an associates degree in Computer Graphics. She is fluent in both English and Korean. As well as being famous as an actress, Han Yeseul also inspired many women in her dress style.

She always looks charming with her appearance in fancy outfits. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain all about Han Yeseul’s fashion and her fancy outfits. Want to know more and be inspired by the style of dress? Check this out!

Get Inspired By Han Ye-seul Style!

In August 2019, Han Yeseul was entrusted to host the MBC’s new fashion and beauty variety program. Reporting from Soompi, the new fashion and beauty variety program is Unnie’s Salon. This is her first experience as a variety show host since her debut in 2001.

Unnie‘s Salon is a new style of a makeover talk show, in which the nation’s greatest experts who take on celebrities as their clients, gather together at a private salon to completely transform a celebrity from head to toe. In addition to Han Yeseul, Korea’s best fashion and beauty experts will appear on the show to make the show even more entertaining and surprising. As the host, Han Yeseul will present quality fashion and beauty tips along with the experts, and use her charisma to lead the show.

Of course Han Yeseul was very pleased and honored to be able to participate as the host, she said, “this position is something I’ve always wanted to try once, so I’m happy I received the offer. I won’t hold back in showing a new side of me.” The program revealed, “thanks for the advice and help from fashion and beauty experts, viewers will be able to see a new side of various celebrities working in different fields.” Now, let’s see about Han Yeseul’s fashion style!

Han Yeseul Casual Fashion

The first picture shows Han Yeseul appearing very casual, but still looking very elegant with a white tone on her clothes. Han Yeseul used a white t-shirt and white jeans, then combined them with a silver cardigan. Han Yeseul also uses red heels to sharpen her appearance. Han Yeseul received a lot of praise for her very casual, yet elegant appearance. Her style of dress is suitable for women who want to attend a casual event, but still want to look elegant.

Han Ye-seul

The second picture also shows Han Yeseul’s very casual appearance, but she still looks elegant. Han Yeseul only wears a plain white t-shirt combined with a bright orange cardigan and blue jeans, as well as white heels. Although it looks very casual, the color choices and clothing models used by Han Yeseul make her appearance look more elegant. Her look is suitable for those of you who want to hang out with your friends in the summer.

Han Ye-seul

The third picture shows Han Yeseul’s very casual appearance at the airport. She’s wearing  a plain white shirt combined with a short jeans skirt. Do not forget she uses sunglasses and black boots with short heels. Her casual appearance makes her look charming. This appearance is suitable for you who want to look simple, but elegant in the summer.

Han Yeseul Girlfriend Material

In the first picture, Han Yeseul looks so beautiful with her short hair. Using a plain white sweater combined with a long skirt with a blend of red, white, and black makes Han Yeseul’s appearance very elegant. She also combines it with gray boots. This appearance is suitable for you who want to date your partner in winter, with a simple appearance that still looks elegant.

Han Ye-seul

In the second picture, Han Yeseul’s appearance for the High Cut magazine photoshoot earned praise from many people, especially women. With her very simple appearance and thin makeup, Han Yeseul looks very beautiful and charming. In fact, she only uses an oversized sweater combined with shorts, with colors that match the background. Han Yeseul really looks very pretty, right?

Han Ye-seul

The third picture shows the appearance of Han Yeseul for the ELLE magazine photoshoot. This time Han Yeseul’s appearance was a little different, because she changed her hair color to blonde, and many people said that she looked very beautiful with her blonde hair. Han Yeseul only wears an oversized white sweater combined with brown boots and shows her long legs. She looks very charming.

Han Yeseul Dress Inspiration

In the first picture, Han Yeseul looks very charming by wearing an orange dress at a world-famous fashion brand event, she also combines it with black heels. With fairly thin makeup, only focused on eyeshadow, Han Yeseul’s appearance earned praise from many people.

Han Ye-seul

In the second picture, Han Yeseul wears a light blue dress that makes her look younger and looks very simple. The dress has pleating on several parts. Han Yeseul was the talk of many people because she wore the same dress as Song Hye-kyo. Many people compared Her appearance with Song Hye-kyo’s while wearing the dress. They both look very beautiful and charming, with different auras. Do you agree?

Han Ye-seul

The third picture shows Han Yeseul wearing a red dress combined with light brown heels. Her appearance looks very simple, but it makes her look young and cute. The appearance of Han Yeseul’s dress like this is suitable for dinner together with your partner in a restaurant.

Han Yeseul Coat & Blazer

In the first picture, Han Yeseul looks very charming and very mature by wearing a black blazer combined with a black belt. Her appearance in this one makes her look very sexy, with all the black. Han Yeseul also wears thin makeup, and focuses on her lips by using a red lipstick. She looks so gorgeous, right?

Han Ye-seul

In the second picture, Han Yeseul looks very simple in a white blazer. She is simple, but still elegant in appearance. Even with only thin makeup on her face, she still looks very charming.

Han Ye-seul

In the third picture, Han Yeseul again appeared in a simple look at the airport. She only uses a plain black shirt combined with a brown jacket and black jeans. She also wears black heels. Despite appearing very simple, Han Yeseul still looks beautiful. Han Yeseul’s appearance can be a recommendation for you who want to hang out together with friends, by relying on the jacket you have.

Han Yeseul Sweaters

In the first picture, Han Yeseul appears casually wearing an oversized sweater with a picture in front of her, she also combines it with yellow boots with a rainbow pattern and cartoons on her boots. Even with an unusual appearance, Han Yeseul still looks beautiful and younger with this appearance, right?

Han Ye-seul

In the second picture, Han Yeseul did a photo shoot for ELLE magazine with a gray tone. She wears a light gray sweater that is combined with dark gray leggings. With her thin makeup, and styled by folding her arms in front of her chest, her appearance and style look very charming.

Han Ye-seul

In the third picture, Han Yeseul looks very charming with an oversized white sweater combined with polka-dot patterned stockings. Although simple, Han Yeseul got a lot of praise because of her very elegant appearance, and for showing her very level legs. Han Yeseulstayed with her usual thin makeup, and focused on her lips with red lipstick.

Han Yeseul Accesories

In the first picture, the earrings worn by Han Yeseul look very elegant, with a combination of gold and silver. These earrings are suitable for use when coming to a formal event and combined with a long or short dress.

Han Ye-seul

In the second picture, the earrings used by Han Yeseul are all silver in color, this kind of earrings like this model can be used for everyday life.

Han Ye-seul

In the third picture, Han Yeseul’s earrings are in the shape of a gold circle combined with silver gems. Model earrings like this can be used for everyday or formal events.